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Download Epub Format ↠´ The Romanov Empress PDF by ê C.W. Gortner I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own My thoughts are scattered on this a bit so bear with me.
Initial reaction SO GOOD Wow.
Review Sometimes I just wanted to shake these people for the decisions they made From a certain point, you can see why they did what they did and the circumstances that brought everything about but stillMakes you wonder if Sasha had met with his father before he was murdered, would it have changed anything or made things worse Would they have reached a compromise I m leaning towards no, considering what was going on at the time but who knows Would Sasha have still burned his father s papers regarding Duma and a constitution Perhaps I can see the reasoning in his head behind what he did but I still mentally kicked him in the balls and threw him into next Tuesday.
Would anything have helped saved A compelling fictional story based on the life of Empress Maria Feodorovna and narrated by the mother of Russia s prior tsar She was the Princess Dagmar of Denmark before marrying the heir to the Russian throne She goes by Minnie and at the tender age of nineteen begins a life that will take her down many paths.
I was fascinated with the ambiance of the time period in Russia Luxurious living, the royal jewels and all the Russian culture to the heartbreak of disease and war, this was such a captivating story I loved following Minnie s life in Russia from the palace to the fight to save their empire.
Minnie ultimately had to face many struggles and she proved to be such a strong woman and a bold leader She will witness the collapse of the Romanov dynasty and try to hold her family together The politics, the strong family bo I admit that I ve only read two of Gortner s historical novels and enjoyed them both but this is far, far better than most historical novels I ve read including his In fact, I d go as far as to say that Gortner is approaching Alison Weir territory The Romanov Empress presents a peek at the era from 1862 through 1918 narrated by Tsarevna and eventual Tsarina, Maria Feodorovna formerly known as Dagmar of Denmark Keep in mind that this is an imagined account so there are a few very few modifications of the facts For factual biographies of the Romanov Dynasty, I would suggest anything written by Robert K Massie.
The Romanov Dynasty ruled Russia for four hundred years and thought themselves to rule by divine right Entitled doesn t even begin to describe the excessive extravagance and royally haughty attitudes of this powerful family The chasm between th Don t you knowThey re talkin bout a revolutionIt sounds like a whisperTalkin Bout a Revolution, Tracy Chapman, Songwriters Tracy Chapman Danish princesses, the daughters of the man who would come to be Denmark s King Christian IX, Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar, Minnie, or Dagmar to her father, and her older sister, Alexandra, Alix, were both predestined to marry into royalty Alix, of course, would marry first, and married Edward VII Albert Edward , known to his family as Bertie, the son of Queen Victoria Minnie meets, and ultimately is courted by Nixa, Nicholas Alexandrovich, Tsarevich of Russia, and a courtship ensues, and suddenly she finds herself busy preparing for a new lifeNixa had chosen me, for me I d not made it a simple task, but in the end he won my heart not because he was the tsarevich but because of who he was inside I fell in love with Nixa Romanov himself, w 5 tragic starsYou can find my reviews here Over the last week or so, I have been so very fortunate to have read two fantastic historical fiction novels, one about Patsy Jefferson and now this wonderful novel about the Russian Empress, Maria Fedorovna.
Maria Feodorovna Dagmar of Denmark was a Danish princess Her parents were of royal blood yet somewhat impoverished Through the lines of succession, Dagmar s father became the king of Denmark and his children went on to be married to various rulers or to lead various European countries Dagmar was originally betrothed to Nicholas who was the heir to the Russian throne Tragically, he died of meningitis and supposedly had begged that Dagmar marry his younger brother, Alexander, who wo

If you like your Russian Revolutions without all that unpleasantness about starving peasants and Bolshevik firing squads, this is the book for you It follows the life of Empress Maria, wife to Alexander III and mother to the doomed Nicholas II She was born Dagmar of Denmark called Minnie a minor princess in a royal line of diminished circumstances When her father unexpectedly inherits the Danish throne, Minnie is arranged to marry the heir apparent of Russia, Nicholas, but he dies before they are married She then marries his younger brother, Alexander, in what starts out as a marriage of duty rather than one of love However, over time, Alexander and Minnie grow to love one another, and Minnie embraces her role as the Empress of Russia.
The first half of this book covers the period from Minnie s engagement Overall This book is amazing A story of love, power, history, passion, and war centered on the Romanovs An incredible account of the life of Maria Feodorovna but also a detailed account of Russian history from 1862 1918 This is one of the best historical fiction novels I have read in a long time Epic in scope with exquisite writing and depth of characters, I highly recommend to lovers of historical fiction, the Romanovs, Russian history, and anyone looking for an enthralling story of a strong woman 5 5 or 9 10Summary This is the story of Maria formerly Minnie Feodorovna who is the mother of the last tsar of Russia She is born a Danish princess, becomes engaged to marry Tsarevich Nicholas, Nixa until he dies from meningitis His dying wish is that she marry his younger brother Sasha Minnie agrees and the story follows her life as she grows accustomed to the opu Fantastic Nicholas II and his family will always be one of history s greatest tragedies Revolutions don t come about from one event, they come from many, many years of strife It was interesting seeing these events unfold through Minnie s eyes She was a formidable woman that was as devoted to Russia as she was to her family Gortner is a fantastic writer that puts life into his characters and enables history to come alive through his writing Highly recommend.
5 huge stars to The Romanov Empress Historical fiction fans will not want to miss C.
W Gortner s latest novel I would also offer, if you enjoy perfect storytelling involving an enthralling and strong woman, this book is also for you The Romanov Empress is narrated by the mother of Russia s last tsar Maria formerly Minnie Feodorovna is born a Danish princess however, while her family has rank due to title, it is low on funds Her story begins when she is a teen, and her sister, Alix, is about to marry the Prince of Wales, son of Queen Victoria I find Queen Victoria especially fascinating, so it was intriguing to hear about her from Maria s point of view Maria also is set for a royal marriage to keep her family s status, and while it is not an easy or simple journey, especially Narrated By The Mother Of Russia S Last Tsar, This Novel Brings To Life The Courageous Story Of Maria Feodorovna, One Of Imperial Russia S Most Compelling Women, Who Witnessed The Splendor And Tragic Downfall Of The Romanovs As She Fought To Save Her Dynasty In Its Final Years

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