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[ Pdf A Good War ¸ zombies PDF ] by Robert Brooks ☆ Background novella about the War of the Thorns from the Horde perspective.
This review contains unmarked spoilers.
I thought no one could make me dislike Malfurion than Richard Knaak wrote him I was wrong But Kris, why are you talking about Malfurion in a novella about the Horde Wellp Robert Brooks made Malfurion into a the long lost elf child of Superman and Gary Stu, gave him the cringiest dialogue I read in any Blizzard novella barring, perhaps, some of his lines in Knaak s Wolfheart , and then forgot all that stuff happened because the plot needed the night elves to lose.
Malfurion does superhero landings, takes on three of Saurfang s bodyguards with his bare hands that have metal claws attached to them, but still , and even acts surprised to find a blood elf fighting against the night elves it s not like he was there when Dath Remar Sunstrider was exil oh wait, no, he was.
That asi Every Great War Story Has Two Sides This Limited Edition Hardback Version Collects Two New World Of Warcraft Novellas From The Point Of View Of The Alliance Elegy, By Christie Golden And The Horde A Good War, By Robert Brooks These Two Tales Explore The Horde And The Alliance Versions Of A Fateful Event, But Only You Can Decide Which Faction Tells It Best Each Story Includes original Artwork Exclusive To This Edition It s hard to rate this book The writing is a splendid 5 stars, but the content hardly earns 3 stars.
The story starts so well with the demonstration of Sylvanas s brilliant tactician mind She lays out exactly the Horde s future and demonstrates that a preemptive strike is the most logical option Saurfang agrees But here s when the story starts falling apart, although it only becomes clear once you know what will happen in the end.
Sylvanas says two things 1 We can divide the Alliance only if the war to conquer Darnassus does not unite them against us That only happens if the Horde wins an honorable victory, and I am not blind the Horde does not trust me to wage war that way.
2 The plague would not work, Sylvanas said She seemed to consider something, but then shook her head S Nada como poder ver com mais detalhe e profundidade o ponto de visto do seu advers rio, para tentar entender um pouco da motiva o por tr s de atos que at ent o pareciam sem sentido Esse livro te prende p gina atr s de p gina, valendo cada minuto da leitura Al m disso, n o poderia ter sido escolhido um t tulo melhor para a obra.
The story of the Invasion of the Horde from the defeat of the Burning Legion through to the burning of Darnasses as seen from the Horde s POV and mostly through the eyes of Saurfang, the leader of the Orcs It s found in a HB book included in the Battle for Azeroth Collectors edition There are several wonderful BW illustrations of related events scattered throughout If you haven t played much or recently in Ashenvale and or Darkshore you may want to have a map available as you read.
Syvanas s tirade and conversation with Saurfang is very enlightening about her motives as to why she attacked the Alliance She s very intelligent and crafty, too bad she s also insane It s obvious she s playing with Saurfang, b For all the people who are confused about the Sylvanas decision to burn Teldrassil, this book actually gives good insight on why that had to happen and why Sourfang didn t just cut her head off on the spot when it happened.
Nice book for Warcraft fans Since I did play the pre BFA launch event War of Thorns in Darkshore I knew the plot almost to the end, but still I enjoyed the book If you re a Warcraft fan, this is a must on your reading list.

Again making me want to renew my sub Sylvanas has always been an interesting character to me, but she really goes all out in this novella Still needing to read the Alliance side, and I hope it is just as mindblowing.
A look into the mind of a mad warchief Sylvanas forgive my bias, I hate hersince Cataclysm , her bootlicking follower Nathanos and the tactically still sharp Overlord Saurfang It shows about the background and execution of the push through Ashenvale and Darkshore, yet I maybe expected , at least inner struggle from Saurfang.

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