Download Epub Format Ä Tek: The Modern Cave Boy PDF by ☆ Patrick McDonnell

Download Epub Format Ä Tek: The Modern Cave Boy PDF by ☆ Patrick McDonnell P 5 yo loved I wish it was about moderation than absolutely no technology but the format was cute and the message of getting out to play is still valid.
McDonnell has created an amusing book that looks like an ipad The theme of the book isn t hard to guess once you look closely at the cover illustration Tek, a young cave boy with a beard his father hasn t invented shaving cream yet , is obsessed with his video games, tablet, and phone In fact, he is so focused on his technology that he refuses to even leave his cave Despite the efforts of his parents and his best friend, Larry a crocodile , Tek misses out on the evolving world, including the Ice Age, and the appearance of dinosaurs It isn t until the local volcano erupts and disrupts Tek s entire world that he starts to see the world around him and the wonders it contains The design of this book is fabulous The f Tek Is A Cave Boy In Love With Tech His Tablet, Videogames, Phone, And TV Keep Him Deep In His Cave, Glued To His Devices, Day In And Day Out He Never Sees His Friends Or Family Any And His Ability To Communicate Has Devolved To Just One Word UGH Can Anyone In The Village Convince Tek To Unplug And Come Outside Into The Big, Beautiful World Wonderful book that looks at all the problems of being too plugged in Very cute, simple, funny story about a little caveboy who is completely caught up in modern technology He stays in his cave all day while his parents and friends keep trying to get him to come out and enjoy the world.
I love the packaging of this book the cover is extra thick and looks like a tablet, very cute marketing idea The illustrations were entertaining and well done and helped move the story along nicely Fun read for kids and adults Tek The Modern Cave Boy 5 Stars, Buy it.
The kindle version of this is a little weird, it has outlines on the pages and looks like you are reading it on your phone because there is a battery and wi fi signal on it Anyway, this is a cute story about a little guy named tek who is completely hooked on gadgets Once tek gets away from his gadgets, the weird outlines disapear and everything looks normal Such a totally and sweet adorable book Of course it s written by Patrick Mcdonnell, so it s no surprise it s incredibly juicy and sweet Highly recommend My only complaint is that it s too short.
This is about a little cave boy who is so connected to his gadgets, he s missing out on all that s going on in the world beyond his cave a story many of us can relate to The clever design imitates a tablet I wasn t sure how well it would wear with heavy library use, but it seems sturdy enough Lots of funny lines and details between the thick board book covers inside pages are thin.

Love Patrick McDonnell s books and this one is certainly one of the best Tek plays inside all day and everyone tries to get him to go outside and play A great unplugged storytime addition Some books that would go great with this Blackout by John Rocco, Doug Unplugged by Dan Vaccarino, Hello Hello By Matthew Cordell, and Chloe by Peter McCarty.
Cute little picture book about a prehistoric kid unplugging for a change I liked the book design it s made to look like a tablet but overall the story fell kind of flat considering others of it s kind I think that the author should have done with the unplugging from technology aspect.
This adorable concept book can be shared across age levels older audiences will appreciate the attention to the details in the ingenious book design Younger audiences will be tickled and apt to ask for rereads Pair with Matthew Cordell s Hello Hello for a conversation starter about connectivity.

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