Trailer ✓ Avatar (Smoke and Shadow, #1) PDF by ñ Gene Luen Yang

Trailer ✓ Avatar (Smoke and Shadow, #1) PDF by ñ Gene Luen Yang 3.
5 starsAnother stand out installment in the continuing adventures of the Avatar and gang The art continues to impress and delight, nearly identically recreating the art of the television series.
This time as Zuko returns home with his long lost mother and her new family to the Fire Nation s capital, unrest is brewing, fomented by national zealots who feel that Zuko s tolerant views are weakening their country There is an attempt made on Zuko s life by Mai s father, the leader of the dissidents, and her new boyfriend, another member of the group Yes, cue unwanted love triangle Suki and Ty Lee, along with other warriors, are in residence to protect Zuko and his family in these tumultuous times As the children of the capital begin to disappear seemingly stole Another great first start to another chapter in the Avatar comic series This one mainly follows Fire Lord Zuko reconnecting with his mother and her new family This shows Zuko also having to take care of his people and help to resolve conflict that has started in the town of New Ozai The threat of the Kemurikage is brought up and the Fire nation is put to the test There is action, betrayal, sabotage and compassion Such an entertaining read.
Unrest In The Fire Nation Returning With His Family After The Events Of The Search, Zuko Discovers That Not Everyone In The Fire Nation Celebrates Their Homecoming Believing That The Young Fire Lord Is Not Fit To Succeed His Father And Spurred On By The Kemurikage, Menacing Spirits Long Thought To Be Only Myths An Undergroundorganization Called The New Ozai Society Plots To Assassinate Zuko And Restore Ozai To Power Written And Drawn By The Creative Team Behind The Best Selling The Promise, The Search And The Rift, Gene Luen Yang And Gurihiru, In Collaboration With Avatar The Last Airbender And Legend Of Korra Creators Michael Dante DiMartino And Bryan Konietzko, This Is The Ultimate Continuation Of Avatar And The Perfect Companion To Legend Of Korra For an Avatar comic, he sure wasn t in it very much Although, that actually benefited the story Having the story focus on Zuko and the troubles within the Fire Nation showed us just how serious it was I didn t like the time jump right at the beginning, however I did love the Mai story line I also really liked the tension between Ursa and her daughter, Kiyi I really hope they expand upon that.
I loved it But I love the Avatar World and the characters.
It was so nice to see Mai and Ty Lee again I missed their dynamic duo.
This story is focused on Mai s family Aang, Katara and Sokka aren t in it so much, but to me that doesn t really matter I m really glad we see how Mai and her family is doing It was weird to see her acted so happy though.
I wanted to talk about Ursa, Zuko s mother, too I get that she most be terrified to return the palace Her memories are probably not that great But why are her hands so cold all the time Or is it like Noren said, just because she s really really nervous.
I really liked that Kiyi s still processing her mother s face change, because kids aren t just okay with that I don t know what to thi Loved the movie The art is bright and happy The story seems to be setting up the rest of the story It s good and interesting I like that someone sees aura s That s why I m reading it.
I really enjoyed Smoke and Shadow it had entertainment, a great start to the story, we see old faces, Iroh made me laugh, and we got from the threat on Zuko reign as Firelord AN ARC REVIEW I honestly just got approved to read this first comic in the new series and I finished it in one sitting I was utterly hooked, despite the fact I hadn t been able to get my hands on the other atla comics that have been released so far sadly, they don t sell them at the local bookstore And it was very easy to slip into this story despite that fact, even if there were a few parts that I wasn t overly sure about.
The story itself was interesting and made me think of the secret groups in LoK and how they re finally working they re way into the original series in a different way than the White Lotus It was an interesting idea and one that I really do want to learn about and know about In finishing this comic, I found myself sitting there on the edge of my seat because I needed to know what happened next.
The art was beautifully done, which

Iroh, what are you apologizing for Your presence in the family always gave me hope Oh, how I loved this A story centered in Zuko, need I say For me, that s than enough So, basically, the plot ofSmoke and Shadowis to show us the discontent and period of adjustment for the Fire Nation After being the most powerful nation in the world now they are retreating and acting consciously, which doesn t make happy to some people Is in this time of instability that Zuko s mother, Ursa, finally is returning to visit the Fire Nation capital with her son, husband, and daughter, which brings a lot of painful memories So, yeah, lots of drama are on the horizon and I couldn t be happier about thatWhat do you think Is my hand waving filled with enough angst I ve been practicing all morning I was a little bit confused though, in figurin Once again we travel to world of the Avatar or of the four nations In Smoke and shadow we have see many of the old faces Mai, Mei li, uncle Iroh and some fresh ones Mai s father Fire lord Zuko goes back to the fire nation with his mother, there are people who already waiting for him and to praise him Trouble awaits the fire lord and his family and his best friend the Avatar is not with him Will he be killed by his enemies or will he defeat them Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru continues they re great job The only bad thing is that Aang , Katara and Sokka have a very small part and there is no Toph

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