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Trailer ã Nine Women, One Dress PDF by · Jane L. Rosen Very cute, but a little too much fluff and not enough substance for me It is an enjoyable romantic comedy of errors, written from the many different POVs of the many different characters in it, all connected by one fabulous LBD It is well done, and I liked some of the characters, but I didn t really care what happened, because none of it is really important A good novel for its genre, I guess, but this genre is not one of my favorites.
2016 aty reading challenge week 18 A book on a summer beach reading list Doubleday Keep Turning Pages group read MayWhat a fun book Charming, witty, warm hearted and delightful I hope it s on everyone s summer beach reading list this year.
The story revolves around one little black dressTHE dress of the seasonand the people whose lives are affected by its magicfrom the elderly pattern maker who creates it, to the young model on the runway, to the Bloomingdales staff who sell it, to the women who wear it This was really some dress The setting is Bloomingdales in NYC and many of the iconic sites of the city the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, the Plaza Hotel, Central Park, etc The many characters are identified in headings on chapters and it is amazing how well Rosen ties all these various story lines together Many thanks to Doubleday and the Keep Turning Pages goodreads group A Charming, Hilarious, Irresistible Romp Of A Novel That Brings Together Nine Unrelated Women, Each Touched By The Same Little Black Dress That Weaves Through Their Lives, Bringing A Little Magic With ItNatalie Is A Bloomingdale S Salesgirl Mooning Over Her Lawyer Ex Boyfriend Who S Engaged To Someone Else After Just Two Months Felicia Has Been Quietly In Love With Her Happily Married Boss For Twenty Years Now That He S A Lonely Widower, She Just Needs The Right Situation To Make Him See Her As Than The Best Executive Assistant In Midtown Manhattan Andrea Is A Private Detective Specializing In Gathering Evidence On Cheating Husbands A Skill She Unfortunately Learned From Her Own Life And Can T Figure Out Why Her Intuition Tells Her The Guy She S Tailing Is One Of The Good Ones When She Hasn T Trusted A Man In Years For These Three Women, As Well As Half A Dozen Others In Sparkling Supporting Roles A Young Model Fresh From Rural Georgia, A Diva Hollywood Star Making Her Broadway Debut, An Overachieving, Unemployed Brown Grad Who Starts Faking A Fabulous Life On Social Media, To Name Just A Few Everything Is About To Change, Thanks To The Dress Of The Season, The Perfect Little Black Number Everyone Wants To Get Their Hands On Quick, easy, fun a perfect summer read This is the BEST book I ve read in years It s fantastic It s the perfect summer read I promise.
It s written in first POV, and it s not your regular romance story There are several protagonists, each with their own story and all are somehow connected to the little black dress of the season Each character is unique in their own way and super funny There were times I couldn t stop laughing, as there were other times when it had me at aaw.
This story reminds me of my favorite Spanish TV series called Velvet I can say it s all because of the famous dress, the pattern maker, and the crew at Bloomingdale s Now I wish this could be made into a movie It d be my favorite.
I really liked Nine Women, One Dress It was a light, entertaining read with many relatable characters As a fashion lover myself, I could easily relate to the characters love of the dress and their feelings when finding a dress that is a game changer When you look better, you feel better Nine Women, One Dress was a cute, easy read with many modern references that I enjoyed.
Yikes I went in liking the idea behind following nine women who are all tied to the same small Little Black Dress LBD but after a few chapters there were way too many people to track The book included following some men as well which made things doubly confusing And after a while it just felt like we got a few short paragraphs per chapter and would skip ahead to someone else.
I was hoping for a book set up like the The Secret Lives of Dresses I wish that I could pick out one character that I liked the most, but honestly I can t even recall someone that is standing out in my mind right now The model turned actress character was interesting, but honestly I found her whole rise to stardom to be implausible in this day and age with so many insta models becoming the new hot thing And the Ho This book was a really good find I loved each of the stories and how they intertwined around 1 dress I was rooting for all the characters and loved how each got their happily ever after At times I laughed out loud and others, I couldn t contain my smile The story actually sucked me in and there were times I couldn t put it down I haven t had that feeling in a while Loved it There was only one story that I wish could have expanded or gotten a better ending It actually made me kind of sad to read it But I guess the reality is that not everyone gets what they truly want Not sure, but I d like to think eventually everything works out and ends up well for the sisters

The Hook This collection of interconnected stories drew me in with its premise of nine women each coveting this little black dress, size small.
The Line The EpigraphWhat is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it Yves Saint LaurentThe Sinker It s summertime and this was a delightful, easy read Love how the author connected the stories with the life and journey of the little black dress Starting on the runway, moving next to the story of Morris Siege, Garment Center Pattern Maker, Age 90, and on to the floor ladies of Bloomingdale s, weaving in a few despicable characters, balanced by some old fashioned romance, this one black dress provides a magical read.
5 All Meant to Be Stars 1 2 Spoiler FreeWe all have had the feeling at one time or another that if A hadn t happened to us, then B wouldn t have either and when you think about itit is hard to deny the truth in these feelings or thoughts To have novels out there about how one thing impacts so many others is nothing newAnd when picking up this book, I thought it would be a lovely diversion but nothing seriously impactful.
I was wrong.
Yes, this is a premise of a dress and how it works its way through nine different people but in the telling of this intricate tale, much was given We are given insight into what a person feels in a number of real circumstances Some parts of this will touch than others but the clever way all of the parts are necessary to the whole will keep you enthralled It opens with the fish out of water theme a young Southern beauty walki

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