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↠´ Read ¸ Three Days in Moscow by Bret Baier ↠´ If I said that I had respected this president before, this book has taken that to an entirely new level The author creates creates an image of hope, optimism, conviction that defined one of the greatest world leaders of all time.
Reagan showed that through strength, respect, and genuine friendship we can achieve peaceful relations with other world powers True diplomacy combined with eternal optimism can accomplish great things This was a great book that will remind Americans of our better natures and that our best days need not be behind us Everyone should read this.
President Reagan S Dramatic Battle To Win The Cold War Is Revealed As Never Before By The Bestselling Author And Award Winning Anchor Of The Rated Special Report With Bret Baier An Instant Classic, If Not The Finest Book To Date On Ronald Reagan Jay WinikMoscow Miles Behind The Iron Curtain, Ronald Reagan Stood For Freedom And Confronted The Soviet Empire In His Acclaimed Bestseller Three Days In January, Bret Baier Illuminated The Extraordinary Leadership Of President Dwight Eisenhower At The Dawn Of The Cold War Now In His Highly Anticipated New History, Three Days In Moscow, Baier Explores The Dramatic Endgame Of America S Long Struggle With The Soviet Union And President Ronald Reagan S Central Role In Shaping The World We Live In TodayOn May Reagan Stood On Russian Soil And Addressed A Packed Audience At Moscow State University, Delivering A Remarkable Yet Now Largely Forgotten Speech That Capped His First Visit To The Soviet Capital This Fourth In A Series Of Summits Between Reagan And Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, Was A Dramatic Coda To Their Tireless Efforts To Reduce The Nuclear Threat More Than That, Reagan Viewed It As A Grand Historical Moment An Opportunity To Light A Path For The Soviet People Toward Freedom, Human Rights, And A Future He Told Them They Could Embrace If They Chose It Was The First Time An American President Had Given An Address About Human Rights On Russian Soil Reagan Had Once Called The Soviet Union An Evil Empire Now, Saying That Depiction Was From Another Time, He Beckoned The Soviets To Join Him In A New Vision Of The Future The Importance Of Reagan S Moscow Speech Was Largely Overlooked At The Time, But The New World He Spoke Of Was Fast Approaching The Following Year, In November , The Berlin Wall Fell And The Soviet Union Began To Disintegrate, Leaving The United States The Sole Superpower On The World StageToday, The End Of The Cold War Is Perhaps The Defining Historical Moment Of The Past Half Century, And Must Be Understood If We Are To Make Sense Of America S Current Place In The World, Amid The Re Emergence Of US Russian Tensions During Vladimir Putin S Tenure Using Reagan S Three Days in Moscow To Tell The Larger Story Of The President S Critical And Often Misunderstood Role In Orchestrating A Successful, Peaceful Ending To The Cold War, Baier Illuminates The Character Of One Of Our Nation S Most Venerated Leaders And Reveals The Unique Qualities That Allowed Him To Succeed In Forming An Alliance For Peace With The Soviet Union, When His Predecessors Had Fallen Short My review of this book would ve been 5 stars had the author ended it a chapter early The story of Reagan and Gorbachev is well told Growing up in the 80 s and watching the end of the cold war, it felt like I was watching the speeches and news coverage anew Then, in true Fox News style, the author tries to paint Trump as Reaganesque Even though I never met President Reagan, I knew him He was a friend of mine Mr Baier, Trump is no President Reagan The comparison should embarrass you and it soils the preceding prose You damaged a fond memory of a great President much than you elevated the current one and you should be ashamed of yourself President Reagan deserved better than that and so did the readers of your book.
Another look at Ronald Reagan This time Baier looks at RWR through the microscope of how he and Gorbachev through their personal relationship put a nail in the Soviet Union s coffin Reagan relegated Communism to the ash heap of history as he had hoped he would read by the author, it was another of my walk the dogs audiobooks.
SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW WITH PLOT SPOILERS FOLLOWS I m primarily a fiction reader and exclusively a fiction writer, but Three Days in Moscow intrigued me because it proved to be a telescope into Reagan s incredibly effective dealings with the Soviet Union My entire Goldeneye Series, including 14 novels, takes place during Reagan s first term and there is much synergy between Will Kavanagh and The Gipper And guess what, I got it exactly right so far as Reagan s pivotal focus, his management style and the things he felt most important To sum it up, Ronald Wilson Reagan believed in the exercise of free will, and anything unnatural that precluded that was public enemy number one The Cold War wasn t an arms race to Reagan, but instead was a I was in my mid twenties in the 80s, living in England so I figured Ronald Reagan was a doddering, simplistic geriatric madman bent on destroying the world We in England protested the nuclear cruise missiles at RAF Greenham Common and thought Reagan was going to bring about World War III I ve softened however and this book helped me appreciate the Reagan I didn t know He was smarter than I thought, a great writer, and believed in the power of liberty and capitalism as ways of bringing people out of poverty In the light of some of our recent presidents, Reagan seems even better than he was I still don t appreciate him tearing the solar panels off the White House roof and perhaps setting back renewable energy 20 years and I felt nauseous during the Iran Contra scandals but I do appreciate the deft hand he used on the crumbling Soviet Union and his courage and the

I couldn t put this book down The narrative moves along very smoothly and really brings out the history and politics in a way that captures the personalities feelings and relationships Impressed with the steadfastness of Reagan which he never wavered from and didn t allow others to sway him Learned some about Gorbachov and how unique he was The book weaves nicely through Bush and the Russian coup The end of the book was quite riveting.
Excellent and easy to read biography coverage of Ronald Reagan It covers very specific periods of time when the long, long waged Cold War was at its peaks, and then when it was in glasnost Accomplished within methods that had not been approached in quite the same way before by any American President Before or since And the one that was successful to the prime point it wanted to achieve.
For a person like myself who lived, worked, parented etc during these years, and paid close attention to every step frustrated Soc Sciences and History major who never got to continue college at that point this book was prime to what I knew already It didn t introduce many aspects I didn t already know But it does did bring out some essentials I had thought about but never really understood concerning Reagan Or even expressed Primarily within the nature of his s You and I have a rendezvous with destiny We ll preserve for our children this, last best hope of man on earth, or we ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness from Ronald Reagan s inauguration speech While it s clear this book was written from a standpoint of admiration, Brett Baier makes an excellent case for why Ronald Reagan was the right president for the time, how he really did have much to do with the ending of the Cold War, and how Reagan was probably the least political of any president my generation has seen either before or since he held the office he truly believed in the good of his own actions and loved this country and its people for the goodness in their hearts.
The book spends a few chapters discussing how Reagan go

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