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Download Epub Format Ñ The Other Side of the Coin PDF by Ñ Angela Kelly THE OFFICIAL BOOK, FULLY ENDORSED BY QUEEN ELIZABETH II From Her Majesty S Trusted Confidant And Dresser Angela Kelly LVO Comes A Lavishly Designed Book Of Never Before Seen Photos Of The Queen, Her Wardrobe And Her Jewels And Features Intimate Anecdotes From Angela S Year Career Working Closely With Her Majesty A Truly Unique Keepsake And Collectors Item To Be Treasured For The Nearly Seven Decades Of Her Reign, Her Majesty The Queen Has Used Clothing To Create A Powerful Visual Identity That Transcends Fashion And Has Made Her Perhaps The Most Readily Identifiable Person On The Planet Angela Kelly, Building On The Work Of The Great Designers And Milliners Who Have Worked With Her Majesty Through The Years Including Couturiers Sir Norman Hartnell, Sir Hardy Amies, And Ian Thomas, And Milliners Such As Simone Mirman And Freddy Fox Brings Her Own Imagination To Bear On An Iconic Uniform That Suggests Continuity And Tradition, And Ensures That The Wearer Is Always The Most Visible Person In A Room Or A Crowd Anna Wintour, VogueWhen Angela Kelly And The Queen Are Together, Laughter Echoes Through The Corridors Of Buckingham Palace Angela Has Worked With The Queen And Walked The Corridors Of The Royal Household For Twenty Five Years, Initially As Her Majesty S Senior Dresser And Then Latterly As Her Majesty S Personal Advisor, Curator, Wardrobe And In House Designer As The First Person In History To Hold This Title, She Shares A Uniquely Close Working Relationship With The QueenIn The Other Side of the Coin, The Queen Has Personally Given Angela Her Blessing To Share Their Extraordinary Bond With The World Whether It S Preparing For A Formal Occasion Or Brightening Her Majesty S Day With A Playful Joke, Angela S Priority Is To Serve And Support Sharing Never Before Seen Photographs Many From Angela S Own Private Collection And Charming Anecdotes Of Their Time Spent Together, This Revealing Book Provides Memorable Insights Into What It S Like To Work Closely With The Queen, To Curate Her Wardrobe And To Discover A True And Lasting Connection Along The Way The Book Documents The Unique Working Relationship Between Her Majesty The Queen And The Woman Who Has Been Her Personal Assistant And Senior Dresser For Than Two Decades Angela Kelly It Gives A Rare Insight Into The Demands Of The Job Of Supporting The Monarch, And We Gain Privileged Insight Into A Successful Working Relationship, Characterized By Humor, Creativity, Hard Work, And A Mutual Commitment To Service And Duty Angela Is A Talented And Inspiring Woman, Who Has Captured The Highlights Of Her Long Career With The Queen For Us All To Share Samantha Cohen, Assistant Private Secretary To The Queen If you want gossip about The Queen of England or the Royal Family, this is not the book for you If you want a carefully crafted look into the life of someone who works for the Queen, with some interesting stories, then you might find this book enjoyable I cannot say that I know for certain what, exactly, a Dresser to the Queen does besides a lot but this was the second book the author s written on this topic, so that could ve been covered in her previous book A note about the audiobook the author herself narrates She has some odd phrasing that took me a bit of time to get used to, but I think it s great that she, herself, reads the book as you can her her devotion and emotion come through on the audio.
PleasantI can t quite put my finger on it Angela comes across as a very competent dresser to HM but I didn t like the inclusion of so many personal endorsements from family and co workers It all felt a little too self glorifying.
There was much that was fascinating but so sycophantic and lots of exclamation points.
A fascinating glimpse of life behind the scenes in the Queen s household As the Queen s Personal Assistant and senior dresser, Angela Kelly describes her numerous duties including consulting with Queen about suitable fashions for every occasion, caring for delicate fabrics and conducting advance visits to royal tour itineraries to plan the Queen s wardrobe Kelly also describes the unique aspects of her role including ironing on the royal train following the rhythm of the train like surfing and letting the bookies know when to close the betting on the colour of the Queen s hat at Royal Ascot.
There is an extensive section devoted to the Queen s fashions from the 2010 Canadian tour including her dress for the official dinner in Toronto, which included a shimmering crystal maple leaf design, and the beadwork created by t Amusing and lightheartedSuch a lovely account of her majesty the Queen Angela Kelly writes descreetly and with joy for a job she clearly love I love all things about the British monarchy and had read Angels Kelly s first book about dressing the queen This go round, she delves deeper into the queen s life and engagements Loved it.
A bit disappointing It s very nicely produced with some lovely pictures of the clothes The interesting bits for me are the details of how it all works with a question or two unanswered does the Queen or The Queen not keep any clothes in her different houses or does it all have to be packed for travel with every move , the research before overseas trips to make sure the colours are appropriate and not likely to cause offence, and to look for extra features which might please the host country, and of course the clothes I am quite intrigued by the state dresses but there is not much about them or about evening gowns, so I am guessing that Angela Kelly mainly does the day wear and cocktail dresses Less good things it is quite obsequious but you would expect that Angela Kelly comes across as a bit defensive she doesn t forget a slight as well as boastful She has a fantas You know how when you had to write a paper in school and there was a minimum length requirement so you just kept repeating and rewording the same thoughts over and over That is this book Kelly seems like a truly sweet lady But as she still works for the Queen, the revelations are not a thrill This is stodgy from start to finish.
Some interesting details, but I felt there was way too much patting herself on the back by the author I don t understand why letters were included in this book that praised the author As a result, I skipped these parts and found the book to be disappointing.

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