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[Baltasar Gracián] ¶ How to Use Your Enemies [coming-of-age PDF] Read Online Å This little collection of aphorisms really does reflect its title How to Use Your Enemies gives us advice on how to go far in life by manipulating and using others, whether superior to you or otherwise Interestingly, Graci n explains how not only to use your enemies, but also your friends It s incredibly calculating, and surprising in places, particularly for being written by a man of the cloth.
I found it both easy and difficult to relate to all at once Having spent the last few years of my life as an emotional recluse, and also a total bitch, I m now trying hard and succeeding in opening up, connecting with people, and appreciating them for everything they are I remember when the opposite was true, and this behaviour is what Graci n supports I don t agree with sizing people up and using them for my own gain, nor do I believe in maintaining a persona at all times some of his read all my reviews on This is than a guide on How to Use Your Enemies, it is at the same time a guide on How to Use Your Friends considering you have some left after behaving like the author suggested It was so manipulative that it was actually an awkward read for me It is compared to Machiavelli, and while his ideas are also very calculated, they made sense to me as they all help to reach a certain goal They are harsh and cold, and don t translate into modern days, but one can imagine that they are useful Now take that, and apply it on literally every aspect of your life and you ll get How to Use Your Enemies He really seemed like the typical calculating evil guy This is not one of the Little Black Classics that I Better Mad With The Crowd Than Sane All Alone In These Witty, Machiavellian Aphorisms, Unlikely Spanish Priest Baltasar Graci N Shows Us How To Exploit Friends And Enemies Alike To Thrive In A World Of Deception And Illusion Introducing Little Black Classics books For Penguin S Th Birthday Little Black Classics Celebrate The Huge Range And Diversity Of Penguin Classics, With books From Around The World And Across Many Centuries They Take Us From A Balloon Ride Over Victorian London To A Garden Of Blossom In Japan, From Tierra Del Fuego To Th Century California And The Russian Steppe Here Are Stories Lyrical And Savage Poems Epic And Intimate Essays Satirical And Inspirational And Ideas That Have Shaped The Lives Of Millions Baltasar Graci N Graci N S Work Is Available In Penguin Classics In The Pocket Oracle And Art Of Prudence Ever wondered how to be into a manipulative and calculating asshole If so, this is just the book for you It s probably the nastiest piece of advice I ve ever received In How to Use Your Enemies a seventeenth century Spanish priest sheds some light on using guile and pragmatism to succeed in a dangerous world To be fair, Graci n s writing is still applicable today, which is surprising considering how it was written hundreds of years ago and society has definitely gone through a lot of changes since then His writing is precise and easy to understand His superior goal in life is to achieve knowledge and prudence and in this collection of writings he gives advice on how to get thereA person without knowledge is a world in darkness Judgement and strength, eyes and hands witho I am not a huge fan of Machiavelli, his views seemed skewed to me, but at least he was trying to understand politics This guy is an evil version of Machiavelli I mean Machiavelli can be considered an upfront guy when compared to BaltasarDon t wish friends too much good fortune, if you don t want to lose them,is a thing he actually wrote He also brings forth that people that might try to help you, are basically just stupid for doing so I am never reading any of his works, I do not want to turn into a soulless beast Thank you, I am fine with my Machiavelli.
Jesus exhorted his disciples to be as harmless as doves but as wise as snakes Spanish Jesuit priest Baltasar Gracian 1601 1658 followed this teaching to the letter A theologian known for his rousing sermons including his coup de theatre reading out a letter from Hell , he was also the author of El Discreto or The Complete Gentleman and The Pocket Oracle , a collection of witty and wily maxims meant to help the reader achieve success in a perilous, less than perfect society Brilliantly written, The Oracle is clearly the work of a penetrating and observant mind Gracian provides us with some surprisingly insightful advice as to how to address our all too human frailties and how to behave when confronted with the weaknesses or malice o You are as much as you know, and a wise person can do anything A person without knowledge is a world in darkness Some never manage to be complete something is always missing These little excerpts of Baltasar Graci n works were written in the 17 century but funnily, they are still relatable and often times quite true.
He talks about how to behave in order to be successful, to behave in front of superiors e.
g bosses and how to behave with enemies I met a lot of people in higher positions and there were a lot of paragraphs exactly describing the way I had to behave and learn in order to not piss them off.
You know, for example, correct them if they are wrong but in such a way that it looks like someone else f it up and not themselves Or in order to get a good report after a job or inte

This is a book to dip into when looking for some inspiration, not something to pick up and devour It put me in mind of those god awful motivational pictures which adorn the walls of corporations, someone s idea of a way to live life, get on with people and behave Yawn.
Not my cup of tea.
What s said well, is said quicklyBaltasar Graci nVol 11 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set Reminds me of Machiavelli s The Prince Carnegie s How to Win Friends and Influence People Greene s The 48 Laws of Power48 Laws of Power, all mixed together by a Spanish Jesuit How to Use Your Enemies takes pieces from Gracian s Or culo Manual y Arte de Prudencia 1647 , often translated to The Art of Worldly Wisdom, or The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence I actually really enjoyed it The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars was it was an abridgement So, I guess I m heading to Christopher Maurer 1992 translation next.
Like Machiavelli s The Prince I think there is a lot of truth, and ugliness, about mankind sprinkled throughout the book, but I m also a bit relaxed about it too I wouldn t take Ben Franklin s aphorisms too serious I feel like all newly sorted Slytherins should receive a copy of this Brilliant advice from a 17th century Spanish priest, full of wit with a dash of humor.

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