Trailer ã A Kind of Honesty PDF by Ü Lane Hayes

Trailer ã A Kind of Honesty PDF by Ü Lane Hayes 4.
5 Stars Great addition to the series I was super excited for Carter s book.
We got Tim s POV only, and I would have really liked Carter s But still I had a good feel for Carter s character.
I was a little worried at first with the whole let s keep everything a secret bit But everything played out nicely Carter was a kinky little devil which I loved.
I saw the conflict and drama coming a mile away but in typical Lane Hayes fashion nothing was OTT nor did it drag out Which I was super thankful for Lane Hayes is a definite auto buy author for me and I definitely recommend this one I was really excited for this book This series is turning out to be really good You would think, like many other books, that this series would lose some of its steam by the third book, but so far every book has been just as good as the one before it They have all been 5 reads for me That makes this author an automatic buy We get Tim in this story and his POV He s recently broken up with his girlfriend, Miranda Miranda She belongs to the special breed of females that I label as cunts Yes, I used that word and it fits this character The shit she pulls is crazy and I wanted to go through my Kindle and smack a bitch Her antics are just gross Any guy would turn to men after the shit storm she brewed up But luckily Tim already likes men so it was no surprise after all the shit he just went through with a female he d give into his ot

Reread June 2017 great I don t love this one as much as the first two but it s still wonderful 4.
5 heartsYou re the only one who counts Man I absolutely love this series This book has such well developed characters and a steady romantic build up of their relationships There tends to also be some inner torment that needs to be overcome by one of the main characters in order for their relationship to reach a HEA In this book, that main character is Tim, and he is probably the most resistant to change out of all the characters so far.
I really liked Tim, even though he frustrated me at times He is a mix of rockstar and nerd and even though he s scared of being who he really is, he s very sweet.
Tim s biggest fear is becoming as dysfunctional as his 4,5 full of honesty starsBut maybe that s what love was A big gamble A shot in the dark aiming for the best thing that s ever come your way and hoping against all odds it ricochets back I fell in love with Lane Hayes I love her writing style I adore the way she develops her characters and shares with us their broken hearts This story is about fighting your fears, accepting the past and be TRUE to yourself Tim was such a sad soul Carted was gorgeous, smart, but his taste in men was his biggest problem They both get to face their true selves and fall in love hard and deeply.
I really liked this book, but not as much as A Kind of Romance or A Kind of Truth The second book in A kind of series really kept me glued to the pages With this one I didn t connect from the start Even if I couldn t wait to read Carter s story, after the hot beginning, I kind of felt Audio book review 5 Stars Seth Clayton killed it I was worried his voice wouldn t match the ones in my head but he became Tim and brought Carter s feelings forward This was a pleasure to listen to.
RTC Lane Hayes, This book A Kind of Honesty is Bisexual drummer in a rock band hooks up with a prosperous business man who likes to get down and dirty.
And as usual Lane Hayes delivered another hit My highlights Carter aka My New Book Boyfriend Aside from his kick ass personality, there s something oh so delicious about a reserved man who s a freak in the sheets and his strength gooood laaawd Tim Although he could be frustrating there was a loving and almost naive vulnerability to him that d make me forgive him 4.
5 stars Lane Hayes delivers again It s no wonder she s been an autobuy for me for quite a while She expertly tells a story, giving me the exact combination of relationship building, character building, internal relationship angst, and sexy times that turn my crank.
The third book in this series centers around Tim, the drummer in Rand s band, Spiral After reading Book 2 and getting to know Carter, I was dying for his book So I was somewhat surprised that Tim and Carter s book would feature Tim s POV instead of Carter s I wasn t disappointed though.
Tim is bi, and has just broken up with a nightmare viper of a girlfriend He celebrates finally getting out of her evil clutches by picking up a one night stand in LA Both Carter and Tim or, rather, James and Gary know the score and have a really sexy night indulging in some fantasies.
Ima A Kind of Honesty was definitely thankind of good.
I m pretty sure that I ve already mentioned this but just to refresh things Rock star stories really are not at the top of my list to read I don t know why they just never seem to appeal to mehowever, as we all know one should never say never because there are exceptions to every rule and the A Kind of stories by Lane Hayes are among those exceptions for me Not only are the stories contained in this series beyond good but for me Seth Clayton is the perfect narrator for them Tim is the drummer for the rock band Spiral, which this series centers around While he s been in each book we ve really learned very little about him until now We know he s the drummer and we know he s bisexual and really that s about all we ve learned This entire series has pulled my heart strings and tied them in a pretty red bow.
This is Tim and Carter s story I adored how their love grew gradually and organically I felt myself falling in love with them at the same time Getting to know each other, sharing their likes, laughing and looking forward to their next time together, all felt REAL.
Then we learn their back stories which are nothing less than heartbreaking Eyebrow raising heartbreak But nothing is presented with OTT drama It simply flows as the men become familiar with each other They become the solid REAL thing for each other that allows them to finally move on from the past to a brighter future.
This is a low drama, real love story between two characters that have painful pasts but are mature enough to move Music Is Drummer Tim Chalmers S Great Escape And The One Thing That S Never Let Him Down But His Band Spiral S Meteoric Rise To Fame Has Made It Difficult For Him To Maintain A Low Profile Unwanted Press Pesters Him After A Public Breakup With A Volatile Ex Girlfriend Who Loves The Limelight As Much As He Loathes It Tim S Main Goal Is To Avoid Confrontation However, When A Handsome Stranger In A Dive Bar Turns Out To Be Someone He Might Know, Everything ChangesCarter Hamilton Temple Might Be A Successful Financial Consultant With Brains, Sophistication, And Charm Than Most, But He Always Falls For The Wrong Guys Closet Cases Or Men With Issues He Can T Fight His Attraction To Tattooed Rock Star Tim, But Can He Trust His Own Judgment When The Thrill Of Danger Combined With A Fierce Physical Connection Proves Too Strong For Either Man To Resist, A Quiet Liaison Away From The Public Eye And Curious Friends Seems Like A Safe Bet But Some Secrets Are Hard To Keep When Rumors Threaten To Rock His World, Tim Realizes It S Time To Confront His Fear With His Own Kind Of Honesty Fucking Awesome Lane Hayes has proven to me that she is an amazing author who can do no wrong I am continuously amazed at her ability to weave stories and create characters that are distinguished, real, gritty, some are slightly damaged, but all of her characters need and want to be loved In this third book of the A Kind of Series, we get to go one on one with Tim Chalmer Spiral s drummer Tim is full of energy He loves his music He plays multiple instruments, but drums and him they are the perfect yin and yang.
Tim has long known he is bisexual, even if his family thinks it was only for publicity, and now that he is single he is looking for a man When he meets the perfect guy in a run down bar in California a one nigh

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