ì Roping the Wrangler Ý Download by ☆ Lacy Williams

ì Roping the Wrangler Ý Download by ☆ Lacy Williams Entertaining and Thought provokingI enjoy stories where the characters get second chances As a public school teacher, I love the one room school adventures I enjoy the way the characters developed Too many pages of self doubt Sad childhood issues The mean guy gets what he deserves They overcome fears I look forward to the next in series.
Sarah Hansen never forgot the cruel words uttered by the frustrated young man Yes, she d acted like a shrew, but she was so young and trying to look out for her sisters There was no cause for him to make the charge in front of all her classmates And now, years later when he returns as the fabled horseman all her insecurities return with him.
Oscar White used to be sweet on Sarah s sister and had no use for the bossy mother hen who tried to act so mature, but when his job brings him to the ranch where the school teacher boards, he can t help but notice the change in her Or maybe it s him who s changed.
What I love most about Williams writing is that she excels at turning ordinary, daily tasks into acts of devotion No hero shines as bright as Oscar when he steps in to help some of Sarah s disadvantaged students I don t want to give any spoilers, but this story is full of The Spinster Schoolmarm Makes A MatchTeacher Sarah Hansen Has Always Wanted A Family Of Her Own But A Cowboy Is The Last Man She D Consider Especially One Who Humiliated Her In Their Childhood Schoolroom Oscar White Is Back In Her Life, And All Grown Up He S Different Than She Remembers But That Doesn T Mean She Can Trust HimWhen Three Motherless Girls Are Shunned By The Community, Sarah And Oscar Are The Ones Who Step Up To Take On Their Care As They Work Together, Sarah Discovers That Oscar Isn T Afraid Of Hardship And That He Makes Quite A Family Man Can The Soft Heart Sarah Has Been Hiding Tame The Wrangler After reading Courted by a Cowboy a novella , I couldn t wait to dive in and read Oscar s story in Roping the Wrangler I was not disappointed This book is full of strife due to misconceptions about others, things that have happened in the past, children who need love and care and a town that is ruled by a mean spirited man.
Sarah and Oscar have both lived lives where grief and loss played a major part in their upbringing Although they each had a different experience than the other, their pasts prepared in them the caring hearts that would be needed to help little girls that no one else wanted.
The author wrote a beautiful story, with some characters that will warm your heart and others that will just make you so mad Very well done.
I received this book through a Spine Poetry contest held on Regina Jenning s Facebook page and was not required to write a review, but happily do so.
You can A super fast read I loved the characters and being able to catch up with the ones from Homesteader s Sweetheart.
A cute story, very sweet The kind of thing I could recommend to my mother in law or that my father could read over my shoulder and not be horrified One thing I really appreciate about Williams writing is her subtle infusion of the inspirational elements I never feel like she s beating me over the head with The God Stick Looking forward to stories set in this universe.
So Many OrphansWhat a special love story Two young people cheated by life of the basic need every child should be assured of The love, security and safety of a Mom and Dad and extended family Someone to fill in the places of the loss of one or the other Oscar was so lucky he found a Dad when he had none He appreciated what it was like to be alone and afraid with no hope so he saw himself in these three little girls They tried to not be noticed or seen because of the shame and stigma of being so poor and unwanted Sarah just like Oscar was an orphan and had to provide for her two little sisters so she understood the fix these girls were in Her hands were tied since her boss had an unreasonable hatred for the girls or their families and refused any and all help for them Oscar and Sarah were determined they would he

Oscar, Jonas White s first adopted son eldest from Boston that took the journey to Bear Creek with Jonas and Breanna This is Oscar s story as a grown man with his talent with horses is hired to train a horse in Long Hollow where he reacquaints himself with a former school girl Sarah who now is a teacher 3 girls also revolve in their story Reading the issue about the girls, I questioned myself what side of the fence would I stand on and do I judge in my community by influence of others I loved Roping the Wrangler The hero, Oscar, was close to my perfect hero funny, generous, protector of women and children, kind even to those who are not, handsome, and even though he had his own emotional wounds, he willingly helped others through their troubling times Lacy Williams is skilled at creating a fiction world set in the Old West with her vivid descriptions, realistic dialect, and intriguing stories that fit the time period well She is racing to the top of my favorite author s list.
A wonderful seriesThis is a heart warming book The prejudice of one man against 3 little girls will bring tears to your eyes The compassion and caring of a school teacher and a cowboy will keep you turning pages.

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