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✓ Elegy Ì Download by Æ Christie Golden Every Great War Story Has Two Sides This Limited Edition Hardback Version Collects Two New World Of Warcraft Novellas From The Point Of View Of The Alliance Elegy, By Christie Golden And The Horde A Good War, By Robert Brooks These Two Tales Explore The Horde And The Alliance Versions Of A Fateful Event, But Only You Can Decide Which Faction Tells It Best Each Story Includes original Artwork Exclusive To This Edition The novella fills in some gaps of the Horde invasion in the Ashenvale Forest I really liked it but for a complete story the other book A Good War should also be read Limited WoW time event and cinematics help as well.
This story was included in the Collector s Edition of Battle for Azeroth and tells a bit information about the events of the Pre Patch before the release of the newest expansion It was slightly repetitive from what you see in game, but I liked the increased emotional connection that I had to my characters after reading this story It actually sparked off some ideas to use in my own role play in the game itself A nice bonus to playing the actual game

Did well to show how tragic the burning of Teldrassil would have been for the people in the tree Much impactful than the game can depict.
This one brought tears to my eyes I ve always been a fan of Golden s work with the World of Warcraft novels She does it again here though it tells the same story as A Good War but from the Alliance POV For the Alliance For Teldrassil

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