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É Read É Will Power (Hawthorne Saga, #2) by A.J. Hartley ↠´ Although I do not typically read fantasy, I looked forward to this novel, having already read Act of Will This book is fast paced and contains much of the adventure of Hartley s earlier book, but without as much humour The group of adventurers is split up for much of the book, so Will does not have as much opportunity for witty repartee Further, I was irked by the deus ex machina plot device of the ambassador early in the book, who whisks the group away from danger and into the main plotline of the book Even in a fantasy, I feel that some plotlines are unbelievable The ending clearly indicates that a sequel is to follow I expect that I will read it, but hope that Will s character will be given opportunity to shine.
Much far fetched than the first Will title, so it had a completely different feel But still enjoyable.
While On The Run From Empire Guards, Will Hawthorne And His Band Of Thieves Are Transported To A Mysterious Land That None Of Them Recognize Or Know How To Get Home From Turns Out That They Ve Landed Right In The Middle Of A Battle Between Goblins And Humans Their Human Allies Are Practically Storybook Counterparts To The Rough Sorts They Knew In Stavis, Speaking In High Flown Prose, Dressed To The Height Of Fashion, And Dripping With Wealth And Social Propriety Will S Companions Are Quite Taken By These Fine Folks, But The Fair Folk Are Appalled By Will S UnorthodoxyAt First Will Does Whatever He Can To Try To Squirm Into Their Good Graces, But Just When His Efforts Are Feeling Totally Futile, He Begins To Wonder If These Too Perfect Courtiers And Warriors Have Anything To Offer Beyond Their Glamour And Their Burning Hatred Of The Goblins But Is There Any Recourse For Will And His Friends Once It Turns Out That The Humans Who Are Sheltering Them May Not Be On The Right Side Of Their Eternal Conflict Will Power Is A Funny And Fleet Footed Stand Alone Fantasy Featuring The Characters Readers Grew To Love In Act Of Will In An All New Adventure About The Danger Of First Impressions Will Power is a solid follow up to Act of Will, although in some sense the characters regress in growth at the beginning so that new growth is about catching back up to where they started In many ways it is a similar book Will and friends are thrust into a situation which they do not understand, his companions view it with glassy eyed this is the way it is and Will views it with skepticism and sarcasm Eventually it all comes to a head and Will helps save the day, almost despite himself The book pokes fun at common fantasy tropes, but never deviates from the model of the first book.
The end of the book has both an unsatisfying part, where not a single character bothers to ask or even show interest in one of the most obvious unanswered questions of Stylistically, Professor Hartley has created a somewhat eclectically archaic worldfor us to adventure through in accompaniment to his heroes An entertaining mix of places and individuals with the flavor of the Elizabethan, the Gothic, and the sometimes hard to categorize populates the narrative, written in the first person from Will Hawthorne s perspective But our inability to peg this time and these places, while at the same time being than faintly all too familiar with them is the result of a clever device on Hartley s part And it s the use of that very device that makes it an unusually fresh approach in my opinion Hartley is able to remain true to his atmosphere with rich and vivid descriptions of the surroundings, situations, battles, creatures, and ancient weaponry, yet allows the reader to settle into an easy, comfortable, narrative rea originalLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.
Will Power is A.
J Hartley s second book about actor turned adventurer Will Hawthorne It s a direct sequel, beginning just a month after the events in Act of Will, but a reader could easily enjoy this book without reading Act of Will.
In Will Power, Will and the gang are swept away to what appears to be a parallel universe in which goblin like creatures are threatening the beautiful people of Phasdreille But all is not as it seems, and Will finds himself needing to solve a mystery and, at the same time, confronting some of his own prejudices.
If you enjoyed Act of Will, you ll probably enjoy Will Power It s a very similar book, but perhaps a little too similar for my taste While the writi Much like the previous book in the Hawthorne Saga, Act of Will, Will Power is a light and fun read It continues to follow the adventures of William Hawthorne By the time you pick up this second book you ve decided you like Will otherwise you probably wouldn t have grabbed this book Will is an unusual and reluctant hero reluctant that most reluctant hero s really However, he is also oddly brave for someone who claims to only be interested in keeping himself alive.
This episode of the saga has Will and his adventuring friends entering a different nation filled with bear riding Goblins that are at war with a majestic and beautiful city full of majestic and beautiful people Almost immediately Will and his friends get split up so that Orgros and Mithos, the two main warriors of the party are lost, and Garnet and the Party leader are also mis Not as good as Act of Will, but it also tries a little harder plot wise, creating author challenges I ve never much cared for the plot device that the ambassador represents, and after reading this I like it even less, but since it or less brackets the plot I ll let it go I thought it was a tad unsubtle, almost offensively so, that major spoiler, you have been warned view spoiler the blond, blue eyed folks were exterminating the darker folks and convincing themselves that the others were sub human to the point of making soap from them, hide spoiler

One of the worst books I have ever read.
This was a gift from a friend This is book 2 featuring Will Hawthorne, and I haven t read the first one but my friend pays no attention to which volume in a series a book might be.
It wasn t at all necessary to have read the first book of the set to understand the world of this story Things were pretty straightforward, and there was enough explanation of necessary characters and elements This book surprised me When the goblins appeared, I thought it would be yet another Lord of the Rings ripoff, but I was wrong I liked the central message I don t want to post spoilers let s just say this book twists certain high fantasy and social conventions and preconceptions And I loved the bears The author s style is pleasant to read, and he employs some clever and or lovely turns of phrase The action sequences are vivid, and there s some genuine emotion The narrator and central charact

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