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[ Pdf Emma: An Audible Original Drama Ð martyr PDF ] by Anna Lea ✓ The cast is phenomenal The ambient noise in conversational scenes was a little distracting the clock, in particular But this was delightful all the same.
I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH Also, this audio drama is incredible and I think it might have ruined me for listening to ordinary audiobooks forever haha A Lush Recording, Featuring A Full Cast Of A List Talent, Updates Jane Austen S Masterwork Emma Thompson, Who Wrote The Oscar Winning Screenplay For Sense And Sensibility, Brings Her Empathetic Intelligence And Droll Wit To Her Narration Of Emma Thompson S Gifts Shine Alongside Actors Including Joanne Froggatt, Aisling Loftus, And Isabella Inchbald, Who Deftly Voices Emma Woodhouse With All Her Delights And Complications A Comedy Of Manners, Which Deliciously Satirized Pomp And Pretension, Emma Endures As A Crowd Pleasing Classic Oh And Did We Mention This Novel Inspired The Quintessential S Rom Com, Clueless story 2 starsnarration 4 stars This is my least favorite of Austen s novels I never warmed to Emma, and I still think Knightley deserved better Preferably Jane Fairfax, who also deserves better in my opinion But the narration was really fun I liked how you could sometimes almost hear how much Emma Thompson dislikes her namesake I also really liked Isabella Inchbald as Emma, Joanne Froggatt as Mrs Weston, and Morgana Robertson as Miss Bates Personally, I didn t think Joseph Milson was pissed off enough as Mr Knightley, but then I am spoiled by the BBC version with Johnny Lee Miller in that role I never understood why he wanted Emma, but he really told her what he thought of her behavior, and was so pissed off and full of disdain for what she did I loved that The one actor I really didn t like was whoever played Mr Elton His voice just annoyed me to no e Emma Thompson is.
Emma Thompson Lolshe is the most excellent narrator The actress who plays Emma Woodhouse sounds likes Romola Garai i.
e the best Emma ever in 2009 BBC The actor who plays Mr Knightley sounds like Jeremy NorthamMr Knightley 1995 And Mrs Weston Joanne Froggatt sounds like Anna Bates.
5 stars rounded up to 5 A great dramatisation, definitely recommended.
Distracted by Foley sound effects extraneous music until I was Clueless Review of the Audible Audio original Drama editionFairly early as I began listening to this free Audible original audiobook, I already decided my review headline based on the irritating squishy walking sounds, singing birds, crackling fires, ticking clocks, random party noises and jolly chamber music that obscures the narration and dialogues of this abridged dramatization adaptation of Jane Austen s classic period comedy of matchmaking.
What it reminded me of was minimalist composer Gavin Bryars collaboration with sculpture performance artist Juan Munoz called A Man in a Room Gambling While Munoz s recorded voice describes the secrets behind various card I don t believe I have ever read about a real character than Emma Not even characters in non fiction or memoirs are as real to me as Emma was She was frustrating and unlikable at times, and there wasn t a moment that I could not admit I have acted as she did when I was younger and still learning about life and about others feelings She is a girl who means well, but at times doesn t always think things through The drama in this novel was entirely realistic and relatable Jane Austen is gifted in writing fictional characters that seem as real as you and I She is also gifted in writing about events that have you turning the pages as quickly as possible while believing every second of what s happening This was an absolute beautiful novel of life, love, and lear

A wonderful dramatization performed by Emma Thompson plus a full cast But abridged books make me anxious Now I have to read it all again just to make sure nothing important had been cut from the novel mylifeishard Rating 5 stars She was one of those, who, having once begun, would be always in love.
I think that each Austen novel I read, I like it even than the last Emma was just so much fun to read The plot revolves around a series of failed matchmaking attempts and assumptions, which leads to tons of delicious irony if you ve been following my reviews for a while, you know I LOVE irony see Oedipus Rex , so this was perfectly aligned to my interests Beyond that, I also loved the drama surrounding the characters and how invested I became in everything going on Becoming emotionally invested in characters is honestly part of the magic of Jane Austen Were I to fall in love, indeed, it would be a different thing but I have never been in love it is not my way, or my nature and I do not think I ever shall.
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