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[Ray Garton] Æ Frankenstorm [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð I did not actually finish this book I liked the idea, but the torture of people by others was very graphic and I found I could just not handle that For some people this is perfect, but I have to pass.
Can t wait for 2 Will download asap.
What we have here is part one of a six part series and Garton wastes no time in getting right into the action A short 58 pages doesn t give you a whole lot of time to grab a readers attention but Garton presents the story quickly and you know by the end of part one something big is about to happen Severe Risk is a great set up to what s about to come You have the Frankenstorm looming but also there are the disappearances of the local homeless population While this is a fairly quick read Severe Risk is a great and solid beginning of what could be a great series Garton has provided us with a great cliff hanger ending and even before I finished the first book I preordered the second I usually don t read books li Well, it s certainly got me interested in what happens next It s difficult to really know how much I ll like the series based on this small instalment, however.
A nice short readbut not a stand alone novella The story just stops and then picks up again in the 2nd of 6 short stories Bam I immediately switched over to the 2nd story.
But these 6 stories are just chapters really But, the 1st one was free and my digital library has the other 5 of which I am already into the 2nd one.
So I will hang in there and see where this zombie thriller takes me Plus you got to give the author credit for a cool title to the series.

The first installment of this series does a nice job of introducing the characters and setting up the story.
My only complaint is that Garton twice found opportunity to slip in his opinion that political social conservatives don t care about the homeless Stephen King makes a point of inserting his political opinions into each and every one of his books but he s Stephen Freaking King he s entitled to a bit of leeway in that area If Garton is going to do this in each and every installment of this series, there s a good chance that I won t buy all six.
However, right now I ll be buying the second installment shortly and I m happy to delve deeper into the many layers of this story.
I was skeptical when I saw that Ray Ray had written a series, but that skepticism faded away when I read the first novelette By the way, it s the right price free Garton uses the universal fears of freakish storms caused by global warming, governmental conspiracies and militia vigilantes in this brilliant epic work Don t miss it I wasn t paying attention when I downloaded this book and didn t realize it was the first of six installments So here I was, reading and enjoying the conspiracy and all of a sudden it ended I especially liked that it s set in Eureka since I grew up in southern Oregon.
3 StarsKinda cheesy, but interesting enough to continue Like what is gonna happen when the storm hits Inquiring minds want to know.
PREPARE FOR THE STORMIn The First Terrifying Installment Of Ray Garton S Six Part Frankenstorm, A Natural Disaster Of Epic Proportions Is Brewing Off The Coast Of California And A Man Made Nightmare Is About To Be Unleashed Frankenstorm On The Eve Of The Biggest Storm In West Coast History, Virologist Fara McManus Shows Up At Work In A Secret Government Lab Where Microbiologist Dr Jeremy Corcoran Has Been Working On A New Bioweapon, Using The Homeless As Human Guinea Pigs Concerned For The Subjects, Fara Decides To Stay Especially Now Between The Raging Storm Outside And The Rage Inducing Chemicals In The Patients, A Million Things Could Go Wrong But The Last Thing Fara Expects To Happen Is An Armed Attack On The Lab, An Explosion Of Gunfire, And An Army Of Men Smashing The Barriers Releasing The Infected Spreading The Virus Into The WorldOn A Night Like This, There Is No Shelter From The Storm

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