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[Jason Aaron] Ä Star Wars, Vol. 5 [cw-west-va PDF] Ebook Epub Download Å Yoda is to the Star Wars universe what Kirby is to the Super Smash Bros.
games small, yet powerful For that reason, the infamous backwards talking green dude has been among my favorite characters in the franchise To see him in a story that takes place prior to The Phantom Menace was a blast.
The last story was also fun, too wonder if we ll see of Bash Dash The first dud Marvel has put out since taking over the Star Wars comics We all but forget about the ongoing story after the opening few pages and focus on a story about Yoda taking place before Phantom Menace He goes to some planet where rocks contain the force and kids are fighting in a Star Wars version of Lord of the Flies I can t even say it was awful, just sooo boring The whole thing just feels like filler Also included is an annual showcasing Leia and Pash s first meeting.
This entire book can be skipped without missing a beat on the ongoing story.
With One Member Of The Rebel Crew Captured And Imprisoned, We Turn Once To The Journals Of Ben Kenobi And A Legendary Adventure With Jedi MasterYoda He S Trapped On A World Full Of Vicious, Mysteriously Powered Children Not Easy, Will This Be Overpowered And Captured, The Master Must Become A Student Once And The Ripples Of Yoda S Struggle In The Past Will Be Felt By Luke Skywalker In The Present Connected, It All Is Plus Join Princess Leia On A Top Secret And Highly Dangerous Mission On A Planet That Wants No Part Of The War Against The Empire When An Injury Threatens To End Her Mission, Can She Inspire That Rebel Spirit In A Populace Who Just Want To Keep Their Heads Down COLLECTING STAR WARS , Annual Ooph For my money, this is the weakest story yet not just from Aaron s Star Wars run, but in all of Marvel s Star Wars output since acquiring the license in 2014 I m usually a big fan of both Aaron s writing and Salvador Larroca s style, so the thought of the two of them pairing up for an arc let alone an arc focused specifically on freaking YODA really had me jazzed Color me surprised and disappointed that neither writer nor artist seemed to operating at their full potential here.
I could go on and on about all of the things that didn t work here, whether it be the plot itself which proves definitively that there is such thing as a Star Wars story that is TOO out there Larroca s linework, which seemed oddly unfinished here, or even just the way the arc sits rather uncomfortably alongside the broader Star Wars lore no spoilers, but if you ve read, you know o This wasn t the worst Star Wars comic The idea behind the story of Yoda s mission, and the glimpse of a different manifestation of the Force, was interesting It fits into the tone of the original 2D animated Clone Wars series The problem is that I have no idea what the connection is between Yoda s story and Luke s mission to rescue C 3PO I see no relation at all between the frame story and the flashback Also, is Luke reading only the parts that are written as Obi Wan s journal If so, then he s missing most of the story that we see in the panels But if he s reading the whole story, then doesn t that mean he knows something about Yoda before The Empire Strikes Back That doesn t make sense to me.
Part of me thinks the main Star Wars ongoing is losing a little steam I think that shows here by the fact that a lot of this arc is told through flashbacks However, when those flashbacks involve Yoda in a story that is set before The Phantom Menace, who are we to complain It s good and I also like how Jason Aaron limited the amount Yoda uses his lightsaber in his story It s a small irk of mine, but I always prefer Yoda when he s the old wise zen type Jedi, and not the Jedi charging in with his saber, and that s of a last resort for when he s taking on Sith Lords.
The artwork is usual Larocca It s fine but you can tell some of it has been straight traced from movie stills.
Still enjoying this book but it needs some kind of shake up Maybe the crossover story with Doctor Aphra will help, or maybe we should jump ahead in time a little This series has leveled off in quality, but at least it s consistent Collects issues 26 30 Annual 2First off this whole volume feels like a side story, and not the usual fast flowing action you would expect from a SW title But hey we get the backwards talking Yoda who is often confused with being some sort of over sized frog Once again Aaron utilizes Obi wans journal to tell a story as Luke reads it somehow seeking guidance.
This one is about a lesson old Ben learns from Yoda It was an O.
K read but it doesn t really make sense or seem plausible the leader of the Jedi order would have wasted his time on such an adventure.
The 2 Annual was actually quite engaging this was penned by Kelly Thompson who is seemingly gaining popularity in the marvel universe and seems to be coming into her own I really liked the

A Yoda book alright oh wait marvel once again puts the shackles on how much story can be used Starts off cool but it s just one big side story So Yoda flies to some unknown planet to look into a mysterious energy on the planet The story is just OK it lets Yoda flex his force a bit which is cool to see, and honestly Aaron does a good job at writing the story with the rock people but I keep getting the feeling Marvel says hey you can the characters but don t write anything that interferes with our movies The second half of the book is an annual book and it is worse than the yoda story It intros a character called Pash who rescues Leia I REALLY hope that was just a tease with Yoda and we get It s nice to see a book featuring Yoda as the protagonist as he s been largely absent during Marvel s Star Wars relaunch Unfortunately his adventure here is pretty damn boring In a mashup between Lord of the Flies and Mad Max, Yoda goes to some primitive planet full of warring kids who use rock magic in a seemingly unending war Ok but doesn t sound very Star Wars y to me Jason Aaron writes Yoda well, especially when he learns rock magic, humbling himself by becoming a pupil again We never saw Yoda do that in the movies but Aaron s right, that s exactly the kind of action I believe he would do Besides that though, Aaron couldn t make me care at all about this pointless war or these stupid new characters There s a couple of subplots involving Obi Wan on Tatooine and Luke s flying about in an X Wing like a Russian dol Good this is not.
The idea of giving us a story about Yoda back in the day sounds OK, but there s two problems with the execution of it here First, the story seems like one of those stinker episodes from the third season of the original Star Trek then Star Wars Yoda goes to a planet destroyed by war with two primitive tribes still battling, and he uncovers a secret involving weird alien lifeforms That really seems like something Jim Kirk should be doing, not Yoda.
The second problem is the inherent limit of doing prequel stories that this series keeps bumping its head against Getting a solo Yoda adventure could be OK if it was a better story But by using the framing device of Luke just after the events of A New Hope reading this in Obi Wan s journal means things have to get wonky because Luke doesn t meet Yoda until Empire Strikes Back So the text only describes Yod

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