↠´ The Oysterville Sewing Circle É Download by ↠´ Susan Wiggs

↠´ The Oysterville Sewing Circle É Download by ↠´ Susan Wiggs Such a powerful story of how heartbreak can find healing.
The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs was a wonderful story about Caroline Shelby, her life, her friends, her love, her family and her determination Caroline never thought she would return to her childhood home of Oysterville to live and definitely not with two children Growing up Caroline wanted to leave Oysterville, Washington to become a famous designer in New York She was on her way, when her mentor and boss stole her clothing line and her best friend died from an overdose leaving behind two children Caroline had been named their guardian With her loss and the death of her friend had Caroline had no idea how to take care of a any child, so with the encouragement of her mother, Caroline was on her way back home But returning home will mean she will have to face her past, both the good, and the bad Given the size of the town it wil The New York Times Bestselling Author Brings Us Her Most Ambitious And Provocative Work Yet A Searing And Timely Novel That Explores The Most Volatile Issue Of Our Time Domestic Violence At The Break Of Dawn, Caroline Shelby Rolls Into Oysterville, Washington, A Tiny Hamlet At The Edge Of The Raging PacificShe S Come HomeHome To A Place She Thought She D Left Forever, Home Of Her Heart And Memories, But Not Her Future Ten Years Ago, Caroline Launched A Career In The Glamorous Fashion World Of Manhattan But Her Success In New York Imploded On A Wave Of Scandal And Tragedy, Forcing Her To Flee To The Only Safe Place She KnowsAnd In The Backseat Of Caroline S Car Are Two Children Who Were Orphaned In A Single Chilling Moment Five Year Old Addie And Six Year Old Flick She S Now Their Legal Guardian A Role She S Not Sure She S Ready ForBut The Oysterville She Left Behind Has Changed Her Siblings Have Their Own Complicated Lives And Her Aging Parents Are Hoping To Pass On Their Thriving Seafood Restaurant To The Next Generation And There S Will Jensen, A Decorated Navy SEAL Who S Also Returned Home After Being Wounded Overseas Will And Caroline Were Forever Friends As Children, With The Promise Of Something Until He Fell In Love With Sierra, Caroline S Best Friend And The Most Beautiful Girl In Town With Her Modeling Jobs Drying Up, Sierra, Too, Is On The Cusp Of Reinventing HerselfCaroline Returns To Her Favorite Place The Sewing Shop Owned By Mrs Lindy Bloom, The Woman Who Inspired Her And Taught Her To Sew There She Discovers That Even In An Idyllic Beach Town, There Are Women Living With The Deepest Of Secrets Thus Begins The Oysterville Sewing Circle Where Women Can Join Forces To Support Each Other Through The Troubles They Keep HiddenYet Just As Caroline Regains Her Creativity And Fighting Spirit, And The Children Begin To Heal From Their Loss, An Unexpected Challenge Tests Her Courage And Her Heart This Time, Though, Caroline Is Not Going To Run Away She S Going To Stand And Fight For Everything And Everyone She Loves RATING 3.
5 STARS Review to come Susan Wiggs and her books have long been favorites of mine in the past After not reading one for awhile, I decided to jump back into with this one and while it wasn t exactly what I thought it would be, it was still a delightful mostly read for me Mostly because the subject matter includes domestic violence and that could be a trigger for some Just a heads up.
Carolyn left Oysterville ten years previously to study fashion to fulfill her lifelong dream of working in the world of high fashion as a designer She succeeds in many ways until it s all ripped away from her Tragedy follows on the heels of that and she finds herself taking two small children not hers back to Oysterville with her Recovery for both her and her young charges is much needed and her family home is just the thing for them Of course, her longtime friend crush Will, now married to her high s I have read most of Susan Wiggs books and her new book is definitely my favorite It s got everything you need for a great novel well written characters, a fantastic plot and a beautiful setting There s some romance, lots of family love along with learning to overcome defeat It s also about domestic violence that occurs in every level of society and is often hidden from other people.
As Caroline returns to Oysterville after 10 years in New York City, she s a different person than the girl who couldn t wait to get out of the small town and live in the big city She left with big dreams of being a fashion designer but has come home in defeat She s also different because she has two young children under her care She never wanted children growing up and is not sure of how to parent the two children whose mother died in her apartment in New Y I got an Advance Reader Edition at ALA Midwinter and it was fun to meet the author there, too Caroline returns to her hometown of Oysterville, Washington because she has no other choice While her design career in New York ended in disaster, the real tragedy was the death of her dear friend, Angelique, from an accidental drug overdose Angelique worked as a model and named Caroline the legal guardian of her two children, Flip and Addie Being a parent is often overwhelming for Caroline, but with the support of her family and friends she starts over with her design work and begins to create a loving and safe home for the children She also reconnects with her childhood best friends Will and Sierra As Caroline starts to turn life around for herself and her children issues from her past threaten everything.
The Oysterville Sewing Circle is the name of the support group Caroline, he I just finished reading the galley of this beautiful story and I know other readers are going to love it as much as I do It is the heartbreaking story of abuse and the powerful healing that can happen when women pull together.

Caroline never thought she would be returning to her childhood home of Oysterville and definitely not with two children that weren t her own.
Caroline had wanted to leave as badly as any young person and head to New York City Caroline did make it big in New York until a famous designer stole her clothing line.
Her loss and the death of her friend had Caroline returning with her friend s two children because Caroline had no idea how to take care of a child let alone two.
Caroline had a loving, supportive family to help her and ideas on how to help women of domestic abuse since that is what took her friend who left her the two children.
We get a glimpse into Caroline s life as a teenager as well as her life now Her teenage years were just as full of love as her adult life with I thoroughly enjoyed The Oysterville Sewing Circle Believe me when I say, it is not what it appears at first glance, and that is by design It handles some pretty heavy topics, primarily domestic abuse, in a way that is easy to take in and not feel overwhelmed by the message This is a story for women, about women and about love, and not just following our passions, but finding them as well It illustrates how our lives are our own, even when they are not This was a great read

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