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[Christie Golden] á Before the Storm (World of Warcraft, #15) [portugal PDF] Read Online  4 starsWe cannot go back to happier times We can only live in the present, and right now that present is painful If you play Horde and have been waiting for Christie Golden to bring of that same Sylvanas magic she did with War Crimes, don t rush to read this book Very disappointing from a Horde perspective The racial leaders for the Horde barely appear and when they do, it is because they are being bullied by Sylvanas There was a rumor before the Christie Golden was working on an Anduin centric book and this is definitely it The book is deeply Alliance biased in every way with only a few opportunities for the Horde characters or races I would also mention that the first 50 pages or so of the book seem very forceful about how Straight Anduin definitely is This goes away once the actual story starts, but be aware that you ll have to listen to him wax poetic about female characte Holy crap This washoly crap I meanwow.
If you re going to play BFA read this book If you love the world of WOW read this book If you want to know why this expansion is going to be balls out blood, read this book.
It s amazing, funny in places, very touching in others and gives fantastic character development So many stars from this WOW player.

WoW is my get away It s where I go to escape and while I don t have much time to play any, when I do grab a few hours it feels like coming home With that in mind, I ve followed the stories of the characters via the game, for years Seeing young Anduin grow into his role as king is an absolute delight And here, we see the young king take up the mantle of his father s legacy, and perhaps naively assume he can broker some kind of 24 hour peace between the Horde and Alliance You can t blame him for trying, such is the optimism of youth Sylvanus, on the other hand, has seen all this shit before, and she s not having any of it although, perhaps, some of the ice cracked off her undead heart I haven t read Christie s work before and found her writing to be a delight No bloated and sprawling descriptions that so often drag fantasy down The pace is swift and the characters wo Troll Priest, always been horde, Kul Tiras first thing first, I have never liked or trusted Sylvanas with that being said, this book it almost makes me want to change sides but I gotta stay loyal to Thrall, Baine and honor Vol Jin Anduin is so brave and noble in this tale I admire his efforts and vision The story is never dull, I enjoyed all of it and the narrator was just fine I had no problems with his reading the only thing that I wasn t sure about was calia s sudden I must claim the throne when a few chapters earlier she said she had no desire what so ever what changed her mind Faol made me proud to be a priest and I hope I get to act out some of this in BFA and as always, I love Prophet Velen so I m wondering, after reading this book, how many still trust Sylvanas this book was great for any fan of warcraft.
Not Golden s finest work Book is pretty straightforward, both factions are recooperating from the events of Legion Sylvanis is a plotter who doesn t really want to be Warchief or like anyone not Forsaken Her only motivations are creating Forsaken and getting weapons to kill Alliance.
Then there is Anduin and the Alliance All you need to know is that everyone in the Alliance feel everything so very deeply All the time If Thrall was a problematic Mary sue that had to be gotten rid of, King Anduin Super priest stepped up and said hold my Dalaran red Anduin cares and feels and priests so very deeply He can t make bad decisions without his bones hurting, and at 18 he s so wise Velan apologizes to him He s so squeaky clean he s boring As is the rest of the Alliance Genn is the only passibly interesting Alliance leader, but Dali Anduin teaches him the e Before the Storm is the second Warcraft novel I ve read, and it has totally regained my happiness in the WoW novels I enjoyed this book so much Christie Golden found the perfect balance of epicness, wit, and emotion The locations around Azeroth were perfectly described, as were so many of the characters Anduin is the most precious cinnamon roll of a human, and Sylvanas is as badass as always Even though it is HIGHLY biased towards the Alliance, I enjoyed every second of it Popular E Book, Before The Storm World Of Warcraft, 15 Author Christie Golden This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Before The Storm World Of Warcraft, 15 , Essay By Christie Golden Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You A solid intro to the events of BfA, for the most part I enjoyed it I ve been playing WoW since launch weekend of vanilla on both horde and alliance side, because I m a story nerd and wanted the story from both sides and so I m admittedly not a generic audience member for this book So YMMV.
I do want to touch on Sylvanas, because she was the toughest thing to swallow in this book Firstly, prior to Legion, I found her to be a complicated yet compelling character Someone I had great sympathy for, because of the events with Arthas even if sometimes that sympathy gets stretched thin My heart broke for her, when Vareesa decided not to join her in undeath, after Garrosh s trial these things aren t in spoiler tags because they are events that way pre date this book.
I was excited, at the start of Legion, to see what she would do as Warchief And then Legion happened, and I In nearly a decade of immersion within the World of Warcraft, not once have I ever felt any sympathy for the Alliance Not until now This book was a big surprise I didn t expect to feel much when I purchased the book, but the story hit on some emotional plot points that really got me And I will definitely have to explore books within this universe As somebody who plays the game, this book has reshaped the way I see the world and will certainly alter how I play the next expansion It was a great segue from the end of Legion into Battle for Azeroth Solid four stars.
For the Horde Not my Warchief

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