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[Jordie Bellaire] · Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 2 [high-school PDF] Ebook Epub Download æ Buffy and friends deal with the fallout of the revelation that she is the Slayer, while Xander struggles with his new vampiric side, and the march to Hellmouth continues as Drusilla makes her move The character dynamics are the main draw to this series so far The action is great, and the stakes feel suitably high, but the relationship between the core 3 is definitely outstripping all that As Xander and Willow grow closer and then apart in the attempt to deal with Xander s new vampire ness, Buffy and Robin Wood get acquainted, and Giles begins to spin out of control It s all very Buffy, and I love it.
We lose Dan Mora on art in favour of David Lopez, who is as good as he always is, if a bit heavy on the GIANT EYES This isn t read as Single Issues I agree with other reviewers that the art here seemed like a step back, with some characters being unrecognizable from amorphous blobs But I still am so happy to read some new Buffy and love where the story is going, so that elevates my rating here.
Buffy Summers The Slayer, The Chosen One Meant To Save The World From The Literal Evil Forces Of Hell Must Save Her Friend Xander Before He Dies And Returns As A Vampire As Giles And Willow Each Take Drastic Measures To Find A Cure, Buffy Must Face The Hardest Choice Of Her Already Not So Easy Life Save Her Friend Or Stop Her New Enemies, Drusilla AKA The Mistress And Spike From Opening The Hellmouth But Where Does The Mysterious Vampire With A Soul Named Angel Fit Into This Mess And What Secret Is He Hiding That Will Forever Change The War Between The Slayer And The Mistress Eisner Award Nominated Writer Jordie Bellaire Redlands And Artist David L Pez Captain Marvel Present The Next Chapter Of The Fearless Pop Culture Reimagining That Generated Headlines WorldwideCollects Buffy The Vampire Slayer Going for the twitter friendly headlines, not for a fully developed story read as single issues This story did not work for me at all this was almost a 1 star rating for me The big elephant in the room is view spoiler Xander almost dying or almost becoming a vampire hide spoiler Not great After a strong start, this was super disappointing.
The elephant in the room is the art The issues in this volume were done by a different artist, and they re just awful I m not one of those who thinks that comic renditions of actors need to look like the people they re portraying, but the need to NOT look like strung out Japanese demons in human suits It was really distracting and took away any impact this story could have had.
not that it had much of one The weight of the situation here wasn t handled well at all They threw the characters into a life or death situation filled with magic and sacrifice and friendship, but none of came across as significant This is a reboot with old characters in a new context, and their relationships haven t coalesced enough to warrant this sort of storyline yet Pretty interesting, though I missed the tone of the first trade It did set up a pretty cool arc with Hellmouth business, so I m curious to see how the event will go D Wish they didn t change artists really ruined the vibe.

4 5AIEEEEEEEE Only complaint is the art seemed not as good as in volume one Oh, and no Cordy SMH So, definite bummer there Having said that, the storyline is still amazing and Buffy s bat costume was everything.
This was okay Buffy having to find a cure for Xander with Willow Sounds fun right But it s kind of just a average episode of Buffy The only truly interesting thing to happen is seeing Willow s past with Xander and also what someone is planning The rest is by the numbers and not all that great I also can t stand that everyone s eyes always look bugged out A 2.
5 out of 5.
Rating 1 StarUmmmwhat the fuck happened Why was the illustrator from the first volume replaced with this one I hate to be mean but shit that was awful artwork Didn t look like the characters at all and just did not work period.
The plot and how the characters reacted was also bad Guess I ll not be finishing the next one since it s the same illustrator.

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