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[ Pdf The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home (Welcome to Night Vale, #3) ò fantasy-romance PDF ] by Joseph Fink Ø From The New York Times Bestselling Authors Of Welcome To Night Vale And It Devours And The Creators Of The Hit Podcast, Comes A New Novel Set In The World Of Night Vale And BeyondIn The Town Of Night Vale, There S A Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Everyone S Home, But No One Knows How She Got There Or Where She Came Fromuntil Now Told In A Series Of Eerie Flashbacks, The Story Of The Faceless Old Woman Goes Back Centuries To Reveal An Initially Blissful And Then Tragic Childhood On A Mediterranean Estate In The Early Nineteenth Century, Her Rise In The Criminal Underworld Of Europe, A Nautical Adventure With A Mysterious Organization Of Smugglers, Her Plot For Revenge On The Ones Who Betrayed Her, And Ultimately Her Death And Its Aftermath, As Her Spirit Travels The World For Decades Until Settling In Modern Day Night ValeInterspersed Throughout Is A Present Day Story In Night Vale, As The Faceless Old Woman Guides, Haunts, And Sabotages A Man Named Craig In The End, Her Current Day Dealings With Craig And Her Swashbuckling History In Nineteenth Century Europe Will Come Together In The Most Unexpected And Horrifying WayPart The Haunting Of Hill House, Part The Count Of Monte Cristo, And % About A Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home Craig s life has been watched over and sometimes improved by the title character, who is not just faceless but nameless She s nameless as we follow her life from pampered daughter living on her family estate on the Mediterranean coast, through a life dedicated to revenge against her father s murder s , to her life as the Faceless Old Woman We get her life s story interspersed with her watching and helping Craig and honestly, of the Craig interactions and less of the life stuff would have been far better The revenge plot is really stretched out, getting a little boring and making readers constantly try to calculate her age and length of events Her gang Andre, Rebekah and Lora are also glossed over and fully fleshing them o Thanks to Harper Perennial for another wonderful book I received this for free in exchange for an honest review You know that feeling you get sometimes like you are being watched but it s only you in the house Or like stuff is not where is supposed to be but nobody could have touchedyou live alone Kind of creepy moments to be honestthen you stumble on a book and the first line of the description says something like there is a faceless old woman who secretly lives in everyone s house.
I was intrigued, I had to read it Something in between The count of Montecristo and Pirates of the Caribbean Told with a series of flashbacks we fallow the adventures of the young girl who grows up and I would say dies not dies to be the faceless old woman The story I ve always loved the character of the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home She s so weird and enigmatic While I absolutely loved this story as an adventure and a journey about revenge, I am a bit saddened that I know about the FOWWSLIYH I liked when she was a mystery I enjoyed this until the last couple chapters During the back story part of her life, it was a compelling read with some great side characters esp Rebekah Once it got to the end though, it was a little too on the nose and a bit too.
not her character I expected the final chapter would have her in the form we all know and love from the podcast I lost respect for her as a character and that s not something I am sitting comfortably with I read this with my husband and both of us predicted the plot by less than halfway through, which i I found this novelentertaining It was amusing and fun and forgettable The quality was good enough to get by, but certainly lackluster compared to the spark and originality of the podcast and the previous novels This book hung its hat on the impact of a predictable ending The sidekicks were one dimensional and diligently served obvious plot functions Disappointingly, something here didn t click For me, this is the first product of the Night Vale universe that seemed franchisey it has value as a quick sale boost than as a creative endeavor.
This is the first Welcome to the Night Vale books I ve read I requested an ARC from Harper Perennial and they sent me a copy for free in return for my honest review I hadn t realized it was the third in a series Thankfully it was great as a stand alone The book starts in 2011, in Night Vale The Faceless Old Woman is our narrator She is talking to Craig, who can t see her She has been helping Craig his whole life.
Next we are in the Mediterranean in the year 1792 The FOW is a young girl She lives alone with her father, her mother passed during childbirth, in her mother s families estate During her younger years she had no idea what her father did for money, as he didn t seem to work She knew he came from a merchant family.
Eventually she discovers he is a smuggler.
She asks to be brought in So she is trained Eventually her father is killed and her f 4.
5 5 starsI love Night Vale A lot It s one of those ideas that is eternally malleable There s so much that can be done with these characters and the setting and novels are a really good way for the authors to push the boundaries of the world It s what they did with the first two novels, Welcome to Night Vale and It Devours and it s obviously what they re seeking to do here with their third, The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home The Faceless Old Woman is the perfect character for a book devoted to her, much like the Man in the Tan Jacket was a perfect character to explore in the first novel, and the promise of finally learning her story was one that immensely interested me and got me really pumped to give this book a read Having read it, I can safely say that it does not disappoint For long time Part The Haunting of Hill House, part The Count of Monte Cristo, and 100% about a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home.
Who gave Night Vale the right to combine two of my favorite things and one of my favorite characters into one singular book written by two of my favorite people This felt very different from other Night Vale books right away, and like a traditional novel involving danger, thievery, smuggling, and revenge I kept waiting for it to feel More Like Night Vale , all the while thoroughly enjoying the main story of The Faceless Old Woman and feeling very confused about how her past intersected with the small sections involving her current interactions with Night Vale resident Craig By the time it all came together I was completely entranced The end worried me because it went on a little longer than it maybe needed to, and I did figure out the twist before it was announced, but I decided I was completely okay with it The end became so strongly, potently NIGHT VALE that all I could do was keep turning pages, a victim of the sheer discomfort and horror being revealed a

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