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â Read â The Land of the Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel ☆ After waiting so long to read the final episode in Ayla s story, I can only say disappointing.
You can read the other reviews to find discussions of the repetition from previous books, from section to section within the same book, of cave painting descriptions, etc , and in my opinion, the use of repetition was worse than usual for this author however, what struck me was that it felt as though each section was written entirely separately as the tone was completely different for each This would explain a lot of the repetition and why it was so particularly bad this time round The first two sections were fairly uninteresting There were a few little gems here and there, but for the most part, could have been easily summarized The last section, where there is a lot detail about Ayla s training and the action really picks I can save you the trouble of attempting to plough through Ms Auel s Potteresque doorstop in a few easy sentences view spoiler 1 Ayla, who has become increasingly superpowered with each book, is described in the first chapter as having been born with heightened acuity in all her senses, but not realising just how unique she is Why didn t we know about this before And what about the detailed descriptions in Clan of the Cave Bear of how Ayla had to work hard to learn all these skills because she didn t have inborn knowledge Wouldn t her years of hunting practise heighten her acuity Is Auel just making up things as she nah, couldn t be.
2 Ayla continues to work as a healer, and takes Zelandoni lessons.
3 Note to Auel When you are writing the verses to chants or songs in another language, especially sacred on In The Land Of Painted Caves, Jean M Auel Brings The Ice Age Epic Earth S Children Series To An Extraordinary Conclusion Ayla, One Of The Most Remarkable And Beloved Heroines In Contemporary Fiction, Continues To Explore The World And The People Around Her With Curiosity, Insight, And Above All, CourageAs The Story Opens, Ayla, Jondalar, And Their Infant Daughter, Jonayla Are Welcomed By The Zelandonii, But Problems Arise They Are Faced With New Challenges, Not Just The Ordinary Trials Of Sheer Survival, But The Complications Posed By Many Groups Of People Who Need To Live And Work Together The Wisdom That Ayla Gained From Her Struggles As An Orphaned Child, Alone In A Hostile Environment, Strengthens Her As She Moves Closer To Leadership Of The ZelandoniaAyla And Jondalar S First Priority Is The Care For Their Golden Haired Child, Jonayla, And The Well Being Of Their Amazing Animals, Wolf, Whinney, Racer, And Gray The Two Participate In Hunts To Provide Food, In Travels To Summer Meetings For Decision Making, And In Social Activities Whatever The Obstacles, Ayla S Inventive Spirit Produces New Ways To Lessen The Difficulties Of Daily Life Searching For Wild Edibles To Make Delicious Meals, Experimenting With Techniques To Ease The Long Journeys The Zelandoni Must Take, Honing Her Skills As A Healer And A Leader And Then, There Are The Sacred Caves, The Caves That Ayla S Mentor The Donier, The First Of The Zelandonia Takes Her To See These Caves Are Filled With Remarkable Art Paintings Of Mammoths, Lions, Aurochs, Rhinoceros, Reindeer, Bison, Bear The Powerful, Mystical Aura Within These Caves Sometimes Overwhelms AylaAyla S Final Preparations For Her Initiation As A Zelandoni Bring The Land Of Painted Caves To A Riveting Climax So Much Time Apart From Jondalar Has Caused Him To Drift Away From Her The Rituals Themselves Bring Her Close To Death But Through Those Rituals, Ayla Gains A Gift Of Knowledge So Important That It Will Change The WorldSpellbinding Drama, Meticulous Research, Fascinating Detail, And Superb Narrative Skill Combine To Make The Land Of Painted Caves A Captivating, Utterly Believable Creation Of A Civilization That Resonates Long After The Reader Has Turned The Last Page, And Serves As An Astonishing End To This Beloved Saga The Clan of the Cave Bear was a masterful character driven drama, if slightly plodding, an intensive study of both the nature of characters and relationships The protagonist, Ayla, was a flawed and vulnerable girl possessed of genuinely admirable determination, existing in a very dangerous, brutal and unfair world which caused her to suffer real hardships and even be threatened with death on than one occasion The Land of Painted Caves is a poorly written, repetitive, tedious, unenjoyable mess The pace of the book moves at a bare crawl, the plot doesn t even show up until the last third of the novel and even then it s a half baked, implausible affair that s essentially just a rehash of the plot of the third book The protagonists are overpowered and boring, but even worse, in an attempt to inject some Big thanks to all the Good Reads and reviewers who have already given this one a big THUMBS DOWN You ve given me permission to stop wasting my time hoping it will get better I m always afraid of being the one to burst everyone s expectation bubble without putting in a fair effort No problem with that here As of this writing, there are 398 ratings on Good Reads, and the average rating for all editions is 2.
