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Ï Read ò Anduin: Son of the Wolf by Robert Brooks ¹ Good comic for a great seriesI like the plot of the story and felt that I was entertained, but not fully pulled in WoW never disappoints.
This was a nice little thing, yet I have a big issue with it By showing the last frames of old Anduin alongside Velen, Blizzard put themselves into a lore box they would most likely want to break by the time our precious boy king would grow and age Plus Velen would have to stay very alive and safe as well, his character not evolving Unless it is some alternative version of the future, which was not hinted at I d definitely prefer to not hear these comics are not canon any in a few years from now.
3 5 Best of the bunch I love how they included Varian s final words to Anduin throughout the comic.
Good bookIt is a good book to read but the animation was not as good as the first three book Expected

YessssssssI lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek the multi million 99999999999 9999999999 o o o ok o o o o o o o o o Q Best of the issuesThe best World of Warcraft short story out of this run, the series ended on a strong note with issue 4.
An interesting, short comic with World of Warcraft lore.
read this review and on my blog, uncovered books.
Boy am I glad that I have finished this World Of Warcraft Legion mini series Even though I have not played World Of Warcraft, I would have thought that this series may have persuaded me to give it a shot It had actually done the opposite My friends in high school did a better job of making it sound exciting than what I got.
The story of this final issue was around the son of a fallen King, and how he plans to go about the war to come He has enemies trying to convince him that his father s way was better, and now he will lose because he plans to go about this war very differently This talk between them, whilst giving a good back story to the fallen King s son, did not excite or entertain me It just set up how his decisi My Son A Terrible Darkness Has Returned To Our World What Is The Price Of Peace This Is A Question That Anduin Wrynn Must Answer As War Against An Ancient Foe Begins Anew And Hidden Enemies Threaten His Very LifeIn Anduin Son Of The Wolf, A Letter From Anduin S Father, King Varian, Speaks Of Ill Times Ahead, Prompting The Young Ruler To Ponder Leadership And Responsibility Anduin Must Face His Fears And Decide If He Can Defend Azeroth While Still Keeping True To His Beliefs

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