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î Read ✓ Little Red Henry by Linda Urban î This is a sweet variation on the little red hen story In this story little red headed Henry wants to do things himself, without help Cute ending.
This story spoke to me specifically because my parents have and continue to have a problem with babying me and my little brother I enjoyed the way that Henry wanted to do things for himself In the mindset of creating a lesson, this novel can be used to show kindergartners or first graders that they are able to do things for themselves and that it brings out their personality Even though Henry wants to do things himself, he still needs and appreciates his family The front and back covers demonstrate the two parts of the book The front cover shows Henry in a red wagon with his mom, dad, brother, and sister hovering over him with smiles on their faces In contrast, the back cover shows Henry brushing his teeth, with his family hovering over him, but with a sad look on their face Henry is smothered by his family With the sincerest of love, mama, papa, Mem, and Sven love doing things for Henry If he hadn t gotten so big, he might never have known the feeling of the earth under his feet, they had carried him about so This book deals with independence in the most lovely way The family is not demonized and Henry does not come off as snotty In the end, Henry does not have to be completely independent, especially when it makes him feel alone.
I love finding a picture book that you can go back to again and again to find something new, discuss new findings, look at a different side This book is going to spark a lot of conversations.
Would make a wonderful read aloud with K class about growing up and gaining independence Shelved learning to write I can do it myself.

I have a Henry, so we were excited It s not really a Little Red Hen, it s not really the opposite, but it was enough of a device that it was cute It was nice to see a family who wanted to be together, even when doing things separately.
you may not hear the lullaby over the snores makes for an excellent bedtime story I can do it myself.
Henry is the baby of the family and his parents and siblings do everything for him When Henry can t take it any, he asserts his independence and tries doing things for himself, but learns that he can t entirely shut his family out or else he ll be lonely.
I really liked the situations Henry chose to take his stand on and I liked the resolution that calls for a balanced approach to his independence.
Pencil and gouache artwork PreK 2.
Well, There S Overprotective And Then There S Little Red Henry S Family A Hilarious Tale About What Happens When A Coddled Kid Asserts His IndependenceLittle Redheaded Henry S Family Treats Him Like A Baby They Dress Him They Feed Him They Brush His Widdle Toofers But He S Not A Baby Any He S A Little Boy Who Wants To Do Things For Himself So With His Family Watching Anxiously From The Wings, Henry Sets Out On A Glorious Day Of Independence But Will Things Swing Too Far In The Other Direction In This Charming Reworking Of The Classic Tale Of The Little Red Hen, Author Linda Urban And Illustrator Madeline Valentine Gently And Humorously Depict A Family Trying To Find A Middle Ground Between Hovering Over Their Youngest Member And Giving Him Room To Grow

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