Trailer µ Putin Country: A Journey into the Real Russia PDF by ò Anne Garrels

Trailer µ Putin Country: A Journey into the Real Russia PDF by ò Anne Garrels W kraju Putina w szczery spos b odmalowuje portret Rosji jako miejsca pe nego skrajno ci i sprzeczno ci, cz sto rozerwanego mi dzy tym, co uznawane jest za warto ci Zachodu a tym, co tak do cna rosyjskie, co wyznacza ich model rzeczywisto ci Dostrzega radykalno zmian, jakie zasz y w Czelabi sku i tym samym na rosyjskiej prowincji, rozumie, e wi kszo tych zmian, pomimo jawnych niedostatk w, to zmiany na lepsze, kt re bez decyzji Putina nie by yby mo liwe Jednocze nie zauwa a, e Rosjanie wci prze ywaj swoisty kryzys wiadomo ci pozostaj w zawieszeniu mi dzy Wschodem a Zachodem, mi dzy t sknot za si mocarstwa a parciem za nowoczesno ci , mi dzy tym, co do sedna s owia skie a tym, co noworosyjskie, inne, ale nie znaczy wcale, e gorsze.
Wydaje si , e reporta Anne Garrels to jedna z nielicznych wsp czesnych publikacji pozbawiona jawnej krytyki, czy ironii w stosunku do kraju V A very good introduction to contemporary Russia Garrels is a Russian speaker and has made Russia her special field of interest and reporting She uses one city region Chelyabinsk as a focal point She claims she blindly pointed at a map for a representative city to move to and devote her attention to I m not sure if I believe her, but I like the idea She s a journalist of course, not a scholar, but Garrels uses her deepening understanding of this region and her personal relationships with its people to examine Russian culture, politics troubling and corrupt , the economy disastrous , corruption endemic , environmental degradation Chernobyl isn t the worst , and social attitudes Her years of personal interactions and friendships offer an intimate lens to view the country that added a lot to my understanding One of the most interesti More Than Twenty Years Ago, When NPR Correspondent Anne Garrels First Visited Chelyabinsky A Gritty Military Industrial Center A Thousand Miles East Of Moscow Her Goal Was To Chart The Aftershocks Of The USSR S Collapse Returning Again And Again, Garrels Found That The City S New Freedoms And Opportunities Were Both Exciting And Traumatic As The Economic Collapse Of The Early S Abated, Chelyabinsky Became Richer And Cosmopolitan While Official Corruption And Intolerance For Minorities Grew Entrenched Sushi Restaurants Proliferated So Did Shakedowns In The Neighboring Countryside, Villages Crumbled Into The Ground Far From The Glitz Of Moscow, The People Of Chelyabinsk Were Working Out Their Country S Destiny, Person By Person Putin Country Crafts An Intimate Portrait Of Middle Russia We Meet Upwardly Mobile Professionals, Impassioned Activists Who Champion The Rights Of Orphans And Disabled Children, And Ostentatious Mafiosi We Discover Surprising Subcultures, Such As A Vibrant Underground Gay Community And A Circle Of Determined Protestant Evangelicals, And Watch As Doctors And Teachers Trying To Cope With Inescapable Payoffs And Institutionalized Negligence As Vladimir Putin Tightens His Grip On Power And War In Ukraine Leads To Western Sanctions And A Lower Standard Of Living, The Local Population Mingles Belligerent Nationalism With A Deep Ambivalence About Their Country S Direction Drawing On Close Friendships Sustained Over Many Years, Garrels Explains Why Putin Commands The Loyalty Of So Many Russians, Even Those Who Decry The Abuses Of Power They Regularly EncounterGarrels S Portrait Of Russia S Silent Majority Is An Essential Corrective To The Misconceptions Of Putin S Supporters And Critics Alike, Especially At A Time When Cold War Tensions Are Resurgent Do you know where Chelyabinsk is It is a large city in Russia which lies a thousand miles away from Moscow, right next to the Ural mountains, where Europe oficially ends and Asia begins It is a large city latest estimates describe its population as exceeding one million but still, for many of us, it is a total mystery I think I m safe to say that most of people who have no interest in Russia would probably never even have heard of it However, Chelyabinsk achieved international fame in 2013, when a small asteroid literally blew up above the city with the force of approximately 30 atomic bombs and with the brightness of 30 suns, exploding windows in buildings and knocking people down from their feet thankfully no one died Interestingly e For years I have been looking for a perfect book to introduce Russia to novices When I was in high school, during the heyday of the Soviet Union, that book was The Russians by Hendrik Smith.
While Smith tried to show all of the Soviet Union, from Uzbeks to Sakharov, Anne Garrels s Putin Country focuses on a single town, Chelyabinsk, which contains in this microcosm all the drama of contemporary Russia Garrels recounts a great many compelling stories which illustrate masterfully the state of play in Russia Topics include orphans, LBGT Russia, the family, medicine, education, the Orthodox Church and Muslim Russia Two chapters deal with Anne Garrals taxi driver and a forensic entrepreneur Both stories illustrate the pitfalls of contemporary Russia for both the winners and losers.
If this book has any faults, they are minor I th Hundreds of miles away from Moscow, Anne Garrels, longtime NPR correspondent if you listen to the audiobook as I did, you will undoubtedly recognize her voice describes the Real Russia Using the medium sized industrial city of Chelyabinsk as a microcosm for the country and culture as a whole, Garrels uses her expertise in investigative journalism to tell the stories of many Russians she has known over the decades, and the new faces she meets There is fear, there is frustration, and there is fortitude The people believe in Russia, and many people in this region, as the title suggests, are ardent Putin supporters though when pressed, they cannot name many things that they particularly like about the leader, and many disagree with some of his policies It s a fascinating portrait, a A book that I finished, because of interest in the subject, but with which I was unimpressed The book is about Chelyabinsk, which is taken to represent, in its dysfunction, all that is wrong with contemporary Russia Not typical, perhaps prototypical Environmental degradation, endemic corruption, cultural fatalism The book achieves little than vignettes, which are not always compelling This is one of those books by a journalist who, over the years, talked to a lot of people who put together a book using the old notes but who declines to do probing research that might involve documents or to think reflectively on the material.
A fascinating, well researched, warts and all portrait of the real Russia, not of Moscow or St Petersburg Garrels investigative journalist skills impress the most She has won the trust of an extraordinarily wide range of people from all walks of life and got them to tell their stories She relates them in their proper context in a very accessible narrative A real eye opener for me, even though I have lived in Russia and speak the language.

Now that I ve read this book about Russia, I think I am qualified to lead foreign policy than Donald Trump I ll await your vote.
Anne Garrels, a former NPR correspondent, has been covering the USSR and Russia for about 40 years She speaks fluent Russian, and has developed lasting relationships with the people of the region Every bit of this shows in the depth of writing and analysis in Putin Country.
In the book, she recounts the perspectives and experiences of people from Chelyabinsk rather than Moscow This is a less cosmopolitan, primarily industrial city, although some of her subjects have traveled pretty widely But often than not, they have struggled tremendously in the face of the post Soviet, post Gorbachev and Yeltsin, era of Vladimir Putin Garrels makes the stories personal and engaging She uses them to explain Russian history and Putin s policies regarding many topics For example, Chelyabinsk is one of the most polluted places on the planet due t

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