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Ú Revealed ↠´ Download by Ð Evangeline Anderson I really enjoyed Nadia and Rast s story I loved the not so love triangle with Yoda.
These books have got so much going for them I adore the world building, the different types of aliens and the hot sex The whole series is excellent I will get through them all eventually I liked this narrator too.
This series has been sliding from a science fiction setting to fantasy one since it began Now, in book five, we re almost completely in a fantasy universe Sure, we ve traveled via FTL drive to a new planet, but after that, it s all magic That s okay, I m not really here for a cosmology lesson or even correct rudimentary physics good heavens, Evangeline, heavier objects do not fall faster than lighter objects under equal atmospheric drag But this is not the strongest entry in the series either And I think that s due to at least some degree to the lazy and obvious situations in which these characters find themselves In that respect, it s very fantasy and very not science fiction.
It s not all bad I do kinda enjoy, despite myself, the variances in the relationship between our main characters in Revealed, Rast and Nadiah, and our next feature couple, Merrick and Elise The elements th Book In The Brides Of The Kindred SeriesThis Book Is A Plus Length Novel Around , Words LongNadiah Has The Sight The Ability To See Into The Future But The One Thing She Can T See Is How She S Ever Going To Be Free Of The Blood Bond Her Parents Forced Her Into When She Was Only Six Her Fianc E Is An Evil Bastard Who Delights In Torturing Her And Her Only Way Out Of A Loveless Marriage Is For A Kindred Warrior To Challenge The Hated Bond But Nadiah Has No Warrior To Challenge For Her She Just Has RastAdam Rast Doesn T Know Why He Feels So Protective And Possessive Of Nadiah, Only That He S Willing To Kill Or Die To Protect Her When The Chance To Set Her Free Arises, He Takes It Without Hesitation, Even Though His Lack Of Kindred Blood Could Mean His Defeat Or Even His Death But Rast Has A Secret, One Even He Doesn T Know He Possesses When He Undertakes Nadiah S Quest, The Truth Comes Out In A Strange And Provocative Way Can Nadiah And Rast Live Through Their Ordeal Will The Truth About Rast Set Them Free Or Kill Them You Ll Have To read Revealed To Find Out 1.
5 stars only because I m not ready to admit I hated it as much as Fifty Shades of Grey.
OK, where do I begin with this trainwreck After utterly adoring the rest of the series and recommending it to everyone I know who enjoys lusty paranormal romance, disappointed doesn t even begin to describe my feelings about this book.
1 The editing Did we fire our editor between this book and the last one While I can forgive a lot of mistakes self published authors make, roll instead of role over and over and over and over again is not just a mistake, it s a travesty Mostly because every time they wrote about separating the rolls or not a roll you re comfortable with , I almost died laughing, which was, well, not exactly what the tone of this book should inspire Besides that, there were numerous misspellings Coucilor Really Even my spellcheck found that one and, at one 3.
5 StarsAnother Kindred book I love this series, it has started many fantasies about being transported to an alien space ship andprobed by a sexy Kindred warrior or Warriors and this book has furthered my obsession with all things Kindred Revealed is about Nadiah, Sylvan s cousin and Adam Rast, the human detective who has made a career out of finding the lost Nadiah and Rast s attraction has been growing since they first met at Sylvan s Bonding, but despite starting off on a tongue to tongue basis things have gone down hill since then as Rast accuses Nadiah of being a fraud when she has her visions, only later to find out that her Sight is genuine But despite their differences their attraction has grown, but nothing can come of their mutual desire as Nadiah has been blood bound to another as a child But when Rast sees the cruel way Nadiah is treated by her betrothed he is deteremi Main characters Adam Rast and Nadiah Type of Kindred bonding First world and Tranq Kindred bonding This is another book I thoroughly enjoyed A little about the background Rast was the private investigator that was looking for Lauren He comes from earth and he is very pround of it Nadiah is the cousin of Sylvan She comes from Tranq Prime and she hates it Rast and Nadiah shared a kiss in Sylvan and Sophia s wedding It was Nadiah s first kiss And then they started hating each other Or at least they though they hated each other.
In this book Nadiah needs to go back to her planet to have her bonding ceremony with Y dex, a man she has a blood bond with since she was a child and she hates it Y dex is an asshole with capital A Rast decides to go back Of the series, this is the best so far There was an actual plot albeit a tropey one and there was not as much mindless rough sex.
That being said, there is no character development much like the rest of the series I got tired of all of other couples plot lines, we could have spent the time on character and relationship building.
I do have to say that Rast might be my favorite male character of this series The female was the typical romantic lead shell.
But overall, this series pales in comparison with her other work like Dangerous Cravings.
But I still consider this series as porn erotica.

So this just might be my favorite so far Loved Rast he was great While these do have their cheesy moments it s all good This one does set up the next one nicely and I like that we have a new bad guy to hate too I connected with the characters instantly and found myself turning the pages because of the suspense I ll be reading the next one sooner rather than later.
This is my favorite so far of this series It has strong plot with lots of twist and turns The hero is steadfast so this make the romance decent The villains are awful in an over the top kind of way The writing moves along at a nice pace However, the characters don t really grow and there couple much here.
Fast fun read with a lot of angst.
Adam Rast is a detective and is very passionate about his career When he first meets Nadiah he doesn t believe her unique gifts, even though he has some of her own Nadiah is insistent on helping him finding the missing women, but when she has one of her visions she collapses in his arms, and before he realizes it he is caught up in something he can t let go of Nadiah is Kindred, and even though she is blood bonded to a vicious and evil man since she was child, she is desperate to hold on to her precious freedom But when he ends up shooting her with pain straight to her chest, that she can barely function, she knows her time is running out She has dreamed of a man rescuing her, because only a strong enough Kindred male can save her from a lifetime of rape and abuse But the only man sh

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