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Download Epub Format ↠´ Audacious PDF by ↠´ Beth Moore Audacious is how I was meant to beLong about the time I was 7, I started turning down the volume of who I was, shrinking to be something pleasing or at least less likely to step on toes The last few years, I ve wanted my Audacious self back I love Beth Moore and her love for God and how that love has translated into blessing for Christian women I ve loved connecting with Christian women around her ministry, and I enjoyed this exhortation to love God and seek Him with abandon.
Beth Moore has done it again Audacious is woven with the love of Jesus in a way that jumps right off the pages and into your heart I highly recommend it I have both the audio edition and hardback version of this book and both are beautifully put together The audiobook is read by Beth Moore herself, so you can feel her emotions The hardback is written in beautiful green and brown ink that makes it a treasure to read Like I said, both are fabulous ways to experience this brilliant book.
Thirty Years In The Making, Audacious Is A Deep Dive Into The Message That Has Compelled Beth Moore To Serve Women Around The Globe Glancing Over The Years Of Ministry Behind Her And Strengthening Her Resolve To The Call Before Her, She Came To The Realization That Her Vision For Women Was Incomplete It Lacked Something They Were Aching For Something Jesus Was Longing For Beth Identifies That Missing Link By Digging Through Scripture, Unearthing Life Experiences, And Spotlighting A Turning Point With The Capacity To Infuse Any Life With Holy Passion And Purpose What Was Missing Well, Let S Just Say, It S Audacious And It S For All Of Us And It S The Path To The Life You Were Born To Live Audacious is one of Beth s shorter books, and maybe the most real of them all I know The woman who specializes in real has the guts to be real than we would ever expect her to be Here is an Audacious woman who has been so overtaken with the Audacious love of Jesus, and she is sure each of us all of us can also live an Audacious life because of His Audacious love Here s her working definition of Audacious intrepidly daring, adventurous, bold, marked by originality and verve Who doesn t want this And along the way she will be honest with you Honestly not sure you want to trust Him She gets it and so will you when she is done Honestly can t say you love Him No judgments from Beth, because really, who with a brain hasn t struggled with that one at some point along the Christian journey but see how you feel at the end Beth Moore packs a powerful wallop and a huge dose of encouragement in this small book I loved her message I was blessed with many take aways It took me a while to get used to her writing style, and was a stumbling block for me to completely enjoying the book Still, it was worth the extra effort on my part for all she reminded me of and taught me again.
I really loved this one Chapter 11 was my favorite Thank you Beth for always encouraging me and reminding me how much Christ loves me and that nothing about me is a surprise to Him May I fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus, amen.
After watching the 3 part TV series by Beth Moore on audacity I put two and two together and came up with the need to read listen to Audacious by Beth Moore As to reviewing it for my blog I was hesitant to do so because I didn t know if I could write a review on a non fiction, christian living book, and I didn t know how it would fit into the set of books I feature here on Literary Treasure Chest In the midst of all these doubts, though, the question of why not started to surface and rain truth on the mud that began to accumulate So here it is, the honest and colorful review of Beth Moore s AudaciousAudacious wasn t my first exposure to Beth Moore s writing, nor the first time I d listened to an audiobook a Source Self purchase.
Rating 4 stars for very good.
Summary Chapter One A Vision Begging for an Adverb explains the background for writing the book Chapter Four is when the word Audacious is defined and examined The book addresses women who are looking for a vibrant renewal in their calling Two important questions begin the work toward clarity and a fresh emphasis What is your dream What is your vision for the future In the next chapters, Moore teaches through the Bible to emphasis Audacious living For example, Mary s anointing of Jesus from John chapter 12 and several verses from Paul s letters Moore also shares from her own life in renewing the calling.
My Thoughts In the beginning, I had a hard time getting into the book Plus, I wanted Moore to get to the point But, Moore is long on getting to the point, this is her verbose writing style She is building

Audacious is Beth Moore s invitation to fall head over heels in love with Jesus It is full of wonderful insights like the following To love God is never to love people less It s to love people best It s to relieve them of the responsibility of being your false Christ It s to keep their sins against you from being unforgivable and your sins against them from being ignorable It s to guard them from our mean streaks and strong human tendencies to respond to disappointment with punishment It s to keep the people close by from cutting their wrists on the razor sharp blades of our insecurities It s to dull the edge of our cravings to be adored It s to untie the double knots of codependency It s to let the affirmations I read this book immediately after seeing the author at a conference where she spoke on the topic of being Audacious This book, while following along with her conference message, is NOT identical to it, for which I was very pleased I was afraid I would simply re read her conference notes, but this was not the case.
The book is very much in sync with Moore s easy to read, likeable style She takes deep theological concepts and makes them highly desirable for today s woman Most important, she draws the reader to Christ, and encourages her to deepen her love for Him, even to the point of a romantic, affectionate and emotional love affair.
This sort of relationship with the Lord Jesus may strike some as inappropriate However, before one completely disregards the idea, keep in mind that the great mystics of the Church held to the same concept St John

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