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[Shay Savage] ☆ Transcendence [m-m-horror PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë 4 I just fell for a caveman starsI will provide for her I will give her anything she wants Have you ever wondered if it is possible to read a book that only has about 4 words of dialogue yet still love it Have you also ever wondered of what would happen if a prehistoric book mated with a Nicholas Sparks book If I was a fan of Shay Savage before reading this, I am now full onThis was an amazing, beautiful, one of a kind love story It was unlike anything I have ever read and I doubt I d read again It was unique It was unforgettable.
I struggled with my rating at first since it did take me a bit to get into the story I did skim through some parts and found it to be slow in others But considering it s been 2 days since I ve finished and I still can t stop thinking about it It deserves nothing less of the 4 glorious stars If you read the blurb and When I started reading Transcendence by Shay Savage, I thought I knew what to expect I read the synopsis and knew the basics of the book But I was wrong I was not prepared at all for this book How it would make me both laugh and cry At the intensity of the feelings it would evoke Ehd is a caveman, and he is alone and so very lonely He has been alone for a very long time This last winter has been hard, but he wonders if maybe it was so hard because he is losing the will to survive But that all changes as one day he finds a beautiful woman in his pit trap This woman looks nothing like any female he has ever seen The coverings on her body and on her feet are completely unfamiliar And the sounds coming out of her mouth are giving him a headache But, she is beautiful, and she is hisI will provide for her I will protect her It S Said That Women And Men Are From Two Different Planets When It Comes To Communication, But How Can They Overcome The Obstacles Of Prehistoric Times When One Of Them Simply Doesn T Have The Ability To Comprehend Language Ehd S A Caveman Living On His Own In A Harsh Wilderness He S Strong And Intelligent, But Completely Alone When He Finds A Beautiful Young Woman In His Pit Trap, It S Obvious To Him That She Is Meant To Be His Mate He Doesn T Know Where She Came From She S Wearing Some Pretty Odd Clothing, And She Makes A Lot Of Noises With Her Mouth That Give Him A Headache Still, He S Determined To Fulfill His Purpose In Life Provide For Her, Protect Her, And Put A Baby In HerElizabeth Doesn T Know Where She Is Or Exactly How She Got There She S Confused And Distressed By Her Predicament, And There S A Caveman Hauling Her Back To His Cavehome She S Not At All Interested In Ehd S Primitive Advances, And She Just Can T Seem To Get Him To Listen No Matter What She Tries, Getting Her Point Across To This Primitive, But Beautiful, Man Is A Constant And Often Hilarious Struggle With Only Each Other For Company, They Must Rely On One Another To Fight The Dangers Of The Wild And Prepare For The Winter Months As They Struggle To Coexist, Theirs Becomes A Love Story That Transcends Language And Time Update 09 01 2017 A famous author whose name I won t mention because her fans are scary borrowed heavily from this SELF PUBLISHED book Anyone who loves the words my mate repeated endlessly should read this bookUpdate October 11th I wish people knew about this book because I found no cheating and no slut shaming books that don t promote violence on women like Transcendence and are still steamy and compelling deserve love.
Jared Padalecki as shaved Ehdoriginal REVIEWBefore I write my review of Surviving Raine it s fair that I review one of my 2015 favorites I re read Trascendence because I wanted to have a feel of the author s style before I dived into Survaiving Raine My conclusion I m a huge fan Of Mrs SavageUpdate Oct 10th, Not any after I tried her scifi books and read the spoilers for Surviving Raine sequels , but this book is 5 StarsTranscendenceby Shay Savage was unlike anything I have read It was such a unique, beautiful, unforgettable, tough provoking story This book moved me to my core and it will stay with me for a long time I love this author s writing style I really do But I have to admit I was reluctant to start this book simply because it s labeled as a historical romance I have read a few historical romances, but honestly it s not one of my favorite genre So if you are like me and you don t have necessarily a thing for this genre, think again and pick this book up You won t regret it This book left me speechless The story, the characters, the writing were done to perfection IMO The story is a story about love That kind of love that is pure, simple, beautifulTranscend 4.
5 stars What an amazing story I absolutely LOVED everything about it Once again, Shay Savage has delivered an outstanding male point of view that managed to keep me hooked from the moment I started reading it And most of all, she has created another unique, swoon worthy hero that managed to sweep me off my feet with just a few of his many achingly sweet and adoringly funny gestures.
In essence, Transcendence is a love story but it is also a story about survival, communication, hope and the courage to fight for what you want and about finding love in the most unexpected places.
Caveman Ehd has been on his own for quite some time Ever since his family and the rest of his clan died, he s been living in solitude while trying to survive the ever changing seasons in the barren land where he livesI have no idea how long it has been since I felt the comfo If I could give this than 5 stars I would.
This was such a beautiful story Ehd was such a pure character in the sense that he lived honestly and simply, according to his instincts and emotions He never had ulterior motives He just wanted Beh to be his mate and to provide for her and make a family with her.
Just the fact that Shay Savage was able to conceive and write this amazing story a story in which there are only really two characters and virtually NO dialogue is a testament to what a great author she is The fact that she writes the story through Ehd s eyes and stays true to the premise that Ehd cannot understand ANYTHING Beh is saying is true talent.
I loved how she was able to make us really feel how frustrated Ehd would become at not understanding what Beh wanted or why she was mad at him Also, the way in which Savage was able to convey what Beh was saying to the reader w

5 Stars A book that will be forever in my heartWhat can I say about this mind reeling book I promised myself to only read the first chapter to get a feel for itYeah, right.
Four and a half hours later, I had murdered this book, and myself in the meantime.
Never have I had emotions pulled from me like I had with Transcendence.
I am still speechless.
It took me a little while to get used to the style of narration, but once I was in, I was IN As in completely invested and wanting to learn , turning pages as quickly as I could.
14% in, I had shed my first tears Tears which would be the first of many Don t misunderstand me This is a LOVE STORY About a committed couple who would do anything for one another The love they share is special in a way that is a so beautiful, it will bring you to tears.
Annnnd i m crying again Damn you, Shay Savage You brilliant woman, you 5 I Luffed this book Stars Transcendence was unlike any book I have ever read To be honest, after reading the blurb I wasn t too sure if it sounded like something I would like After hearing a few friends rave about it, I decided to give it a go I m so happy I did A beautiful, moving, and original story told in the pov of Edh, our caveman.
Edh has been living alone for a long time After his tribe was destroyed many seasons ago, he was the only survivor Going at it alone isn t easy He longs for companionship One day out of no where, Edh finds a girl in a trap he set She is dressed in clothing he s never seen and she s making strange noises, but it s okay He s just happy not to be alone any The girl gets out that her name is Beh Edh decides Beh will be his mate Beh doesn t seem like any of the women of his tribe, and he doesn t understand He wan Transcendence stand alone Ehd Beh s epic love story set in pre historic timesLove, she whispers Luffs I respond, and her smile brightens evenBe still my beating heart Transcendence stand alone is an epic love saga in pre historic times Story opens up to caveman Ehd, separated from his tribe, finding a peculiar woman in his trap, Elizabeth, Beh His instinct is to protect her, his baser needs to put a baby in her, but his heart shows him how to love her and be a family.
We get to follow Ehd and Beh through their out of times meeting, awkward courtship, brewing love and on through life s ups and downs Faced with the dangers of their era they fight to survive, learn to persevere and strive to progress set against the backdrop of Ehd s love for Beh.
Four words to describe Ehd Protective, charming, noble and sweet.
Four words to describe Elizabeth, Beh Brave, moody, nurturing and

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