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Download Epub Format ✓ How to Murder Your Life PDF by ✓ Cat Marnell Yes, I know We re not supposed to find this amusing or hot We re supposed to find it distasteful because Cat Marnell relied on family money and beauty world connections to avoid the worst consequences of her actions We re supposed to be shocked and appalled the horror the horror at a memoir that glamorizes addiction And blah blah blah But you know what How to Murder Your Life is darkly clever, over the top, andwell, hilarious It could be hotter Cat s sex life isn t described in any depth, nor does it contain any of the adventures she detailed in her Amphetamine Life column for Vice But that s a mere quibble This is wickedly funny Oh, yes, Cat is a trainwreck far too risky to date, but perfect to have as a friend whose stories allow you to experience depravity vicariously Some of the pop culture references in he I took shots and fell into the pool in the back garden a la Brian Jones and not in a cool way You ve probably guessed it, the above quote sets the tone for the book.
I love mixing up the styles of books I read I m definitely not a book snob In fact, I probably enjoy what s on the best seller list, than the latest literary prize winner.
That being the case, it was a change of pace I needed So I decided on How to Murder Your Life as my next read Talk about messing with my reading equilibrium I thought I had headaches because I haven t been drinking enough water at work I m thinking now it was the repetition throughout this story How messed up can one person be, and how can they drag their drug experiences across soooooo manyyyyyy pages Bah Humbug This story says to me that what would be At The Age Of , Cat Marnell Unknowingly Set Out To Murder Her Life After A Privileged Yet Emotionally Starved Childhood In Washington, She Became Hooked On ADHD Medication Provided By Her Psychiatrist Father This Led To A Dependence On Xanax And Other Prescription Drugs At Boarding School, And She Experimented With Cocaine, Ecstasy Whatever Came Her Way By She Was A Talented Doctor Shopper Who Manipulated Upper East Side Psychiatrists Into Giving Her Never Ending Prescriptions Her Life Had Become A Twisted Merry Go Round Of Parties And Pills At Night, And Trying To Hold Down A High Profile Job At Cond Naste During The DayWith A Complete Lack Of Self Pity And An Honesty That Is Almost Painful, Cat Describes The Crazed Euphoria, Terrifying Comedowns And The Horrendous Guilt She Feels Lying To Those Who Try To Help Her Writing In A Voice That Is Utterly Magnetic Prompting Comparisons To Brett Easton Ellis And Charles Bukowski She Captures Something Essential Both About Her Generation And Our Times Profoundly Divisive And Controversial, How to Murder Your Life Is A Unforgettable, Charged Account Of A Young Female Addict, So Close To Throwing Her Entire Life Away I was a devoted reader of Sassy magazine and have followed Jane Pratt s career ever since, but for whatever reason I didn t hear about her website, xoJane, until it had already been around for a while In fact, I discovered it just after Cat Marnell, its beauty editor, was let go for problems related to her unrepentant drug use It was hard to catch up on exactly what had happened after the fact, so I was very curious to read the whole story as recounted by Cat herself in How to Murder Your Life.
But that didn t mean I expected to like it.
When they re actively using, addicts can be some of the most self absorbed and irresponsible people around, and as such, writing about their addictions can be tricky How do you describe your own terrible behavior without making the reader toss the book aside in annoyance Plenty of addicts take the somber route in their memoirs, infusing ev I am amused by people who requested the book not knowing Cat Marnell nor having any interest in the beauty industry, and post a review about how they hated everything about it The point of spending money on a book is to buy something that interests you Read, learn, grown, carry on a conversation, etc With that said, I have always been a fan of Cat Marnell s writing From Lucky to VICE I am also a big fan of her favorite boss JGJ Having lived in the same neighborhood, shared friends in the industry and visited the same spots for social or work related gatherings, I had high hopes for the memoir It delivered on every front She s honest brutally honest and spares no detail about the disaster her life has become as an addict Not for everyone, this is a great read for those curious about the rise and fall of a beauty I heard once that an addict stops maturing at whatever age she starts abusing drugs and or alcohol Cat began abusing drugs and alcohol as a teenager, so that might be part of the reason she writes like a teenager It could also be that she worked for beauty magazines her whole life, but whatever it is, she uses a TON of exclamation points and italics for emphasis and a vocabulary that makes me think I ve accidently flipped the station to some teen centric show on CW It s an irritating writing style, especially because she s writing this in her early to mid thirties Also, for some reason I got the impression that this was supposed to be funny, and it s not At all It s entertaining to read about a spoiled kid who goes to interesting parties because of her job, but that s it Her being Since we worked in the same industry, I was just as swept away by Cat s clever druggie beauty column and surrounding drama at the time I don t know her personally I wasn t aware of her at Lucky, and when she was writing for xojane, I was like, yeah, why can t she be honest about her Adderall and graffiti writer blow jobs at least it s honest, and she has a great voice and sometimes you really do need to know how a liquid lipstick will stand up to a BJ And then she left for Vice and her column was horrible because she was clearly way too high to function Then she was MIA for YEARS, apparently working on this book Long story short, it sOK I was waiting for a reveal ofsomething deeper, but as it turns out, the whole thing played out pretty true to form in real time the first time around There was not muc

Ugh, I loved it I LOVED it Can t remember the last time I devoured a book like this I was totally caught up in the wtf is WRONG with her train during the XO Jane days and her behavior as described in the book, especially then, is so abhorrent But she s a fantastic writer witty and self aware and piquant I just really thought it was great and hope the best for her.
If you would like to read the shallow story of a self described privileged white girl who is an addict, this might be the perfect book for you Can you guess that the author comes from a dysfunctional family that looks great from the outside but is rotten to the core on the inside And of course she comes from money The kicker is that her dad is a psychiatrist who prescribes her uppers and downers and her mother is a psychotherapist This is a story that is b.
g It should never have made it to a publisher It does a disservice to recovery and embodies euphoric recall throughout What is euphoric recall you may ask It is when an addict is supposedly in recovery but likes to remember all the great times they had when they were high Cat likes uppers best but she s a non discriminatory addict She ll take benzo s, opiates, snort cocaine, and loves hallucinogens She s also a drunk who has n So I was ready to write a pretty negative review of How to Murder Your Life, and then toward the end I turned a sharp corner and realized I was a bit teary and totally engaged in Cat Marnell s story about her addiction I didn t know anything about Marnell nor do I have much interest in beauty or celebrity, but I gather that she has been the focus of some publicity in the last few years I don t even remember what piqued my interest when I requested this book because I can only read so many addiction memoirs and, as I said, I have no interest in the beauty publishing world So when I started reading Marnell s memoir there was a real who cares overlay to my reading experience Cat comes from a wealthy Washington DC family Her family life although privileged was tumultuous In boarding school a

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