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Trailer ¶ Six Years at the Russian Court PDF by Ð Margaret Eager This novel would read like fiction, but is in fact a true account The account of a very strong woman s ability to survive Russian persecution, for being the confidant of the Empress.
I enjoyed the book but it contains about traveling in Russia than about the children,no detail about her duties and very little about the family activity and relationship among them but still interesting reading as she lived an interesting life.
Interesting memoir, haunting in a way because it was written before the tragic events of the fall of Imperial Russia and there are references to a future that never came to be I read somewhere else that the author was haunted all the rest of her life after learning of the murders of the Imperial family I realized that I had never thought about what it must have been like for the women who like Margaret Eagar, cared for and loved these children in their youth and then to learn of their unjust deaths it must have been a terrible grief for them.

The book has fascinating details, but would rather have heard about the grand duchesses While any look inside of Russia is interesting, it read like a travelogue than a history with royal family that would be expected from the title The author jumped from one topic to another and included many uninteresting anecdotes.
A fascinating account of life at the imperial Russian court from 1898 to 1904, as told by the governess of Nicholas II s children I enjoyed Eager s descriptions of events in St Petersburg I know many of the places well and was glad to have my mind s eye view of them enriched with tales of the last imperial family However, one can t help but be unsettled by the innocent passages detailing the young grand duchesses curiosity and mischief An incident in which Olga and Maria are chided for expressing ignorant hatred for the Japanese imperial children during the Russo Japanese conflict is particularly chilling for modern readers.
A fascinating and rare look inside life at the court of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia from 1898 to 1904, told by the Royal nanny, Margaret Eager The book is sprinkled with anecdotes about the little Grand Duchesses and all the mischiefs they were up to as they grew up These were my fave part of the book They brought the little girls to life and are, at times, very touching.
Unfortunately, most of the book has little to do with the royal family It s filled with descriptions of the palaces they lived in, the places they went on holiday at and the traditions and customs of Russia at the time Don t get me wrong, they re all very interesting It just wasn t what I expected.
My only complaint is the abrupt ending All of a sudden, Eager says she s leaving the family and that I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
A well written account by the nanny to the children of Nicholas and Alexandra, Emperor and Empress of Russia The descriptions of the private world of the royal children are insightful and at times touching.
Six Years at the Russian Court Is The Enlightening Memoir Of Margaret Eager An Irishwoman From Limerick Who Served As A Nanny To The Russian Royal Family From To originally Published In , The Book Captures Eager S Years As Governess To The Four Daughters Of The Emperor And Empress Nicholas II And Alexandra Feodorovna The Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, And Anastasia All Of Whom Would Be Executed During The Russian Civil War Just Over A Decade LaterThis First Person Account Provides A Fascinating Insight Into What Was Everyday Life For The Romanov Family From Religious Celebrations And Family Illness To Assassination Attempts And Life During The War Eager S Central Role Gained Her Access To Some Of The Family S Most Precious And Testing Times In Addition To Documenting The Time Spent With Her Royal Employers, Eager Also Reveals Intriguing Aspects Of Russian Society As Whole Through A Series Of Anecdotal References She Includes Recollections Of Her Time In Russia Regarding Such Things As The Tough Life Of The Peasantry, Criminal Activity And Even The National Post ServiceThis Classic, Written From The Unsuspecting Eyes Of A Foreign Nanny, Shows Early Twentieth Century Russia And The Last Russian Royal Family Like You Ve Never Seen Before Margaret Eager Left The Russia In And Returned To Ireland Where She Received A Pension From The Russian Government For Her Time As A Nurse She Kept In Contact With The Family She Had Known So Well Right Up To Their Brutal Deaths In Eager S Family Stated That She Never Fully Recovered From The NewsAlbion Press Is An Imprint Of Endeavour Press, The UK S Leading Independent Digital Publisher For Information On Our Titles Please Sign Up To Our Newsletter At Endeavourpress Each Week You Will Receive Updates On Free And Discounted Ebooks Follow Us On Twitter EndeavourPress And On Facebook Via We Are Always Interested In Hearing From Our Readers Endeavour Press Believes That The Future Is Now Four stars for the rare insights into the private world of the Tzars at the end of their era than the writing.
Would have liked an epilogue of the authors view of what happened after she left Russia.
Poorly written skipped from topic to topic within chapters I was hoping to read a lot about the family it was mostly describing various places where the family vacationed I can t believe all the opulence the royals displayed.

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