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[Victoria Jamieson] ↠´ When Stars Are Scattered [home-economics PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ Read an ARC rec d at PLA This was a really wonderful graphic novel about the refugee experience Victoria does her amazing as usual job telling the story of Omar Mohamed Omar is a real person so this graphic novel is his story It is fiction because some characters were created as an amalgamation of experiences with many people There are photos and an afterward from Omar Mohamed with detail and information You ll want to put this one in your collection.
read the ARC in the car on the way home from NCTE so I could pass it to a friend on Monday morning This book helped me to better understand the refugee camp experience that some of our students come to us with It s incredible that Omar and his brother survived, and that Omar thrived FIFTEEN YEARS in the camp For a graphic novel, this is a very text heavy book, but I hope as I challenge my graphic novel readers to push themselves beyond their favorites re reads, they will tackle this important window mirror book.

E ARC provided by EdelweissOmar and his younger brother live in a refugee camp in Kenya after having to leave Somalia over seven years ago Their father is dead, and they cannot locate their mother They have a foster mother, Fatuma, who helps them with food and clothing, and they have a tent in which to sleep Hassan doesn t speak, and has only ever said the word for mother When a gentleman comes to the camp and encourage Omar to attend school, he doesn t want to leave his brother, but once he starts, he hopes that his education will help make things better for him and his brother Strengths Jamieson s illustrations are excellent, and Omar s plight well portrayed Details of living in a camp, having parents be missing, and struggling to find adequate food and clothing are all going to be new to many of my students Omar not wanting to go to school Thanks for the dARC, Edelweiss I am sorry that it was only part of this upcoming release, but it was plenty to know that this is not Victoria Jamieson s usual graphic novel Her Pets on the Loose were goofy fun with little real thinking involved in reading them Roller Girl and All s Faire in Middle School were excellent choices for middle school students who want to read books that reflect what they deal with every day But When Stars Are Scattered tackles a much serious life situation life in an African refugee camp The artwork is clearly Jamieson s style with her very realistic looking people and places while still clearly being a graphic novel The storyline follows two brothers living alone in a massive United Nations camp, waiting to be reunited with their missing mom and trying to At a time when the leadership in several countries puts us at risk of losing our empathy for the refugee crisis, Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jamieson share the story of Omar and his brother Hassan s life as Somalian refugees in a refugee camp in Kenya, and bring us back to our best selves.
This beautifully illustrated, compellingly narrated memoir is a great read for children and adults alike, and a great piece of literature to co read when introducing young children to what it means to be a refugee.
I was fortunate enough not only to receive an ARC of this at ALA midwinter, but to hear both Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed speak It s an important and inspiring book detailing the years Omar and his brother Hassan who is nonverbal, but is compassionate, nurturing, and helpful spent in a Kenyan refugee cap It is the authors hope and mine that the book will bring much needed attention to the plight of refugees everywhere I can t wait to see the book in full color, as the ARC is black and white As much as I enjoyed the black and white version, I can only imagine how much color which I love will add to the experience I was completely drawn in by the gorgeous cover art, as well as the book s perfect title.
Once I have this at my middle school library, If you ask young people to read only one book this year, make it this one If you yourself read only one book this year, make it this one This is the side of the world we don t see, because we re not looking Everyone needs to look and keep looking until we see the humanity and the tragedy and have a good answer for why we let it continue.
This graphic novel gives readers an opportunity to step out of their lives and into the shoes of Somali refugees living in a camp in Kenya I learned an awful lot about what life is like for so many people, people who have spent years in a sort of limbo, not knowing if they will ever be able to return to Somalia but also not truly belonging in Kenya I was struck at the idea of remaining hopeful in this type of situation, especially learning that there are whole generations of people in these camps that were born there and see no easy way to a different future.
But hope remains.
The graphic novel format of this book will make it accessible to a wide range of readers I will certainly buy it for our school libra Heartbreak And Hope Exist Together In This Remarkable Graphic Novel About Growing Up In A Refugee Camp, As Told By A Somali Refugee To The Newbery Honor Winning Creator Of Roller GirlOmar And His Younger Brother, Hassan, Have Spent Most Of Their Lives In Dadaab, A Refugee Camp In Kenya Life Is Hard There Never Enough Food, Achingly Dull, And Without Access To The Medical Care Omar Knows His Nonverbal Brother Needs So When Omar Has The Opportunity To Go To School, He Knows It Might Be A Chance To Change Their Future But It Would Also Mean Leaving His Brother, The Only Family Member He Has Left, Every DayHeartbreak, Hope, And Gentle Humor Exist Together In This Graphic Novel About A Childhood Spent Waiting, And A Young Man Who Is Able To Create A Sense Of Family And Home In The Most Difficult Of Settings It S An Intimate, Important, Unforgettable Look At The Day To Day Life Of A Refugee, As Told To New York Times Bestselling Author Artist Victoria Jamieson By Omar Mohamed, The Somali Man Who Lived The Story I loved this graphic novel for kids I ve read several books by lost boys and others who were forced to become refugees when war tore their villages apart Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed do a fabulous job of taking Omar s difficult, but ultimately successful, journey and making it real but accessible for kids Omar was four, and his brother Hassan younger with an intellectual disability, when their father was killed and they were separated from their mother The story starts as Omar and Hassan are Somalians living in a refugee camp in Kenya The roller coaster of emotions that a refugee feels as they despair in the present, hope for the future, sometimes give up, sometimes stay engaged are beautifully drawn in both word and picture.

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