Trailer Õ Assuming Names: A Con Artist's Masquerade PDF by é Tanya Thompson

Trailer Õ Assuming Names: A Con Artist's Masquerade PDF by é Tanya Thompson Did I enjoy this book I did enjoy this book I read it numerous times during the editing process and enjoyed it and each time I read it.
As is often said, the truth is stranger than fiction If I didn t know this was a true story, I would have thought it was too far fetched to be a fiction novel I mean, you have a 15 year old girl outsmarting so many law enforcement agencies it isn t even funny Yet, I laughed A lot I shook my head A lot I gasped A lot I think my favorite part of the whole book is in the middle Ms Thompson answered my questions with one word Fifteen That sums up every question, disbelief, head shaking moment in this book And it sums those moments up perfectly.
Assuming Names takes the reader on o Con Artist indeed Interesting that just about everyone who reviewed this book did so on March 14, 16, 18th or 21st They all joined in June 2013 And they all wrote the SAME reviews on My guess is that maybe two of these are actually real reviews.
the others sound way too much alike They all give 5 stars Numerous people claim they went to the library and read the microfilmsreally That s funny because there are almost NO libraries that even have microfilms any They were replaced by digital files years ago due to space and document preservation Other reviewers urge you to go to the author s website and check the newspaper clippings interesting phrase for so many people to use since the articles weren t actually clipped Others used the same words, phrases and themes The men kept talking about being in love with the author some even make overt sexual references These reviews are obviousl This seems the place to share Postal prints My favourite photographer hangs in the White Gallery He s got a way of capturing the essence of things and what he s captured here is Tanya s most mischievous personality It comes through in the book just as vivid as it does in the image Love the picture and love the book Both are just so much fun I ve been thinking about what I can say about this book It did underline the old adage that An Empty Mind is a Devil s Workshop The book starts off on a very interesting note When I got down to reading it, the first thing I did was to go to the author s website and check out the articles It seemed too good to be true.
I ve always been a lover of conspiracy stories and theories but this book confounded me On one hand, I felt Tanya was smart with the cons she kept playing and on the other hand, I was sure she was an empty mind s curse.
I found the journey fascinating at some points It was interesting looking at an outside view of how to defraud a Government office or commit identity theft This book made me wonder whether it was wise doing so when a gullible reader could try and misuse it for his own means I did debate for the longest time on whether I felt connec I read the excerpt of this book and my brainmeats said, wait, WHAT Then I slowed down and read it again Born and raised in Dallas, and only 9 years younger than the author, I was intrigued than I can describe Growing up in the lower income parts of Dallas will show you that the soap opera you see on TV, is definitely shot in a prettier part of the city The Dallas Tanya describes in this book is two blocks from the streets I was willing to walk down I was immediately captivated and traveled down every block with her, I ve been down most of those very same streets at different times She was who I thought I would be when I got older, she was daring, fearless and impossible to intimidate She had charm and the ability to talk circles around people, even those we think should be above it A 15 year old Hoodwinks law enforcement Amazing This book is a page tu Mind blown.
This book is crazy.
At first I wasn t sure if the author was the Countess or maybe she was writing on behalf of the real woman But by the end, I was sure that the author is Tanya or whatever her real name is It s almost hard to believe all of the things that she went through and all of the things that she did But you have to believe them because there is evidence supporting it.
When It Was Over, There Were A Lot Of Questions The Detectives Were Embarrassed But They Still Wanted Answered, How Did A Year Old Runaway Successfully Pose As A World Traveled Countess The Newspapers Turned It Back On Them, Practically Sneering, How Did She Do It While Under Investigation By The FBI, DEA, And Interpol The Mafia Had Been Demanding The Same Thing For Six Months, What Is Your Real Name And The Psychologists Asked The Question They Always Ask, Why It S The Why Of It That Will Keep A Girl In Trouble Assuming Names Is The True Story Of A Young Con Artist It S The Tale Of A Runaway That Assumed The Title Of Countess And Then Went On To Fool The FBI, DEA, And Interpol As Well As A Number Of Other Celebrities And Institutions With An Elaborate Tale Of World IntrigueA NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Hello Everyone This Is Tanya You May Find Yourself Reading My Book And Saying, No, This Did Not Happen You May Be Inclined To Say It Is Too Far Fetched And, Quite Frankly, Impossible I Have Provided Evidence At My Website That What I Write Is The Truth I Mention It At The Front Of The Book But It May Be Easy To Overlook, So I Am Reiterating HereAt My Website Are Copies Of The Newspaper And Magazine Articles Mentioned In The Book The Articles Are From The Austin American Statesman, The Dallas Morning News, And Woman S World Magazine They Are All Nationally Recognized Media For News Previous Reviewers Were Concerned I May Have Gone To Photoshop To Create Them, And While My Book Does Paint Me As The Sort That Would Do Such A Thing, The Reality Is That Those Media Institutions Would Sue Me Into Submission Before The Cache Could Be Cleared In The End, You May Not Believe Me, But You Can Surely Believe What The Papers Wrote Assuming Names by Tanya ThompsonLet us start off by saying that I love this book It was overall very well written and extremely entertaining I basically read it in two sittings Love it In the foreword, the author explains that the compliment of beautiful is not nearly as good as the compliment of brilliant This elicited two reactions First, I was reminded of A Disreputable History of Frankie Landeau Banks by E Lockhart, which I loved Second, I immediately felt a connection to the main character, because I completely agree Meet fifteen year old Tanya, who has the same issue as many teenagers Boredom But, Tanya has some interesting coping abilities, which lead to quite a few adventures that most teenagers will only ever read about Only, they don t stop when she s done being a teenager As fa What an amazing story I m floored by the sheer audacity My first, second, third twentieth thought was, this can t be real But, is it After having gone through it, I don t even know D Who didn t get attracted ensnared in this young woman s fantasy life Other than myself, lol Governments, police organizations, organized crime, civil rights orgs, Hollywood, I mean there is a trail of hooks that caught everyone.
Smuggling, sex slavery, and the fascinating thing about this is that the story comes across as really quite amusing I d be inclined to think if someone were just describing it, that this was a very somber tale I guess all I can say is that certain auras and atmospheres surround different people differently, and sometimes things can come together in such a way as to make of it, what such does with all good stories, into a kind of Legend.
Now, there is some vi These days, the antihero has become somewhat of a fan favorite in terms of a reader s choice of protagonist Thompson excels at writing a character with shades of grey, rather than strict blacks and whites Not so much corrupt as mischievous, the Countess is a persona that is interesting to see evolve, even as she unravels.
There are countless times when you read this story, and all the times that Constance is duping one official after another that you wonder if Thompson is actually getting the better of you as well Is this actually something that happened The news article clippings on her site seem to suggest so One thing s for sure Tanya tells a story and she sticks to it And besides, its all too crazy to be anything but true.
Looking forward to reading the sequel.

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