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[Lila Monroe] ↠´ How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days (Chick Flick Club, #1) [cameroon PDF] Read Online ↠´ Stylist Gemma Jones Is Competing For A Once In A Lifetime Promotion All She Has To Do Is Take Some Fashion Backward Guy From Geek To GQ Worthy The Only Problem The Man In Question Is Her Hairy Manwhore Of A Next Door Neighbor AKA BigfootZach Morrison Has Zero Interest In Being Gemma S Makeover Mannequin Sure, It S Fun Getting His Smart Mouthed Neighbor All Riled Up, But After Cashing Out Of His Tech Start Up And Going Through An Ugly Break Up, He S Taking A Permanent Vacation If He Wants To Wear Sweatpants And Sleep On A Mattress In The Corner Of An Empty Apartment OK Maybe He Needs A Little Push In The Right Direction But As Gemma Races The Clock To Win Her Bet, She Finds That Bigfoot S Been Hiding A Few Things Under His Baggy Flannel Shirts Like Abs Of Steel, And A Surprisingly BigHeart He Has A Big HeartSoon, Sparks Are Flying Between This Unlikely Couple, But Can Zach Embrace A Fresh Start However Manscaped It Might Be And Will Gemma Beat Out Her Instabitch Rival For The Top Spot And Keep The Truth About Their Bet From Zach HYYA HUMAN BEINGS I read A REALLY GOOD ONE books like this need to be praised and passed on to you, my fellow readers books like this are the REASON WHY I should be studying for my history and politics exam and practice for my job interview but here I am, trying to convince you guys PLEASE read IT I want everyone to read this one It s than worth it 1 Why should anyone care read Because I loved every single bit of it and If I say something about books It only can be the truth No honestly, if you want to read a heart warming love story with the perfect amount of humor and hot nerdy male Then this book is the one for you I really want everyone to feel that glimpse of happiness like I did yesterday after reading this one TBH, when Eden s and Zach s story was previewed in Lila Monroe s last book Man Candy , I wasn t sure about it But after reading the first few pages I was hooked Release Date September 24, 2018 Genre Romantic Comedy Actual Rating 4 starsLila Monroe dishes up another unforgettable romantic comedy with How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days If you are a fan of chick flicks these titles in the series closely resemble some of my favorites then this book is right up you alley It s a rollicking good time and features one of my favorite tropes enemies to lovers In the beginning of the book, these two characters really bump heads He s known as a manwhore whereas she just wanted to find someone to fall in love with Their neighbors as well And when two neighbors don t see eye to eye on things, it can get pretty ridiculous Alas, as what happens in this book Good thing our heroine is one who uses persuasion as a means to get what she wants This is a really fun story and the start to what I believe will be an excellent series All y Gemma lives in an apartment block like thousands of other people in her city The worst part about living in an apartment is the close proximity of neighbours The one across the hall from her is the perfect example of an annoying neighbour He doesn t seem to have a job, has a constant parade of women through his door, plays loud music and looks like he has no interest in personal hygiene Gemma calls him Bigfoot due to his excessive facial and body hair.
When a promotion at work is dangled in front of her, she is determined to prove that she is up for the task She needs to find a willing male subject to makeover Not just in looks but his wardrobe and home too A life makeover if you will Zach aka Bigfoot is the perfect choice, now she just needs to convince him Zach is surprised to see his neighbour at his door, well surprised that she is not ther How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one of my favorite romantic comedies, so I saw the synopsis of this book and thought it would be fun I was not disappointed.
Gemma is a stylist and is up for a big promotion at her job if she can do a makeover on a guy She and her co worker make a bet to see who can do the best makeover and win the promotion, and Gemma gets to pick her co worker, Arielle s man, and Arielle gets to pick Gemma s and she picks her hairy, bigfooted neighbor, Zach.
Gemma has the impression that Zach is unemployed which is true, but not the whole story It turns out that Zach is coming off a bad relationship and is somewhat jaded when it comes to love At first, he is reluctant to get a make over, but he soon realizes he s been in limbo for a while, so agrees to it, and the change is quick and amazing.
I m going to put it out t 5 StarsARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review I knew going into this that it would be a fun book Couple the name with the author and it was bound to be I was not disappointed I really enjoyed this one and sped through it quit quickly.
Gemma and Zach are both likeable characters, and I really liked getting into the depth of each of their personalities, particularly Zach s Its the kind of book that goes to show in some ways not to judge a book person by its cover, as the saying goes.
The who idea of the storyline is great in this one, and all the secondary characters were lots of fun as well I don t want to go into things too much, because I don t want to spoil anything, but I did love this one, and I do recommend.
Review also on my blog How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days Lila Monroe Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram This was boring as hell I don t know how I made it to the end.
Every single time I start reading a Lila Monroe book, I know I m going to not only enjoy it, but think about it well after I ve finished.
Every Single Time.
And her latest romcom, How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days, showcases the exact reasons as to why I love her books Fun, flirty, with the perfect amount of humor and sexual tension, this book s enticing storyline and unforgettable characters make it not only entertaining but heartwarmingly romantic After the very brief glimpse of HTCAGITD we get at the end of Man Candy, I couldn t WAIT to read it Gemma and Zach s quirky and antagonistic neighborly relationship was just downright delightful Their combative banter and seemingly polar opposite lifestyles infuse the story with wit and playfulness The energetic connection between them sparks off the pages, eliciting a powerful intrigue and inti how to choose a guy in 10 days me if we re talking about fictional characters, I only need 10 seconds.
Oh sweet baby Jesus, this book was what just what I needed to read It s fun, adorable with a boat load of sexy ARC Received in exchange for an honest reviewGemma, oh this girl melted my heart She s so beautiful, kind hearted and strives to help those who need a little extra push to feel confidant in themselves again Not only is it her job to do so but she goes above and beyond for them, she listens and works with what they want She s a bright and amazing woman and gah, I love her so hard Zach, oh man, this guywhen it s revealed what he went through my heart totally broke for him He s loving, handsome and so caring Going through what he did sheltered him from living the life he should and when he finally sees that my he

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