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[Dwight Holing] ✓ The Pity Heart (A Nick Drake Novel Book 2) [cairo PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô Nick Drake Returns In The Thrilling Sequel To The Sorrow Hand A Contemporary Western ThrillerSet In , Nick Drake Is A Troubled Vietnam War Veteran Seeking Redemption As A Game Warden In A Quiet Land But When A Fighter Pilot From A Nearby Air Force Base Mysteriously Plummets Onto One Of His Refuges, He Is Plunged Into A Deadly Showdown With The Military A Vexing Mystery Involving Multiple Murders Ensues, And Nick Must Turn To The Old Ways Of His Paiute Neighbors To Hunt For A Vicious Killer And Bring Justice To The Pitiless High DesertRead As A Standalone Or As Part Of The Series The Pity Heart is a great follow up to The Sorrow Hand I was already invested in all the characters and it was great to spend time with them The central protagonist, Nick Drake, is a Vietnam Vet dealing with PTSD and getting as far away from people as possible by becoming a wildlife ranger in Eastern Oregon We learn about Nick s experience in Nam and how it continues to haunt him All the characters are very well drawn I love local sheriff Pudge and his daughter, Gemma Nick is dealing with multiple mysteries and, in the process, delving deeper into the local Native American community and their tribal lore Like the previous book in the series, it s beautifully written and pulls you right in.
Dwight Holing is the Real Deal In his follow up to the highly successful and widely acclaimed The Sorrow Hand, Dwight Holing and Nick Drake are back at again in The Pity Heart This time, Nick is not only battling a new crop of bad guys but also battling the ghosts of his past.
What impressed me most about this second outing for Dwight Nick in The Pity Heart is the emphasis on Native American folklore and mysticism and the way that it figures into the story I found this novel to be philosophical don t worry folks, there s plenty of action to keep you riveted as well as a chance to get to know Nick better Nick is a much developed and well rounded character than he was in The Sorrow Hand Part of this, I believe, is Holing being comfortable with the character and giving him this room to grow within the story In The Sorrow Hand, we learn that Ni There s a great new player in the regional mystery genre Dwight Holing s Nick Drake series is the real deal.
It combines the game warden spirit of C J Box s Joe Pickett, the former Army MP legacy of Reacher and the Native American mysticism of Craig Johnson s Walt Longmire and Peter Bowen s Gabriel du Pre in a wonderful series set in the wilderness of Eastern Oregon in 1968.
Nick Drake is a Vietnam veteran, dealing with his memories and what will later be called PTSD, hiding out as a forest ranger in the national parks of a whole new region for regional mysteries.
When a co pilot ejects out of a US Air Force plane, Drake pulls the man from a lake.
But when the plane doesn t crash and the co pilot s death is not investigated properly, Nick pursues mat This is the second in a mystery series set in Vietnam era America A recovered heroin addicted soldier fights his demons and those poaching in his area of land and wildlife management Unfortunately, when an Air Force copilot dies in front of his eyes, he is pulled back into the military life Holing pulls in Native American lore but doesn t do it as seamlessly as in his first book It feels chock a block The mystery was decent and the characters were interesting Still worth a read if you love the Box,Doiron, and McGarrity stories.
As a lover of mystery series, when I got the opportunity to read The Pity Heart for free, I just had to read the first book, The Sorrow Hand first Both were excellent The story was an intriguing blend of nature and wide open spaces, a crime to solve, the repercussions and the haunting horrors of war, and Native American lore The characters are deeply flawed, each in their own way, and extremely likeable The plot twists and turns kept me guessing and kept running back to the story every chance I got I m really looking forward to many in the Nick Drake series from this author.
I d rate it 4.
3 stars Entangled with the Vietnam war is the southeast area of Oregon which is partly desert and somewhat mountainous as well It s a great place to evolve a story that mixes the Air Force, Paiute Indians, cattle rustling, poaching, a US Fish and Wildlife officer Nick Drake and a part time no nonsense sheriff named Pudge I really liked how the story kept flowing the books is barely over 250 pages and there are few drawn out lulls The author does a good job of pacing the action and keeping things real I will be reading the third book in the series very soon.
Outstanding Nick Drake is a character you can understand as much as he understands himself His service to his country has left him with a lot of baggage that does not want to leave him alone His Paiute friends help him to understand the world in a very different way The place he lives brings its own beauty and dangers He is an astute sleuth in a diverse world If you like C.
Box s Joe Picket you will love Nick Drake.
This is the second book in the Nick Drake Novel series and is set in 1968, with a main character called Nick Drake It follows on from The Sorrow Hand, but is easily read as a standalone book He is a Vietnam Veteran with a troubled past, seeking redemption by working as a game warden, covering a large area He works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in No Mountain, Oregon, and daily tries to keep free of addiction and enjoy the open spaces and peace and quiet.
This book starts with Nick trying to catch a poacher on the water, when his actions are interrupted by a falling body from an overhead formation of fighter planes, doing practise runs from the nearby base He gets on the wrong side of the Air Force man who comes to retrieve the body and airplane parts from the scene The mystery deepens as further de All the essentiials of a great read for me Settiing in wildlife refuge Indigenous people Honorable man battling himself and bad guysBeautiful lakes, rivers, flora and fauna, and, sunsets Not so many characters that you can t remember Drake charges ahead sometimes, but not in a stupid way I thoroughly enjoyed the book along with the action and mystery Will recommend to friends and family.

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