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[ Pdf Sins of the Father (DS Jimmy Suttle #3) ☆ bisexual-romance PDF ] by Graham Hurley ✓ Although I was convinced it was not so, my records tell me that this is the first novel by Graham Hurley that I have reviewed in this history of this blog The structure is similar to what we have seen in recent years in British crime fiction two independent stories connected by a common factor, in this case a married couple, and then threading their way through the manuscript, or less in step Almost, in this case, two novels in one.
The murder investigation, undertaken by the team that DS Jimmy Suttle is part of, explores how British colonial administrators treated the local inhabitants, in this case in Kenya, whom they regarded as racially inferior In fact Suttle and his boss go out to Africa to work out whether a local who recently visited England could be responsible for the gruesome murder, or whether the answer is much clo I like a series such as this with good plots, characters with whom you become engaged, and on top of that, information to make you think about various social issues When it comes to Jimmy Suttle s love life, i can t decide if I want him to get back with Lizzie or settle down with one of the other women who seem to want his body, but I wish he would stop being so promiscuous, LOL That aside, this is a great series This particular book has a lot to say about the challenges to the mental health system and its failures Hurley says in his acknowledgements that he was shocked during his research for the book Very topical today A Rich Old Man, Rupert Moncrieff, Is Beaten To Death In The Silence Of His West Country Waterside Mansion, His Head Hooded And His Throat Cut His Extended Family Are Still Living Beneath His Roof, Each With Their Own Room, Their Own Story, Their Own Ghosts, And Their Own Motives For Murder And In This World Of Darkness And Dysfunction Are The Artefacts And Memories Of Colonial Atrocities That Are Returning To Haunt Them AllAt The Heart Of The Murder Investigation Is DS Jimmy Suttle Who, Along With His Estranged Journalist Wife Lizzie, Is Fighting His Own Demons After The Abduction And Death Of Their Young Daughter, GraceBut Who Killed Rupert Moncrieff And What Secrets Is The House Holding Onto That Could Unravel This Whole Investigation The Enquiry Takes Suttle To Africa And Beyond As He Slowly Begins To Understand The Damage That Human Beings Can Inflict Upon One Another Not Simply On The Battlefield Not Simply In The Torture Camps In The Kenyan Bush But Much, Much Closer To Home This is a powerful book and is probably worth three and a half stars I had read the author s Joe Faraday series and apparently Jimmy Suttle had featured in that series but I did not remember him There are two stories in this book the story of Suttle s estranged wife trying to comes to terms with the death of her daughter and the story of Suttle s investigation of the murder of a man hacked to death with a machete The author is pretty mean to his main characters he killed off Joe Faraday and at times things do not look good either for Suttle and his estranged wife in this book I will seek out the earlier books in this series and also the short stories which apparently provide background to the Faraday books.
I loved how complex the Moncrief family were and how that meant the prime suspects were very unpredictable I enjoyed how the investigation took them across to Africa but for the let down was Suttles ex wife writing a book about the murder of their daughter Grace I can understand wanting answers, I cannot understand putting that information in the public domain or acquiring monetary gain from it It feels unsettling and almost a little queasy that there should be a profit in the death of any child let alone your own child.
This is a really good book It is police procedural with a lot of threads, particularly about madness and how it is recognised and dealt with in this country I was wary because I had not read the earlier two books, but Hurley weaves the back story into this new investigation quite brilliantly The lead characters are engaging as are the supporting cast of investigators The plot is intricate and fascinating I have read a few Graham Hurley and up until Finisterre i was a little underwhelmed, but now he is very high on my to read list.
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A thoroughly distasteful plot with a subplot which seems somewhat irrelevant The words written in my school reports spring to mind could do better This is the 3rd of the DS Jimmy Suttle series and there is enough back information included for this to be read stand alone The plot centres around the murder of an elderly man Running alongside this is a very personal investigation any about this would spoil it for the reader being carried out by Jimmy s wife, Lizzie, who is a reporter.
Additionally the theme of mental illness is explored and through Hurley s detailed writing it gets you to think about how the signs are not recognised, or if recognised can be ignored how this affects how a person thinks plus the difficulties that professionals providing support are up against.
Having read the previous two novels in this series with the last leaving an impression that Jimmy and his wife were back on track, I was totally unprepared for the opening twist i If I say this is a good holiday read, it s not meant to be a put down What I do mean is that it s a good page turner I enjoyed Hurley s Joe Faraday series, and his Jimmy Suttle novels are not proving to be a disappointment As is usual with Hurley, two linked plots run side by side, in this case involving Jimmy Suttle and his estranged wife Lizzie, each coping in their own way with the death of their child What makes these books so readable is Hurley s light but believable touch on police procedures, good dialogue, and good research in this case on mental health lightly worn The major characters in this plot are well fleshed out and believable.
I m not convinced the visit to Africa brought much to the plot, but overall, an absorbing read.

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