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ð The Dinosaur Knights ê Download by × Victor Milán The Dinosaur Knights is a strong sequel to its predecessor, and many of the issues like pacing, world building, and character development has some improvement I enjoyed this than The Dinosaur Lords There is sufficient action and a delayed amount of suspense running through the story.
The novel begins right after Princess Melodia s escape, and Karyl and Rob going to Providence Here, we get a detailed view of the Garden of Beauty and Truth, and its philosophy which so much upsets the Pope and the Emperor of Neuvaropa The looming threat of the Grey Angel crusade is the primary plot stirrer along with the subtle politics of the humans Victor Milan here elaborates about the world of Paradise, its kingdoms, and the lore and history surrounding the myths.
The characters in the story are the same as the first book, although a few new characters Aye Dios mio, this was such a rollicking and epic book And not epic in the dumb, ubiquitously thrown around frat boy way No No no no Look up the definition THAT That right there.
I was worried it would take me a while to remember characters and their arcs, since it had been a while since I read the first book Nope Came right back Huzzah.
There isn t a POV character in this amazing and dinosaur filled book that I wasn t glad to spend time with Even the villain, as it were, was too busy fighting the good fight to be truly hated for the reprehensible shit he had done previously to make him said villain The plots builds and builds, climaxing in the most thrilling battle sequence I might have ever read Like seriously, it went on for many, many pages I was exhausted after reading it not like that was too much reading exhausted, but like I enjoyed the first volume, The Dinosaur Lords, but the second volume The Dinosaur Knights is better The world is already established, the reader knows the main characters, and the action is already underway The dinosaurs continue to be awesome and the rules of their behaviour in Paradise our non Earth setting are refined a bit Now it is clear to me why the Tyrannosaurs don t run amok What is less clear and may be fodder for future installments is who exactly the Creators are and what their aims may be.
There are an awful lot of gritty battle scenes in both books, which generally are not my thing However, to counter act that, we have Imperial Princess Melod a joining the rebels and learning to be something besides an imperial princess This book continues to honour the Bechdel test, as Review for The Dinosaur Lords hereThis book was a marked improvement over the first on the series I think the reason for this is two fold First, we just know about the world this takes place in now, so less of the text has to be dedicated to explaining the world and cultures Not that it doesn t take time to further expand on it, just that these passages are a bit less forced All the Towers of Nuevaropa, Mayor y Menor, were equal before Imperial law But the Spa oles were, as the saying went, equal than the others, and appearances must be preserved.
Secondly I noticed Milan wisely decided to cut back on the forced dinosaur metaphors similes and stick to traditional proseHer thoughts were simple as a blade and direct as an arrow s flight So with both of those issues squared away the story flow was much smoother and the reading experience was I actually enjoyed this one far less than the first Have no fear, I intend to read the third book, and there are parts of this book that are great.
As many other reviewers have pointed, this book does pass the Bechel test When the women talk to each other, they do not talk about men.
And yet, there is something off about the women in the book We are given several characters to follow, of those, the only woman is Melodia, who was wonderful in the first book but seems to have been dosed with stupid pills in this one And yes, considering the view spoiler rape and imprisonment hide spoiler

after a long introduction in the Dinosaur Lords see my two reviews of that one, on publication and now and until about half way here, the book gets really, really good and makes it worth getting there don t want to spoil too much as the real story only starts around page 200 of this one, but when it does the series goes up a notch to top level in today s fantasy, the book is impossible to put down, dinosaurs finally become really important and not mostly a prop as before and the ending while somewhat predictable from a point on is still stunning and offers huge promise for book 3 which now became a real asap for mehighly, highly recommended and a top 10 novel of the year for me I am still really torn on this.
1 I love dinosaurs Always have As a kid I could name anything you could point at While my skills are greatly diminished these days, I will always love them Apatasaurs will always be Brontosaurs in my heart.
2 I love fantasy books, particularly ones that include a nice big epic battle sequence that isn t just blown off I love the magic, the monsters, the bravery and heroism, the strength of will and sense of wonder I really like when there is no chosen one crap and the plot can develop sensibly I am all for The Lord of the Rings or Dragonlance, but I have a special place reserved for the heroes of the Doomfarers of Coramonde or The Rose Sea.
3 The problem, then, lies in the characters Lots of fantasy is populated by thin Because duh This author better not have screwed up the idea though Gotta read the first one first.
3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum my wonderful time with Victor Mil n s The Dinosaur Lords last year, I was understandably quite anxious to take on the sequel The Dinosaur Knights However, there were some aspects with this follow up that made me think the honeymoon period might be coming to an end While I still love the epic fantasy meets dinosaurs premise behind this series, admittedly the magic has faded somewhat due to this book s uneven pacing and my growing dissatisfaction with a couple key characters.
The Dinosaur Knights continues the narrative from the first novel, following or less the same handful of characters In the Empire of Neuvaropa, a fictional land reminiscent of 14th century Europe, everything is in turmoil as rumors of a Grey Angel Crusade lead desperate men to form the most unlikely of alliances We pick up Rob Ko It S Like A Cross Between Jurassic Park And Game Of Thrones George R R MartinParadise Is A Sprawling, Diverse, Often Cruel World There Are Humans On Paradise But Dinosaurs Predominate Wildlife, Monsters, Beasts Of Burden, And Of War Ard Knights Ride Dinosaurs To Battle Legions Of War Trained Triceratops And Their Upstart Peasant Crews Karyl Bogomirsky Is One Such Knight Who Has Chosen To Rally Those Who Seek A Way From The Path Of War And Madness The Fact That The Empire Has Announced A Religious Crusade Against This Peaceful Kingdom, The People Who Just Wish To Live In Peace Anathema, And They All Are To Be Converted Or Destroyed Doesn T Help Him One BitThings Really Turn To Mud When The Dreaded Grey Angels, Fabled Ancient Weapons Of The Gods Who Created Paradise In The First Place Come On The Scene After Almost A Millennia Everyone Thought That They Were Fables Used To Scare Children They Are Very Much RealAnd They Have Come To Rid The World Of Sinincluding All The Humans Who Manifest Those Vices The Dinosaur Knights Is The Second In Victor Milan S Lush, Exotic Tale About Knights Knights Riding Dinosaurs

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