Þ Warcraft Official Movie Novelization Ñ Download by ò Christie Golden

Þ Warcraft Official Movie Novelization Ñ Download by ò Christie Golden I really love Christie Golden s books This book was well written The only thing is the lore was very hard to digest so I had to keep reminding myself that this book is based off the movie and not all accurate to the original Warcraft Lore There were times were I was like nope that didn t happen or nope that s not true But overall I found the book better than the actual movie.
N a u r t d c ng nh ng n a sau l i khi n tui mu n ch t l n n a I m sorry I m sorry I wanted to save us all I always did.
Oh, I ve been waiting for this I wanted to read it before the movie, but couldn t do so And then I also failed to see the movie in time and Some fan I am Still, I ve been waiting on this for almost 25 years Some hesitation is to be expected Oh man I was so prepared to enjoy this book to the fullest cancelled all the meetings and told the secretary to hold all my calls In the real world, I got my favorite blanket, bucket of ice cream, and bunkered on the sofa Narrator Toby Longworth Errr who Dammit I know nothing about this guy If he ruins it, I ll find out where he lives and send him a really stern letter But I had nothing to worry about Toby is the master of vocal magic and this was not his first game related rodeo, as I soon heard.
It was an audio version of a sweet honey Unless you re weird and don t like honey Then it was like an audio version of something you like very much So This is like a director s cut of the movie but better The actors were good, but Golden does an even better job taking us into the minds of the characters, bridging the gaps between scenes, and finding surprisingly reasonable explanations for some of the things that the movie left out The author also does a pretty good job stating things that were only hinted at in the movie so, if you have any theories, you might see them confirmed or not in the book.
No matter how good a writer Golden might be, though, the source material is still uneven enough for the book to end on an unsatisfying note This, coupled with the obnoxious amount of typos and missing words even than in Durotan, the first book set in the movie verse , is the reason why I chose to rate the movie noveliza It took me a while to get this book going, but when it did, I kept having to pull myself out of World of Warcraft to read it, it inspired me to play the game that much There s a lot of the lore that we already know from the game woven into it, but it also picks up where Warcraft Durotan leaves off I found a few surprises waiting for me between these pages Sadly, I can t say much, because it would spoil the book movie for folks, but I can say that the characterization was very well done, and I found myself connecting with a number of the characters I was even in tears at the end of the book, especially with the events of the Legion pre expansion All things considered, it was a highly enjoyable read, and it has me looking forward to both watching the movie it is based on, and playing World of Warcraft

Warcraft Official Movie Novelization Christie Golden Titan, 2016, 304 p ginas Lido de 11.
2016 a 13.
2016 Nota 3.
8 em 5SINOPSEA noveliza o do aguardado filme de a o e fantasia Warcraft H muito Azeroth est em paz Ap s expulsar os trolls, com a ajuda de Medivh, Guardi o do reino, humanos vivem em paz com os vizinhos elfos e an es Mas um novo mal desponta no horizonte, e a guerra amea a engolfar mais uma vez os dom nios do justo rei Llane Uma ra a temer ria de invasores, os guerreiros orcs, insuflados pelo feiticeiro Gul dan e liderados pelo monstruoso M o Negra, fogem de seu mundo agonizante em busca de ca a e oportunidades Com a ajuda da vileza, a mais cruel das magias, Gul dan criou um portal capaz de transportar sua Horda at Azeroth A mar verde, de orcs dominados por esse mal, toma de assalto as terras humanas Morte e destrui o amea After reading the prequel Durotan novel by Christie Golden, I knew I would need to read the sequel the novelization This was an interesting novel that was split between the perspective of the orcs, and that of the humans that they come to find on a distant world I m not sure how much this covers the movie and vice versa as I have not seen it yet, but I enjoyed the book very much Recommended for sure Genelde film romanlar hikaye hakk nda daha geni bir bak sunar bize Daha fazla detay ve daha fazla olay anlat r zellikle Star Wars film kitaplar bunu direk sunar ve hikayeyi zenginle tirir Bu kitapta bunu fazla g rmedim Hikaye g zel anlat lsa da onu geni letmek konusunda fazla bir ey sunmam yazar bize Daha fazla detay ve olay anlatsa daha iyi olabilirdi.
I was able to see this movie one time just by reading this book Amazing and unique experience I absolutely loved it The Peaceful Realm Of Azeroth Stands On The Brink Of War As Its Civilization Faces A Fearsome Race Of Invaders Orc Warriors Fleeing Their Dying Home To Colonize Another As A Portal Opens To Connect The Two Worlds, One Army Faces Destruction And The Other Faces Extinction From Opposing Sides, Two Heroes Are Set On A Collision Course That Will Decide The Fate Of Their Family, Their People And Their Home So Begins A Spectacular Saga Of Power And Sacrifice In Which War Has Many Faces, And Everyone Fights For Something

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