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[ Pdf Illidan (World of Warcraft, #14) ✓ young-readers PDF ] by William King ✓ I have been playing World of Warcraft WoW since it first came out way back in 2004 5 and love it just as much today as I did back then mainly because I get to go on fabulous virtual adventures with my WoW reading real life bestie So this poor bestie has had to listen to me go on and on and on about my virtual girl crush on Illidan for a while now and how I stalk him in Argus because he is just beautiful P So when we saw this book in the shop we got each other a copy and decided to do a buddy read Even though I play WoW and love the really rich lore that the game is based on, I have never read one of the books so it really took me a while to get into this I struggled a little with the writing which I felt was quite flat and because Maiev was just so damn unlikable so I found her POV chapters very bland However, by the end of the book I I ve been a fan of the World of Warcraft game for quite a while now, and inevitably my fandom led me to exploring the lore a bit in depth I got my start in the game during the Burning Crusade era, so reading this book was a bit like returning to my game origins, for it is the novelization of the events in Outland of that entire expansion However, it is so much than that What this book does is ties the events that occur in Outland during the Burning Crusade era to the upcoming events in Legion, through a sub plot involving the Night Elf Vandrel and his quest for vengeance against the Burning Legion.
What I found most interesting was the fact that no one actually took the time to sit down with Illidan and discover what his true motivations were Basically, here he is, the one unique person that can describe the Legion s plans in deta 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum have to hand it to Blizzard when it comes to creating the coolest and most badass villains, they sure know their craft Even those who are only peripherally aware of their wildly popular massively multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft should be familiar with Illidan Stormrage, also known as The Betrayer , but just in case a reminder is needed, we re talking about this cheerful gentle elf right here In a nutshell, Illidan is the story of how our eponymous character earned his epithet and his resulting release after 10,000 years of imprisonment, after which he then went on a tour of Outland, vowing to drive back the Burning Legion But of course, his methods leave a lot to be desired, especially to those disturbed by Illidan s r I expect to love this book since Illidan is one of my favorite WoW bosses villains I even named a cat after him Parts of the story were good like the process of becoming a demon hunter , but I found big chunks of it to be boring The characters didn t have much depth to them I guess I just expected.
Without reservation, with his huge flaws, Illidan is the greatest hero in the Warcraft universe We get to see his journey start from being a talented young elf who struggles to find his place in night elf society This period isn t well fleshed out, so you might want to read about it in the War of the Ancients and or on YouTube.
A number of things has strongly affected Illidan Firstly, the rejection of his love, Tyrande She seems to be the last thing he ever had feelings of love and compassion for Those feelings have never surfaced elsewhere in his life since Secondly, his encounter with Sargeras, who showed him what The Burning Legion was about I think it s fair to say that Sargeras solved his confusion and lack of purpo

Imprisoned for ten thousand years Banished from my own homeland And now you dare enter my realm Illidan is, simply put, one of the best ever villains and I m pretty sure all Warcraft fans out there would agree with me To me he s one of the most emblematic characters Blizzard ever created And now we get to experience the story, most of us already knew from the games, through his eyes This book gives us an insight on his thoughts, plans and intentionsBetrayer In truth, it was I who was betrayed Still, I am hunted Still, I am hated Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced Now go forth unleash the tides of Doom Upon all thosewho would oppose us After being imprisoned for ten thousand years in a lightless dungeon, Illidan can barely remember the outside world Califax and a contingent of night elves lead by Maiev Shadowsong keep Warcraft World of Warcraft Legion Warcraft , Warcraft World of Warcraft Warcraft , Warlords of Draenor Legion Warlords of Draenor Burning Crusade Legion , Warcraft , Warlords of Draenor World of Warcraft .
books based on video games can be a hit or miss proposition, often than not trending towards miss Gladly this is not the case with Illidan The author, Mr King, is a veteran of writing Warhammer 40K stories and this experience serves him well in this book.
Illidan is one of the most powerful sorcerers to have ever existed On his homeworld of Azeroth, he decides to oppose the invasion of the demonic forces of the Burning Legion by infiltrating them This earns his the implacable hatred of his peoples and he becomes known as Betrayer But, Illidan s plan works and the Burning Legion is turned back in its invasion of Azeroth, but the Betrayer is imprisoned for millennia But, the threat of the Burning Legion is not over Thus, freed from his prison Illidan goes to the world of Outland and begins his quest to become something than just a mortal sorc You are not preparedIllidan is the best Warcraft book published since Rise of the Horde This one provides excellent background for Legion by describing all the events that took place in the background during Warcraft III and the Burning Crusade.
Illidan Stormrage is my favourite character in the Warcraft universe, no doubt about it There is something extremely compelling about his betrayal filled and dark existence as an elf living constantly in the grey areas between good and evil.
As a tie in novel, specifically a Warcraft one, it s obviously not high literature in any way It should only be read by fans of the franchise invested in Illidan as a character or in the current storyline But for those people, it will be an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.
Behind The Legend Stands A Being Hungry For Justice And Vengeance As The Adventure, Intrigue, And Heroism Of World Of Warcraft, The Global Phenomenon, Rise To A New LevelYou Are Not PreparedIllidan Stormrage Is One Of The Most Powerful Beings Ever To Walk The Lands Of Azeroth He Is Also One Of The Least Understood Behind His Legend, Beneath His Enigmatic Mission, Lies A Brilliant Mind Whose Machinations Are Comprehended By Few And Trusted By Even Fewer Illidan S Righteous Reign Of Justice And Vengeance Has BegunLong Ago, The Night Elf Sorcerer Illidan Infiltrated The Demonic Burning Legion To Ward Off Its Invasion Of Azeroth Instead Of Hailing Him As A Hero, His Own Kind Branded Him The Betrayer, Questioning His Intentions After He Appeared To Aid The Demon Lords For Ten Thousand Years, He Languished In Prison Vilified, Isolated, But Never Forgetting His PurposeNow The Legion Has Returned, And There Is Only One Champion Who Can Truly Stand Against It Released From His Bonds, Illidan Prepares For The Final Confrontation In The Alien Realm Of Outland, Gathering An Army Of Grotesque Fel Orcs, Serpentine Naga, Cunning Blood Elves, And Twisted Demon Hunters To His Side He Alone Knows What Deeply Hidden Motives Guide His Hand He Alone Understands The Price That Must Be Paid To Defeat The Enemies Of Creation Yet As Before, He Is Assailed By Those Who See His Schemes As A Cynical Quest For Power, Including The Night Elf Maiev Shadowsong, His Former Jailor Warden Shadowsong And Her Watchers Have Pursued The Betrayer To Outland To Exact Retribution For His Crimes, And She Will Not Rest Until Illidan Is In Her Custody Or In His Grave

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