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[ Pdf The Hogwarts Library ß world-war-i PDF ] by J.K. Rowling õ A Highly Collectable Hardback Boxed Set From The World Of Harry Potter Containing Handsome New Editions Of Quidditch Through The Ages, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Both In Hardback For The First Time And The Tales Of Beedle The Bard The Hogwarts Library Is An Essential Collection For Any Wizard Or Muggle Home Eager Seekers Of Wizard Learning Will Find Within A Treasure Trove Of Magical Facts, Additional Notes From The Esteemed Professor Albus Dumbledore, And Illustrations From JK Rowling Purchasers Can Be Reassured That Two Charities Important To JK Rowling Comic Relief And Lumos Will Benefit From The Sale Of Each Set These Editions Are Exclusively Available In This Boxed Set For The First Time Very different from what I was expecting I didn t love them, but it was definitely cool to read about Quidditch and The Fantastic Beasts Didn t really like Dumbledore s commentary but that is mainly because I don t like books that have a second story outside of the margins.
Just re read this one Sometimes we forget that advices and snippets are sometimes annoying And and as we grow older we realize it must be the way it should be or the context must be the way it should be Don t get me wrong I don t understand myself either Para maiba nmn, hehe Harry Potter are read June 2018 The Extras A collection containing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
This set includes the Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts Where to Find Them, and Quidditch through the ages, all titles widely referenced in the Harry Potter series Reading this set was like entering the world of Harry Potter with fresh eyes once again You have new translation of Beedle the Bard done by Hermione along with Dumbledore s footnotes Harry Ron s insights have been added in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and there s a complete history of where Quidditch came from, and who thought up all those rules This is a must read for all muggles interested in the wizarding world.
An absolutely satisfying compilation of books for Harry Potter lovers old and new.
Ah this collection is such a casual reread for me that I actually forgot that I needed to write a review It s Harry Potter, so of course, it s five stars from me Not biased at all I swear I love rereading this collection when I m in the mood to dip back into one of my prime obsessions, but I don t have the time to commit to rereading the seven books As I said in a previous review, one of the reasons why I love the HP series so much is how incredibly detailed and multifaceted its universe is The fact that Jo Rowling can quite literally sit down and write a textbook, a library book, and a fairytale collection from this world which goes over such minute details as when wizards decided to put cushioning charms on bro I all I have to say about this collection that I had tremendous fun reading it.
And even found Lithuanian Quidditch team mentioned once.
Plus I bought this lovely new edition of Hogwarts Library to grace my own shelves these book are only for potterheads My boyfriend gifted me this edition on Yule 2017 and I loved it I was a bit disappointed because the Fantastic Beasts book does not include Harry and Ron s notes but besides that the set is fantastic and really well made

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