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[ Read Online Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun Á hard-boiled PDF ] by Guillermo del Toro å This was a turn up for the books, a novel of the mesmerising and stunning 2006 film Pan s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro that I adored, written by the film director and Cornelia Funke, with details and analysis of the film Reading this bought back the movie in much of its original glory, haunting, tragic, painful, the magical realism, the darkest of fairy tales, immersing me in all its vibrant intensity There is the young girl, Ofelia, living in the brutality and terrors of the fascist Franco s regime Ofelia desperately longs for and dreams of a world free of the everyday nightmares of her life, finding herself in an alternative version of Alice, a labyrinth which is so much darker in its myths and magic, reflecting the realities of life, a war torn nation and fascism This novel effortlessly captures so much of vitality of the film, reinforcing just how imaginative and beautifu I have never wanted to see the film because I think it s the type of film that would unsettle me too much with its dark imagery, and yet as soon as I heard it was to be adapted and expanded upon for a novel I knew I wanted to read it It s strange how I will read books that have darker themes but won t watch filmsI think it s because when I read I don t necessarily clearly visualise the events of the book in my mind s eye but instead I experience these events in a much abstract manner ANYWHO The book I did really like it It was very much an ode to Grimm style fairytales and the darker side of some of my favourite films from the 80s Labyrinth, Return to Oz, Neverending Story At times it felt almost middle grade but then at times it was 100% adult and I liked that juxtaposition of the two It really calls to mind those same feelings I had as a chil You re getting older, and you ll see that life isn t like your fairy tales The world is a cruel place And you ll learn that, even if it hurts This was one odd and creepy storybut I liked it I can see why it s a cult classic.
RTC Pan s Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies, so if you love it you ll definitely like this book The descriptions were gorgeous and perfect My only complaint is I hate seeing movies first and reading a book second Also, I seriously love Guillermo del Toro So, I totally thought this was an MG story and hahahaha no.
I don t know about the rest of you but when I think Pan s Labyrinth I think insert creepy dude with eyes in the palms of his hands here I only saw the movie once, a million years ago, and I thought this was an extension of the story or just inspired by it But from what I understand because I sure don t remember enough to say for certain is that this is an expanded, additionally layered, version of the movie itself.
Which should tell you who should or should not be reading this.
This is classified as YA I think but it is quite dark, if not considered outright horror, but it s not just the fantastical elements that are dark It s the human elements, too The brutalities done not only by bad men during times of war but bad men, period, who need no excuse.
There is melancholy and bitterness and grief an Only books talked about all the things adults didn t want you to ask about Life Death Good and Evil And what else truly mattered in life Pan s Labyrinth was originally a Spanish fantasy horror film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, that I believe was released in 2006 To say that I enjoyed the film would be such an understatement because to tell the truth, I absolutely adored it and still do In my opinion it is one of the best fantasy films there is, and will always be special to me.
Therefore, when I saw that Guillermo del Toro and Cornelia Funke author of Inkheart were collaborating and releasing a novelisation of Pan s Labyrinth my excitement for this was through the roof I m delighted to say I wasn t disappointed either, because this book was as enchanting, surreal and as captivating as I hoped it would be I d like to note that y Fans Of Dark Fairy Tales Like The Hazel Wood And The Cruel Prince Will Relish This Atmospheric And Absorbing Book Based On Guillermo Del Toro S Critically Acclaimed MovieOscar Winning Writer Director Guillermo Del Toro And New York Times Bestselling Author Cornelia Funke Have Come Together To Transform Del Toro S Hit Movie Pan S Labyrinth Into An Epic And Dark Fantasy Novel For Readers Of All Ages, Complete With Haunting Illustrations And Enchanting Short Stories That Flesh Out The Folklore Of This Fascinating WorldThis Spellbinding Tale Takes Readers To A Sinister, Magical, And War Torn World Filled With Richly Drawn Characters Like Trickster Fauns, Murderous Soldiers, Child Eating Monsters, Courageous Rebels, And A Long Lost Princess Hoping To Be Reunited With Her FamilyA Brilliant Collaboration Between Masterful Storytellers That S Not To Be Missed Perfectly Unsettling And Deeply Felt, This Reminded Me Of The Best Kind Of Fairytales Wherein Each Chapter Is A Jewel That, When Held Up To The Light, Reframes How We See The World Around Us Roshani Chokshi, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Star Touched Queen And Aru Shah And The End Of Time A Fearless And Moving Adaption Of The Film, And A Gorgeously Written, Emotional, Frightening Parable About The Courage Of Young Women Amid The Brutality Of War Michael Grant, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Gone This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED Cornelia Funke Guillermo del Toro did it again This is dark, twisted, whimsical and I d recommend it for Halloween, and definitely not for kids if they don t like scary stuff.
So TGW Abuse, war, gore, slaughter, torture, death and other.
Eventhough in the synopsis, it says there are multiple stories which there are , there are all connected and form one bigger story, and also, the main story is always in the main focus so you can t read this as a short story collection.
I loved all the creatures in this book, especially because in one point I wasn t sure if some of them are the good guys or bad guys which made me love the book even From all the characters, I loved Mercedes most due to how courageous she is and her role in the book.
S I did not see the movie yet I m so ready to be awe struck and heartbroken all over again.

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