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[Lauren Weisberger] ï When Life Gives You Lululemons (The Devil Wears Prada, #3) [batman PDF] Read Online ☆ Find all of my reviews at had ZERO intentions on ever reading this when it kept appearing on both my GR and Instagram feeds While I ll give props where they are due admit that title is ber catchy and 5 Star worthy all by its lonesome, merely the mention of the word Lululemon tends to make me a little But then I saw that it was a DWP follow up and featured EMILY no less God how I loved bitchy Emily And it reminded me of all the book reading good times I used to have back when I still had a waistline and some estrogen so despite my best efforts to be one and done when it comes to books in a series I found myself breaking my own rule for like the umpteenth time this year and Okay, so the story here is about Emily who has made her way from the first assistant s desk at Runway to a Rachel Zoe of sorts who not only makes her clients look good, but covers t 4 limoncello stars to When Life Gives You Lululemons Limoncello has little to do with this book, but I happen to love limoncello and all things lemon based Enter Emily Charlton, a character from The Devil Wars Prada, and former first assistant to the Miranda Priestly A successful image consultant in her own right, and set in perfectly coifed Greenwich, Connecticut, everyone is talking about the new neighbor, Emily However, Emily feels out of place in the burbs She s a Hollywood kind of gal, and since her business has taken a hit of late, she needs new opportunities asap And now enter, Karolina Hartwell, the former face of L Oreal on whom Emily has her sights set Well, her sights and her hopeful bank account Karolina has gotten into some trouble, and she needs Emily to bury it Add Miriam, a former prestigious lawyer from NYC, now turned stay at home mom, to form this triumvirate, Everyone s favorite ex assistant Emily Charlton is back and just as sassy as ever See my full review here If any character deserved their own book, Emily would be among the top on my list This book is positively delightful, and introduces two new co leading ladies who are the perfect complement to Emily Lauren Weisberger sure knows how to write a trendy book with surprisingly deep social commentary on the insecurity underlying all of the glitz, glamour, and money without being overly critical of anyone who subscribes to that lifestyle I absolutely had a blast reading this book, and I think other readers whether new to Weisberger or long time fans will feel the same way Emily Charlton now has her own assistant to 4.
5 hilarious laugh out loud stars This was a seriously funny, and slightly irreverent look motherhood, the suburbs, and how life changes with age Throw in a juicy scandal and it s all good fun Full of slapstick moments with a dash of serious topics, it has the perfect balance for a great beach read Emily is back and funnier than ever I love her and her seriously snarky, blunt personality And who can t love a cameo from The Devil, Miranda Priestly, herself This is a story of female friendship and how women supporting one another can get you through anything And now I m off to go watch The a Devil Wears Prada because it s been too long and I don t want to say goodbye just yetThat s allThank you so much to Elizabeth at Simon Schuster for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
4 Sassy Stars She s baaack Love when I get to revisit a favorite character and Emily definitely tops my list of all time favorite characters The Devil Wears Prada is a favorite of mine Loved all the Snark, laugh out loud moments, and of course the fashion oh and I mustn t forget Maranda, who makes an appearance in this book and is still as vapid as ever that s all Emily is now an image consultant to the stars, living in California but when supermodel Carolina gets her self in some trouble Emily heads to Greenwich, Connecticut greenwich is filled with beautiful mansions and Lululemon wearing mommies Carolina has been charged with a DUI with kids in the car Emily, Carolina, and Miriam, lawyer turned stay at home mom, bond together to fight the charges and the other mothers of GreenwichThe story is told from all three points of view I loved all three of t

Lauren Weisberger brings back Emily Charlton, you know, the first assistant to Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, who has since left and established herself as an in demand image consultant, married to Miles, who she barely sees, and living in LA This is a delicious blackly humorous novel that skewers the well to do culture of the suburban housewives of Greenwich, Connecticut, and the manipulative black arts that lie behind the politics and the horror stories that lie behind the ambitions of politicians Emily has returned to New York at the behest of Helene and her client, Rizzo, facing a social media storm after his ill advised behaviour The only trouble is Rizzo is not impressed with Emily and hires her rival, Olivia Belle instead, something that has been happening far too often, leaving her with bar This book is an engaging read full of scandal, drama, and humor featuring suburbanites and wealthy stay at home moms.
