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ô Read ñ We Roam The Seas (Viking Dreams, #1) by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt æ I was fortunate enough to get an ARC copy and Theresa doesn t seem to ever disappoint At first I was a little worried about reading a book about Vikings only because I have never read anything about them nor I have watched a movie about them BUT I figured I would give it a shot since I have loved everything Theresa has written so far and just let me say this.
OH MY GOD I LOVED IT I was emotional within 12 pages of the book I read the entire book in one sitting and in about 3 and a half hours I was truly captivated Freya and Asgar s relationship is definitely swoon worthy The action is nail biting and the romance is breathtaking The Epilogues in Theresa s books always leaves us loving and hating her but patiently and sometimes impatiently awaiting the next book Definitely 5 star worthy I truly enjoyed this book The love scenes far surpassed scenes I have read in other books Truly enjoyed the way she worked what have been listed as Viking traditions into the story as well as the romance and vengeance I can hardly wait for the next chapter in this series.
This is her 1st Viking Series form this Amazing Author and my time reading one She transports you to a world of Viking warriors and their way of life Freya is a young maiden who lives on a small island with her father the Chief and her brothers To keep her safe her father arranges for her hand in marriage to Asgar a mighty warrior from a far away Island This is when the adventure begins and I was hooked There is love, betrayal, heart break, revenge and Hot Hot sex scenes This series is not one to over look and I am looking forward to book 2.
Theresa Marguerite Hewitt is a rising Indie Author She has quite a few great books out and We Roam the Seas is the newest series to escape from her imagination.
I LOVED THIS BOOK It is absolutely one of my new favorites from her She does a phenomenal job taking you back in time to the Viking period, drawing you in with the promise of friendship, love, betrayal and suspense This story had me on an emotional rollercoaster laughing and cheering and then crying with heartbreak I couldn t stop reading It definitely kept me on my toes until the end I can t wait for the next Simply amazing I couldn t put it down I love Theresa s writing style, everything just comes alive as you read it I would love to see this as a movie It has everything I cannot wait for book 2

I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
Honestly, I have never really been much of a reader of historical novels, but when the author asked me to review this book, I thought I ll dip my toes in the water and try it.
Let me tell you, I LOVE IT This book drew me and would not let me go We Roam The Seas is an amazing story, full of life and character Freya is a viking daughter who is being forced by her father to marry Asgar in order to protect her Asgar sees something in the young and sweet Freya and immediately feel the need to protect her The pair fall in love, but life is never easy and there is tremendous evil lurking Evil that is capable of tearing the couple apart and destroying their love There is also jealousy in the form of Eska, who is also in love with Freya Ok, wow I started this book for the simple fact that some of my friends kept on and on and on about it Seriously, that is all I heard about Sav you need to read the Vikings so I said what the hell My friends have good taste and they would never steer me wrong but I was still skeptical I started the book and ummmm let me say I never expected to get so pulled in like I did First off you meet Freya and she seems shy and guarded and a bit naive and can I say I was WRONG I mistook her completely Shy yes but the one word that describes Freya is LOYAL She is loyal to the core She is strong, loving, and believe it or not an undercover badass She is not one to be messed with at all Then you meet Eska her beloved best friend I hate him Period, point, blank In my opinion, he never loves Freya He is just obsessed Excuse me while I have a TMH fan girl moment clears throat and squeals It only took 4 hours for me to finish this book, i deprived myself of sleep before work because I could not put it down I need vikings now I love Theresa Marguerite Hewitt, she never fails to bring a great story and draw you into the world she has created I ve read many of her series and this as now become my favorite series, sorry Rhea and Chad Freya is a young beauty that has been sought out by many men including her best friend and protector Eska but her father has turned all away up until recently Due to an impending threat of a raid to his homeland her father has arranged for her to marry Asgar, the son of another clan member and long time friend of his Watch as Freya and Asgar try to navigate their intense feelings, Eska try to resist losing his best friend and Freya navigate a new land, duties and way of I received an ARC of We Roam the Seas, Book 1 of The Viking Dream Series by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt She has written several amazing series, but I think she has outdone herself with this one This story pulled me immediately and didn t let go until the end I laughed and cried, was intrigued, was angry, and on the edge of my seat through the entire book The characters are so real, you feel as if you are actually there and not reading words on a page To keep her safe, Freya s Chief Father, arranges for her to be married to Asgar, the youngest son of another Chief and they travel back to his homeland to be married The love that develops between Freya and Asgar is so very intense and you can feel the chemistry radiating off of them However, her best friend, Eska, who is in love with her, accompanies them to Asgar s home Eska has different plans for Freya, and he joins forces with two sinist When An Unknown Evil Lingers In The Distance, Viking Daughter Freya Is Forced Into A Marriage To Keep Her Safe Defiant At First, Freya Soon Finds Herself Wanting The Attention And Touch Of The Stranger Whom Is Set To Be Her HusbandAsgar Never Worried About Finding A Wife, He Only Wants To Take Care Of His People The Way His Father Always Has When He Sees Freya, He S Pulled In, Knowing He Has To Protect Her No Matter What Thrown Into A Life Neither Really Wanted, Can These Two Learn To Love Can They Share One Heart Is The Unknown Evil Really The One They Need To Worry About Prepare To Be Thrown Into The Dark World Of Vikings, Mixed With A Love Story And Betrayal That Will Tear At Your Soul

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