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[Christie Golden] Ï A Tale of Two Factions: Elegy and A Good War [m-m-m PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï I am an opportunist at heart, thus cannot pass off downloading and reading a book for free D Especially if it is a novella bind up of the events of the Burning of Teldrassil, arguably my most discussed and favorite part of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
Will contain spoilers read at your own risk I have started reading these novellas quite a while back and have only now gotten around to finishing them At the same time, my enthusiasm for Battle for Azeroth has waned significantly and I have cancelled my subscription for this month in order to focus on pressing matters such as thinning my ever growing TBR pile Cuz I want to read And I just remembered I don t wanna pay a massive electricity bill, because of my playing WoW so I decided to take yet another hiatus Ok, ok, sorry Back to the reviews of these novellas I will review and ra Great tie in A Good War was the better of the two novellas.
This was a great look at the in game events which should almost be mandatory for players The in game scene and cinematic do not do the events justice.
While not as engaging as other books from this universe, these short novellas do a good job of describing the events leading to the major conflict of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
The twin story perspective is interesting and offers the motives of the faction for the actions undertaken.
In my opinion, every race in WoW spawned a major evil, a destroyer, as well as a healer For the Alliance we had Arthas, the Lich King and somehow at the end of that spectrum, Anduin, a healer, then the worgen themselves are of dual nature, destructive but also honorable and merciful, Genn being an example of both, the night elves had Malfurion and Tyrande as opposing Azshara and later misguided Illidan, so on and so forth However, the Forsaken and their Dark Lady are the only exception to this trend, they never had a healer, or a wise and peaceful examp Not bad for a free read.
Tension And Drama Unfolds Between The Horde And The Alliance In The Battle For Azeroth Novellas Elegy By Christie Golden And A Good War By Robert Brooks These Two Tales Explore The Horde And The Alliance Versions Of A Fateful Event, But Only You Can Decide Which Faction Tells It BestWhile Azeroth Bleeds, The Armies Of The Horde And Alliance Meet Again On The Fields Of Battle Prepare For All Out War With This Limited Edition Collector S Set, Featuring Rare And Commemorative Items To Boost Morale For The Coming ConflictDouble Sided Story Book Elegy A Good WarEvery Great War Story Has Two Sides This Limited Edition Hardback Version Collects Two New World Of Warcraft Novellas Depicting The Burning Of Teldrassil From The Point Of View Of The Alliance Elegy, By Christie Golden And The Horde A Good War, By Robert Brooks Each Story Includes original Artwork Exclusive To This Edition

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