Emily Charlton was Miranda Priestly s assistant in The Devil Wears Prada, in this book she has moved on from Runaway magazine life and into image consulting in Hollywood Karolina, a former super model and now the wife of a senator gets in trouble and Emily heads to the suburbs to help Miriam used to be a successful and overworked attorney who now finds herself a stay at home mom in Greenwich The lives of these three women converge and the novel manages to tackle female friendship, marriage, and body image issues while maintaining a breezy and lighthearted tone.
The story is told from the alternating points of view of Emily, Miriam, and Karolina and takes place in Greenwich, Connecticut I fou This really isn t my genre but I fancied something fun and relaxing as a change and this turned out to be a quick and easy read that didn t tax my brain I find that sometimes it works well to give a different genre a go even if you find you cannot wait to return to your usual type of book The Wives is perfect for the beach or a summer holiday I found it wasn t too twee that I couldn t bear it unlike some chick lit All in all, an amusing and glitzy experience from the bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
Good Snarky Fun I needed an escape read and this book took me far from reality but not too far.
Emily Charlton from The Devil Wears Prada takes center stage in When Life Gives You LululemonsWhen Emily finds herself in Greenwich, CT aka suburban hell, she reunites with two friends to help one Karolina rebrand her image and the other Miriam to adapt to suburban living.
The story is told through the eyes of Emily, Karolina, and Miriam Emily s chapters were my favorite I found her character to be so refreshing She has moxie she knows what she wants and she takes it She isn t afraid to speak the truth I love her snark her asides made me laugh out loud.
I was looking for a fun and easy read and found this book buried deep in my tbr What I loved most about this book is that is well balanced, has a sense of humor and a surprising amount New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Weisberger Returns With A Novel Starring One Of Her Favorite Characters From The Devil Wears Prada Emily Charlton, First Assistant To Miranda Priestly, Now A Highly Successful Image Consultant Who S Just Landed The Client Of A LifetimeWelcome To Greenwich, CT, Where The Lawns And The Women Are Perfectly Manicured, The Tito S And Sodas Are Extra Strong, And Everyone Has Something To Say About The Infamous New NeighborLet S Be Clear Emily Charlton, Miranda Priestly S Ex Assistant, Does Not Do The Suburbs She S Working In Hollywood As An Image Consultant To The Stars, But Recently, Emily S Lost A Few Clients She S Hopeless With Social Media The New Guard Is Nipping At Her Heels She Needs A Big Opportunity, And She Needs It NowKarolina Hartwell Is As A List As They Come She S The Former Face Of L Oreal A Mega Supermodel Recognized The World Over And Now, The Gorgeous Wife Of The Newly Elected Senator From New York, Graham, Who Also Has His Eye On The Presidency It S All Very Kennedy Esque, Right Down To The Public Philandering And Karolina S Arrest For A DUI With A Suburban Full Of Other People S ChildrenMiriam Is The Link Between Them Until Recently She Was A Partner At One Of Manhattan S Most Prestigious Law Firms But When Miriam Moves To Greenwich And Takes Time Off To Spend With Her Children, She Never Could Have Predicted That Being Stay At Home Mom In An Uber Wealthy Town Could Have Pitfalls Than A Stressful Legal Career Emily, Karolina, And Miriam Make An Unlikely Trio, But They Desperately Need Each Other Together, They Ll Navigate The Social Landmines Of Life In America S Favorite Suburb On Steroids, Revealing The Truths And The Lies That Simmer Just Below The Glittering Surface With Her Signature Biting Style, Lauren Weisberger Offers A Dazzling Look Into Another Sexy, Over The Top World, Where Nothing Is As It Appears

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