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Download Epub Format Å Puppy! PDF by ä Keith Graves Trog Has All The Best Toys The Best Stick, The Best Rock, The Best Mud But Trog Doesn T Care About Those Things He Only Wants One Thing A Puppy So He Sets Off To Find One, But What He Brings Back May Not Be Exactly What He Thinks It IsJoin Trog On His Quest For The Perfect Pet In This Hilarious Picture Book From The Creator Of The Monsterator And Second Banana As is often the case for youngsters who have everything but what they really want, Trog, a cave boy, desperately wants a puppy When he happens to find what he thinks is a puppy, he brings it home But it s miserable, homesick, and misses its own family To say the puppy eats the family out of house and home is an understatement But to the family s credit, they and Trog try everything to amuse the little guy When Puppy s mother comes back to reclaim her, Trog goes in search of his new friend When he sees how happy she is, he decides to leave her alone and amuse himself All goes well until he finds a wild version of another familiar pet, a kitty The facial expressions of all the characters allow readers to see just how desperately Trog longs for a playmate and how miserable poor Puppy is The illustrations, created with pencil and digital color, have a cartoonish element that works Utterly silly, but my kiddos enjoyed it as part of our homeschooling unit on ancient people Just don t let them think it s based in fact lol Delightfully silly, the illustrations support and sometimes contradict the text in fun says Bold cartoon like illustrations adds to the overall tone.
Although Trog has the best toys a cave boy could wish for a stick, a rock, and plenty of mud what he really wants is a puppy.
He sets off to find one, but the scaly, spiny backed beast he brings home looks suspiciously reptilian than canine Puppies are notorious for chewing issues, but Trog s pet with its mouthful of sharp teeth takes chewing to a whole new level, munching and chomping through all the rock and stone in Trog s family cave Even worse, the creature is clearly unhappy, crying for its parent no matter how Trog tries to distract it a parent that s even larger and destructive than Trog s pet Both the text and the cartoonish pencil and digital artwork aim for laughs, and are sure to get them with gags like Trog s parents pointing out the bad poopy on the cave floor The simple text with plenty of onomatopoeia and speech bubbles make this excellent fo Silly and fun I think school age will love the humor Preschool will probably get it, too I will just need to practice the reading to get the timing right with the sound effects.
11 1 16 11 3 16 Used this at elementary school visits read it to two 6th and two 5th they all voted for it , and 2 Kindergarten Everyone loved the end The 5th grade seemed to like it much than the 6th because 6th is too cool for stuff like that, of course Kindergarten was riveted.
2 8 17 Used in E preschool storytime which they didn t do too badly at the end figuring out that I chose this because of the Eating I feel like they got it some of the time, and not as much the other It might have been the wandering around child who was too young for this age group Trog has all the best toys The best stick The best rock The best mud But Trog doesn t care about all that He only wants one thing A puppy inside front flap of hardcover Very enjoyable I want a pet story The 3 year olds I read it to were VERY engaged in Trog s new pet experience They quickly figured out that the puppy wanted his mommy Our three year olds really understand that emotion The illustrations are cute and couple well with the text Older readers will pick up on the parallels between what a new puppy sometimes does and what Trog s puppy does Spoiler alert Trog s puppy isn t an actual dog RecommendedAudience PK 4Connections pets, FUN Trog was a cavekid who had cool toys stick, rock, mud , but really wanted a pet So, when he found a creature to keep, he called it puppy and took it home to be his It turns out that having a pet can be difficult, especially when it eats everything and cries all the time The humor in this cartoon picture book by Keith Graves will tickle young readers and keep them guessing The final resolution makes sense, as does Trog s laughable next attempt Puppy is a pet story that you won t soon forget.
THOUGHTS Puppy would be a fine example of point of view for young readers, and also give first time readers a sense of prediction and AHA moments The kids kept laughing while I read this book, which is always a good sign It s funny.
This is a quick read, perfect for short story times Good for pet theme and cave man prehistoric time theme reads.
Trog is a cave boy who wanted than anything a puppy of his very own, so he sets out to find one and bring it home This story will open up the possibility in readers minds that wild animals have needs and families of their very own, and that removing them from the wild may not always be in the best interest of all concerned Funny and wild, readers will delight in all that Trog s family goes through to try and keep the pup, and how Trog isn t about to learn his lesson any time soon.

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