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✓ Safeword ☆ Download by ☆ Samantha Cayto How many books are set on an island with an undercover agent who has to fit in with a crime boss by abusing the resident sub for the few days before the bust goes down Well, certainly enough for me to wonder several times if I had actually read this story before Turns out I haven t and this is new, although others are remarkably similar Very quick, fairly dark read I m not getting into the why it s so wrong it s almost right Ignoring the plot holes this is kept my interest right to the end.
5 starsThe plot and the characters were a bit clich and not very believable, but this story definitely pushed some of my favourite kinky buttons.
Safewords exist for a reason, and any sub who is forced to face a Dom without a verbal or other way to stop them is in danger of being hurt or worse This story is set far outside the borders of safe, sane, and consensual , with a cruel arms dealer out to hurt and humiliate his sub as much as possible I put his sub into quotation marks because what this guy does to Carter is torture, pure and simple Luckily for my sanity none of it was on the page, but Carter s attitude and hopelessness was a clear consequence of how he has been treated for years.
So when one of the arms dealer s guests and potential future customers is given Carter as a perk, and told to do with him as he pleases for a weekend, Carter thinks he knows what

Samantha Cayto is a fantastic author I have enjoyed her science fiction series Alien Slave Masters This book is far from that, and yet is still a good, quick read.
Carter is a young man who has, unfortunately, found the wrong Dom he s not only abusive towards Carter but he lets others use him as well Carter has no say in anything, so he s learned to live with what life has dealt him When yet another man shows up to make a business deal with his Dom and he s offered as a toy yet again Carter figures the same things will happen he won t be allowed a safe word, he ll have to obey or face his Dom s wrath, and he ll probably end up in a world of pain.
However, Damien Crow is different from the rest He s an undercover agent there to take down Carter s Dom While he doesn t want to, he knows he must play with Carter or risk suspicion I wish this book had been longer because I liked Carter and Crow I would love to see what happens to them after and if they follow through with any sort of relationship I m a sucker for stories like these Normally, I would give a quick rundown of what a book is about before starting my review However, Safeword is a very short book and anything I could possibly say about it is covered in the blurb Instead of being redundant, let me get to what I thought about the story itself.
Sometimes the problem with a short book is that they are too short With that shortness, the issues that you find irksome are harder to forget because, well, the book isn t long enough to forget about them Therefore, I m just going take a vacay from my brain s reality and not let it bother me too much that Crow had a crash course in BDSM, and suddenly he s a Dom overnight Nor am I going to let the fact he s a straight man having M M sex for the first time, and instantly knows what to do Nope, not going to let those things bother me one bit.
So other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play Actually, original review on Molly LollyThree and half stars The premise for this story was really good The blurb pretty much made me request this book because BDSM under cover unwilling partner happy Molly I was leery of the short length because it s hard to pack lots of story into a short space I will say this was better than I originally anticipated but still needs fleshing out and to be a bit longer There s so much potential for these characters and story line Carter and Damien Crow have wonderful on page chemistry You can feel some of their emotions a you read but there s not enough story to get a full sense of who they are as individuals and as a couple I m deeply impressed with how much emotion and story Ms Cayto was able to fit in such a short space Not many authors would be able to do this story justice in the amount of space given A Dangerous Game Turns Into Unexpected Pleasure Carter S Dream Of Running From His Abusive Family Into The Arms Of The Perfect Dom Has Been Shattered Virtually Enslaved By A Vicious Arms Dealer, He Has To Submit To Any Man His Master Gives Him ToUndercover Agent Damien Crow Is Close To Putting Away The Arms Dealer He S Been Hunting For Years All He Has To Do To Gain The Man S Trust Is Play With The Pretty Boy With The Frightened Eyes And Alluring Corset Piercing Down His Back Being Straight And Not A Practicing Dom, He Has Doubts He Can Pull Off The Effort One Look At His Playmate Changes His Mind The Stakes Are High, And He Must Put On A Good ShowAt First, Carter Assumes Damien Is Just Another Brutal Dom To Survive But The Big, Brooding Man Reignites His Passion And Gives Him Something Carter Hasn T Had In Years A Safeword It Might Be His Last Chance To Enjoy Being A Sub And He Embraces The Role No Matter What The Consequences Publisher S Note This Book Has Previously Been Released As Part Of The His Rules Anthology With Pride PublishingPre Order Date Th July Available Exclusively From Pride Publishing Th July General Release Date Rd August Interesting book and want Well written if not just a little short even for a short story Focus being on the sex toy and the undercover detective didn t shift much to learn how the drug dealer masterthought about how they were getting on Hope to see on the boy and the detective getting to explore each other and their roles now.
It was okay.
I wish it were longer and detailed The ending was ambiguous as hell Was it a fully happy ending On one part yes, it was, on the other hand.
what happened between the main characters.
I feel like the last episode of a really good season and tv show only to be told that there wont be another season The show was canceled and it left you on a cliffhanger.

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