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↠´ Read ¿ Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen Í Mad Men Meets The Devil Wears Prada As Ren E Rosen Draws Readers Into The Glamour Of New York City And Cosmopolitan Magazine, Where A Brazen New Editor In Chief Helen Gurley Brown Shocks America By Daring To Talk To Women About All Things Off LimitsNew York City Is Filled With Opportunities For Single Girls Like Alice Weiss Who Leaves Her Small Midwestern Town To Chase Her Big City Dreams And Unexpectedly Lands The Job Of A Lifetime Working For Helen Gurley Brown, The First Female Editor In Chief Of A Then Failing Cosmopolitan MagazineNothing Could Have Prepared Alice For The World She Enters As Editors And Writers Resign On The Spot, Refusing To Work For The Woman Who Wrote The Scandalous Bestseller, Sex And The Single Girl While Confidential Memos, Article Ideas, And Cover Designs Keep Finding Their Way Into The Wrong Hands, Someone Tries To Pull Alice Into This Scheme To Sabotage Her Boss But Alice Remains Loyal And Becomes All The Determined To Help Helen Succeed As Pressure Mounts At The Magazine And Alice Struggles To Make Her Way In New York, She Quickly Learns That In Helen Gurley Brown S World, A Woman Can Demand To Have It All Park Avenue Summer is Renee Rosen s best yet I m a big fan of Renee Rosen She writes wonderful historicals with strong female characters, and I completely fall into the stories I have been waiting for Park Avenue Summer to be on my shelf since I first heard about it, and I think it s Rosen s best book yet Alice Weiss leaves small town life in the Midwest to make her dreams happen in New York City She winds up working for none other than Helen Gurley Brown, the first female editor in chief at Cosmopolitan Magazine When Alice begins work at Cosmo, she witnesses editors and writers leaving the magazine, all because they refuse to work for the woman who penned a lurid bestseller, Sex and the Single Girl At the same time, things are happening behind the scenes to further scandalize Gurley Brown, and Alice gets roped into it Instead, Alice turns the tables and chooses t 4 Stars.
Passion Desire Dedication Hard work In my opinion, these are the four words that describe Helen Gurley Brown perfectly The year is 1965 Helen Gurley Brown becomes Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine Ms Gurley Brown s ideas for the magazine are outlandish at least compared to the old Cosmo Ms Gurley Brown believes in the sexual revolution, in the idea of women being sexy and sexual, in women being free and getting exactly what they want, in and out of the bedroom Her plan is to publish articles saying exactly that in the new Cosmo Let s just say that heads roll Alice Weiss becomes Helen s secretary and the two take Cosmo by storm Alice is from a small town New York is unlike anything she has ever imagined Lights, cam HOT DAMN this book was simply BRILLIANT Ren e Rosen has written one heck of a book that is being immediately added to my favorites shelf When I was a girl in my late teens and my 20s I never missed an issue of Cosmo it was hands down my favorite magazine This book not only tells the story of the reconstruction of Cosmopolitan magazine, but also of the start of the sexual revolution in the 60s As a girl who grew up in the 80s it is hard to believe how far we came in 20 years, I don t think anyone even batted an eyelash if I purchased a Cosmo in 1985 It is women like Helen Gurley Brown Who we have to thank for taking those first steps towards empowerment and liberation And seriously what would we have done without those fabulous quizzes every month Alice has moved from Ohio 3.
5 STARSThis was an interesting story that reminded me of a Netflix series I watch, Mad Men The era when men seemed to be able to get away with pretty much anything, including office affairs and the sexism that was prevalent Renee Rosen has a writing style that pulled me right into the era.
The story spotlights Helen Gurley Brown and how she transformed Cosmopolitan magazine in 1965 She had to deal with a lot of males who didn t see her vision of the magazine I learned some things about how much she turned the magazine around and what she was up against in a time where such things were viewed as scandalous Alice becomes her assistant and we get to know her and follow her life in the New York City as she grows, dates and follows her dreams Well written and a lovely ending I would love to read from the author Thanks to the Berkley Vibrant, inspiring, empowering This was my very first RENE ROSEN book and just let me tell you it just had me asking myself, Uhm, how come I haven t read any of this author s books before I am definitely going to be checking out her other books, past and future ones that is for sure.
Park Avenue Summer by RENE ROSEN is a highly entertaining, delightful, captivating, and fascinating historical fiction novel that immediately drew me in and held my interest right to the very end Lately, with my books, I have been finding myself easily distracted and my thoughts wavering while reading but I m happy to say that wasn t the case here I was fully immersed in this story and found the setting, characters, and storyline to be extremely engrossing and totally enraptured me.
RENE ROSEN delivers an intriguing, well plott Ok, pussycats I was definitely a Cosmo girl back in the day and I couldn t wait for every new edition of the magazine and never missed one I had stacks of magazines that I kept for years I read it from cover to cover and loved those very brazen articles which weren t so back in my day like they were here in this story So when I got the chance at a complimentary copy of Park Avenue Summer I jumped at it I didn t keep all those magazines and I wished that I had now It would be fun to go back and look at those titles and articles and see how they changed We meet the brazen, determined and ambitious editor of Cosmopolitan magazine Helen Gurley Brown through our main character Alice who becomes her secretary which was the title Alice Weiss is an aspiring photographer looking for a job in New York City She moved from Ohio hoping that a family connection would provide a job With limited experience, Alice finds employment at Cosmopolitan magazine Her new role is the secretary to Helen Gurley Brown who is their first woman editor in chief In the mid 1960s Helen Gurley Brown was hired to bring life to the failing magazine Her progressive and sometimes racy ideas were questioned by her management team causing many of them to resign Alice develops a close relationship with Helen and enjoys the photo shoots and expensive dinners She soon becomes protective of her boss and resists the internal forces seeking to oust her Things become difficult for Alice as she fights for balance in her personal and professional life.
Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen takes you behind the scenes of the ama 3.
5 Stars rounded up to 4Thank you to the publisher Berkley Penguin Publishing Group for providing an advance reader copy via Edelweiss.
I love reading about the sixties and daily life in New York City, and knew next to nothing about Helen Gurley Brown so took the plunge into reading this tome This is the story of a young woman named Alice Weiss who hails from Youngstown, Ohio, but was motivated to move to New York City, The year was 1965 Her mother Vivian died in a car accident eight years ago, when Alice was thirteen Mom had been an aspiring model in New York City before she got married, and later was an avid amateur photographer, documenting her family s life Alice treasured her mother s Leica camera, which she brought with her to New York City Alice inherited her mother s love of photography, but with Park Avenue Summer is a walk back in time to an era when women were just emerging from the sexual dark ages into a generation of power, opportunities and revolution Alice Weiss has left her small, midwestern town in search of big dreams and opportunities in New York City It s the mid 60s and times are changing, particularly at Cosmopolitan, the failing magazine where Alice has landed a job The new editor, Helen Gurley Brown has shocked everyone as the first female editor of the publication but so with her shocking bestseller, Sex and the Single Girl Alice soon learns that it s a man s world as those in power try to draw her into a scheme to sabotage Brown s work and ultimately lead to the failure of Cosmo Alice learns, however, that in this new world a woman can make demands and have it all, succeed and come out on top Admittedly I m a child of

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