80 As I scroll through the first dozen reviews, ALL of them are one or two star ratings This has to be the biggest bomb I ve ever seen for a long anticipated book by a popular author I don t know what happened to Jean Auel s writing skills in the hiatus, but this book is purely awful The dialogue is worse than the worst chick lit I ve ever read, and the story is confusing and just pl All right, that s finally done Nothing like making a stomach bug feel worse by reading a very disappointing book.
First off, I will say that I do admire Ms Auel for a couple of things 1 She researched this like no one else The depth and breadth of her experiences while writing all this are absolutely commendable Above and beyond Very few people get interested in something and go that far into learning about it And 2 She has always said in the few interviews I can find that she wrote this whole thing for herself Few writers can say that and mean it and I hope she is satisfied with what she produced Ultimately, all writers know that that is what really matters I d like to thank her for introducing me to this fascinating world.
That said, here I go Spoilers very much follow The first 2 parts of this book are just an agonizing repeated ad nauseum rehashing of incidents I loved these books as a kid It s been a looong time since I read one, though Now I m 40% of the way through this one, complete with Part One If you ve read her previous books, you could probably skip part one and just go straight to Part Two unless you wanted to read and reread and reread all the major points of the previous books just for fun Key points you will enjoy being beaten over the head with 1 Ayla has an accent Everyone notices Sometimes than once 2 Wolves, they are social creatures They like children Because they re social creatures 3 There are caves They have paintings in them Please enjoy this tour of every single cave and every single painting in every single cave Hey, I know, let s discuss them in our strange accent With a wolf I couldn t finish it.
I know, I knowthis series went crashingly downhill after Clan of the Cave Bear, but I still want to find out how the saga ends.
Andnow I m done Bleah Talk about going out with a whimper Even though it got to be a little ridiculous about how Ayla invented everything from needles to helicopters heh , it was at least interesting to me to read how those things might have been created This book didn t have any of that Lots of long descriptions of caves, like Auel couldn t bear to leave a single one out Flat characters acting out of character No sense of personality for Ayla s daughter Depressing ending I hated it.

I won t go too much into detail as other reviewers have exhaustively explained why this book sucks donkey arse, but essentially 1 Auel likes to repeat things A lot What I meant to say is that Auel likes to repeat things A lot.
2 Auel really digs caves No, really Ayla spends 2 3 of the book shuffling through caves, peeing in caves, knocking the ash off her torch in caves, and scrutinizing all of the art in caves What a cavewoman snicker 3 Ayla and Jondalar s interactions consist of, Why don t you take Jonayla for a while, Jondalar I need to go and do something esoteric with Zelandoni that involves lots of celibacy 4 Jondalar Okay 5 Jondalar thinks about this for a while, and says to himself, Not okay It turns out he has spent most of the book bonking the shit out of Marona, though in secret, except since it is a small cave in which they I just read the interview with Jane Auel that came out before the book was published It was a LOT interesting than the book was While reading LOPC, I kept finding myself saying AGAIN Wolf helps to find Jondular AGAIN You re repeating the Mother s Song AGAIN You re talking about cattails AGAIN Someone is jealousAGAIN It seemed to me that Jondular and Ayla still hadn t gotten past the problems that they had in MH They haven t grown as characters at all It would have been far interesting if there would have been a few scenes with Marona sorry if I spelled it wrong and WHY and HOW he decided to relieve his needs with her I also didn t quite understand why Marona packed her things and left She had at least a part of Jondularhe and Ayla weren t talkingwhy give up the high ground And

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