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[Marius Gabriel] ☆ The Designer [nature PDF] Read Online Í In , Newly Married Copper Reilly Arrives In Paris Soon After The Liberation While The City Celebrates Its Freedom, She S Stuck In The Prison Of An Unhappy Marriage When Her Husband Commits One Betrayal Too Many, Copper Demands A SeparationAlone In Paris, She Finds An Unlikely New Friend An Obscure, Middle Aged Designer From The Back Rooms Of A Decaying Fashion House Whose Timid Nature And Reluctance For Fame Clash With The Bold Brilliance Of His Designs His Name Is Christian DiorRealising His Genius, Copper Urges Dior To Strike Out On His Own, Helping To Pull Him Away From His Insecurities And Towards Stardom With Just A Camera And A Typewriter, She Takes Her Own Advice And Ventures Into The Wild And Colourful World Of Fashion JournalismSoon Copper Finds Herself Torn Between Two Very Different Suitors, Questioning Who She Is And What She Truly Wants As The City Rebuilds And Opulence Returns, Can Copper Make A New, Love Filled Life For Herself I adored this book The characters are so full and I felt as if for two days I retreated into the bohemian life of a stringer journalist in WWII Paris.
It was the mentioning of Christian Dior that made me curious to read the book Well, not only that, but I was intrigued by the fact that the main character, Copper, strikes up a friendship with the well known fashion designer A man I know next to nothing about.
The book took me by surprise, at first I thought this would be the usual woman finds herself and has to choose between two men But, yeah Copper does leave her husband after he has one affair too many, but after that, her life takes a pretty drastic turn as she tries to fulfill her dream as a journalist Her friendship with Dior is a strong point in her life and I loved how to book introduced all the bohemian artist, painters writers, etc that are living in Paris at the time A lot of name dropping in a good way and I love how Copper embraces the bohemian wor

I admit to some serious wavering with regard to choosing this book from the Kindle First offerings The last few I ve read or tried to read were poster kids for amateur writing, ridiculous plots, stilted dialogue, and scant acquaintance with history, much less the bedrock of fiction Worse, this book was set in Paris in the last months of the war, and I feared pages of Bad French, Cleveland masquerading as the City of Light, and clich d characters that a low budget central casting flack wouldn t touch.
But I overcame my trepidation, and prepared for the subsequent snarky review take down.
I Was Wrong.
So it s not the best book I ever read, and perhaps not even worth a second read in the future, but while I was reading it for the past three days or so, I enjoyed myself immensely, too much to dwell on my initial bi I won this in a GR giveaway in exchange for a review.
1 1 2 stars rounded upI was really disappointed in this as I really wanted to love it The story felt clunky and disjointed and the characters felt very one dimensional with minimal character development I would have DNF d but since I won it in a giveaway I wanted to finish it to see if it got better.

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