↠´ Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends Ö Download by è Mike Reiss

↠´ Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends Ö Download by è Mike Reiss This Is TurtleThis Is TortoiseAs Little Hatchlings, Turtle And Tortoise Decided That They Could Never, Ever Be FriendsWhy Because They Are So DifferentBut Maybe They Ve Got It All WrongA Hilarious And Clever Story About An Unlikely Friendship Between Two Stubborn Creatures, Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends Proves That You Can T Always Judge Someone By Their Shell Reviewed for YA books CentralTurtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends is a cute children s book that kids will like simply for the fact that it s about turtles The turtle and the tortoise are born around the same time in a pen but determine they can t be friends because they are different animals So, they go about their lives on separate ends of the pen, trying to ignore each other Until they can t any because something happens and they realize they need each other s help The story is told in simple terms with certain exceptions It relies a lot on the reader or listener to understand the passage of time and just how long years are in order to really be funny Kids young enough to enjoy the book would have a hard time with that The images also lack vibrancy I wish there d been color to keep a kid entranced But it s short enough that they w

The beginning of the school year is a great time to share this story about tolerance for differences and living in relationship with each other Turtle and Tortoise are born in the same pen and right away embrace misinformation about themselves and use that as a reason to reject the idea of friendship with each other Because these creatures live so long, they go many years without talking to each other or helping each other in any way But an unfortunate accident leaves them both stuck on their backs and they re going to have to figure out a way to redeem their relationship and move past it in order to help each other get back on their feet Sometimes young people have a hard time moving past misinformation and prejudices to realize that we all are alike than different and that differences should be celebrated rather than letting them cl While didn t like as much as my co worker did, there is plenty to love and laugh along with

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